Why Would CNN Anchor Piers Morgan Ask Beyonce About Her Booty?


by Dr. Boyce Watkins I was a bit shocked when I received an email from a friend citing an article by Roy Metoyer out of Atlanta regarding a recent interview by CNN’s Piers Morgan with Beyonce Knowles.  During the interview, Morgan did the usual celebrity probing, which was to be expected.  But surprisingly, he pressed […]

Erin Harper: Why Better Parenting Isn’t a Catch-all Solution to Negative Images in Media

Erin 3

by Erin Harper. I appreciate the discussion about the Letter to Shaunie O’Neal. While an overwhelming number of readers have found the letter to be enlightening and dialogue-provoking, other readers have questioned my position and method. While I will address these questions in more detail at a later time, I will briefly discuss the most […]

Erin Harper: An Open Letter to Shaunie O’Neal

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Dear Shaunie, Heeey girl! How’s it going? You don’t know me from a billy goat, but my name is Erin Harper and I am a school psychology graduate student who likes to dibble and dabble in African American Women’s studies. Before I climb atop my social soapbox, let me say that this letter is written […]

Dr. Boyce: Why is Shaunie O’neal a Spokesperson for Black Females in Media?


In a CNN article that appears designed to promote her upcoming appearance as an “empowerment speaker” at the Essence Music Festival, Shaunie O’neal, executive producer of the hit show, “Basketball Wives,” was given the solemn task of analyzing the complex issue of black female portrayals in American media.  Choosing Shaunie to represent the disappointing images […]

Basketball Wife Shaunie O’neal Discusses Black Female Images in Media on CNN


To read the response to Shaunie by Dr. Boyce Watkins, click here I’ll be honest, I love reality TV. Actually it’s one of my guilty pleasure past times. Even before “Basketball Wives” I had my favorites, and I watched them faithfully. There is something appealing about seeing people deal with real life drama as you’re […]

Shaq’s Wife Shaunie Speaks about the Sex Tape, Kidnapping, Robbery


Brook Griffin, Your Black World. Most of you read recently about the allegations against Shaquille O’neal involving the man who claims that Shaq had him kidnapped, robbed and beaten for his possession of a sex tape involving O’neal and an unnamed woman.  Well, Shaq’s wife Shaunie has a few things to say about the tape. […]

Shaquille O’neal Accused of Arranging Robbery and Kidnapping of Man Who Slept with His Wife


PatriceJohnson writes about an interesting affair in which former NBA star Shaquille O’neal is being accused of arranging for a man to be robbed and beaten for allegedly sleeping with his wife.  Apparently, the man is a former friend of Oneal’s, for he also claims that he was threatened because he had evidence of a […]