Yvette Carnell: Is Al Sharpton Owned by Corporate America?


Over the past few days, former MSNBC host and current online host of the “The  Young Turks”, Cenk Uygur, has made his rounds on both television and the net discussing how he was summarily dismissed from his prime time slot at MSNBC. According to Uygur, his style of not treating members of Congress with enough […]

Yvette Carnell: Chess and Checkers Have Nothing to do with Debt and Deficit


Forget about raising the debt ceiling, one trillion here, two trillion there; it’s all small change right? At least that’s the impression I get when I overhear such ruminations from people within the black community. In the span of two plus years, run of the mill African-Americans have declared themselves members of the political pundit […]

Yvette Carnell: Tom Joyner Is Calling Tavis Smiley a Corporate Sell-Out?


by Yvette Carnell Stop the presses and mark the day. On July 1st, media personality Tom Joyner -chief peddler  of the culture of consumerism in the black community-took a break from picking the pockets of black people to blast his former aces Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. And get this, Smiley and West hadn’t even […]

Yvette Carnell: Is Van Jones An Activist or Gatekeeper?


Brook Griffin, Your Black World. Yvette Carnell a former Capitol Hill staffer, has an issue with the “Rebuild the Dream” movement, started by political activist Van Jones.  Jones is the former special adviser for Green Jobs, appointed by President Obama.  He resigned abruptly after a scandal emerged linking him to a petition circulated by 911truth.org, […]