Would You Like to Write for Your Black World?

Thank you for your interest in writing for Your Black World.  Our audience is strong and growing, mostly African American and ranges between 30,000 and 40,000 visitors per day.  They are relatively well-educated, conscientious and progressive.  We would like writers who fit into this paradigm and can deliver daily news and commentary that works for this demographic.

Our writers are typically not paid (except for those who work full-time), so we have a preference for those seeking experience by providing news to a national platform.  There are two types of positions available:

1) Staff Writer – We ask you to submit an agreed upon number of news pieces per week – some we pitch to you, some you pitch to us.  In exchange, we provide you with publishing preference over contributors who are not asked to make as strong of a commitment.  We also ask that you agree to work at least 12 hours per week – you can choose the schedule, as long as at least eight of those hours are Monday through Friday.

2) Contributor – Your articles are submitted at your discretion, but staff writer work is given preference in publication.   We are not currently seeking pure opinion writers and are instead looking for writers who can provide news and information that our readers can use.   We recommend that you seek a balance between sharing news in some pieces and giving opinions in others.

In exchange for producing articles and commentary, you are given the opportunity market your brand, blog or products at the end of your articles.    You can also receive substantial discounts on advertising and other perks that come with joining the team. If you are interested in writing for YBW, please send a resume, writing sample and your position preference to info@yourblackworld.com.