Yvette Carnell: Tom Joyner Is Calling Tavis Smiley a Corporate Sell-Out?


by Yvette Carnell Stop the presses and mark the day. On July 1st, media personality Tom Joyner -chief peddler  of the culture of consumerism in the black community-took a break from picking the pockets of black people to blast his former aces Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. And get this, Smiley and West hadn’t even […]

Raynard Jackson: Open Letter to Tom Joyner


I have known Tom Joyner (nationally syndicated radio host) for many years. We are not hanging out buddies, but we have always enjoyed talking and joking with each other.  He is an “old school” soul who has done a lot of good in his life.  But, in recent years, his very public fight with Tavis […]

Dr. Boyce: Tom Joyner’s Tasteless Assault on Tavis Smiley and Cornel West


I love Tom Joyner.  In case you’re wondering, in “black political speak,” when a commentator mentions that they love someone, that means that they are about to crack a walnut over their forehead.  I remember Tavis Smiley telling Al Sharpton that he loved him right before he proceeded to attack him with the ferocity of […]

Tom Joyner Lays a Broadside Into Tavis Smiley and Cornel West


by Tom Joyner. Before I get to Mark Halperin, let me give you a little background. They say that if you’re angry with someone, you should write a letter, get all the mean stuff out, and then tear it up or delete it. When you’re a little more calm, you write another letter or confront […]