Dr. Boyce: Ja Rule Prepares for Prison, So Why Is He Thinking about His Album?

Rapper Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, is sentenced to years in prison for charges in a gun possession case stemming from a July 2007 stop of his luxury sports car.   Original Filename: DSC_2479.JPG

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. I noticed that the rapper Ja Rule is headed to prison this week to begin a two-year sentence on a weapons charge.  Being caught with a gun in New York is no joke, especially when you’re black.  The NYPD stops and searches black males at alarming rates, and […]

Rapper Game Tweets “I’m Gay as Hell” – Account was Hacked


Your Black World reports. Maybe the rapper Game needs to learn a little bit about cyber security.  The artist was the recent victim of a hack on his Twitter account, where the person then went hard against other rappers like Lil Wayne and also said things that Game might not want others to hear him […]

Rapper DMX to get Early Release from Prison


Your Black World reports. You probably never thought he’d make it this far, but the rapper DMX (aka Earl Simmons) is now 40-years old.  He has also been incarcerated a total of 13 times on various convictions, many stemming from a drug habit formed during his teen years.  DMX is now set to be released […]

PatriceJohnson: Eve Says She’s Ready to Settle Down


    PatriceJohnson at Your Black World has noted that the rapper Eve is ready to settle down with her boyfriend.  Who knew that she was spending her quality time with a man across the ocean? Click here to read more.

Rapper Gucci Mane Released From Prison


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Gucci Mane will be free to drink his lemonade on the other side of the Fulton County Jail prison bars by the end of this month according to Alabama MC, Mane’s attorney. This rapper has been viewing life through the iron slats since April. He was arrested and charged with […]

Beanie Sigel Apologizes to Jay-Z


Seems like Beanie Sigel has finally came to his senses and realized that you should NEVER bite the hand that feeds you.  For the past few years Beanie had been talking a lot of smack about his former friend Jay-Z, but not anymore.  In a recent interview with XXLMag.comBeanie owned up to his wrong-doings in the […]

The Violence of Urban Weekend Has Activists Calling for it to End


BY TOLUSE OLORUNNIPA TOLORUNNIPA@MIAMIHERALD.COM For the past 10 years, the Art Deco District on South Beach has turned into a hip-hop street party during Memorial Day weekend, with a bulked up police presence monitoring hundreds of thousands of young revelers. Monday’s early morning shootings, which resulted in one dead, four bystanders hit by stray bullets […]

PatriceJohnson: Nicki Minaj is the Queen of New York


Nicki Minaj takes the cover of #5 Magazine, and PatriceJohnson talks about it.  Click here to read      

PatriceJohnson: TI Does a Good Thing for Inmates’ Families


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Rap Star, Clifford “Tip” Harris… Rap star, T.I. who is currently serving an 11 month sentence for violating his parole back in 2010 has done something so amazing…I can’t even believe that he did it… T.I. sponsored a bus ride for 14 prisoners families to come and visit just yesterday and today. […]

PatriceJohnson: Eve Says Lil Kim Needs to Stop Beefing with Nicki Minaj


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Eve talks about Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj Beef… After all of the success that Eve has earned and much more success to come on her new album, she has no reason to hate on or have beef with the next big female artist. Just today in an interview, Eve spoke on […]

Nicki Minaj Motivates Kids By Serving as Principal for a Day


From USA Today Keeping kids in schools these days is a challenge, with a whopping 1.2 million students dropping out of school every year, according to the White House.   But incentives can change everything. Just ask non-profit Get Schooled, which launched its own challenge this spring — the Get MotivatED Challenge –- a six-week competition […]

PatriceJohnson: Is the “I’m Gay” Rapper Lil B Crazy or a Genius?


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Rapper, Lil B Just yesterday, my younger brother, Eran, and I were watching a YouTube video that the newest rapper, Lil B made. In the video he had called himself a “Pretty Bitch” quite a few times. And his team was called “The Pretty Bitch Crew”. This bothered me because I have […]

PatriceJohnson: Rapper Cory Gunz Is a Clear Product of a Great Father


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Cory Gunz (23 years old) standing next to his father, Peter Gunz (early 40’s) After watching the reality T.V. show “Son of a Gun” there were 5 things that I noticed right off the bat: 1.) Cory Gunz is a talent that is so unique and raw. He is an amazing rapper, and […]

Dr. Boyce: 22-Year Old Rapper’s Death was “According to Schedule”


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World Most of us knew that Tupac Shakur was going to die. He wrote songs about his funeral, used imagery in videos that revolved around death, and described young black males like himself as if they had the life expectancy of 85-year-old men. Living till the age of 30 is […]

“Teach Me How to Dougie” Rapper Killed In a Drive-By Shooting


A 22-year old rapper from the Cali Swag District group by the name of M-Bone (aka Mante Ray Talbert) was killed in a drive-by shooting.  The young man was shot in front of a liquor store in Inglewood, CA on Sunday. The Associated Press is reporting that Talbert was sitting in his car right after […]

Rapper Cassidy Arrested as a Murder Suspect


Your Black World Reports The rapper Cassidy hasn’t had a hit in quite a while.  But authorities in New Jersey have put him back on the map by arresting him this weekend as a suspect in a murder that occurred in his hometown of Philadelphia.  In addition to the homicide, Cassidy is also wanted for […]

Rapper Vigalantee Releases a New Soundtrack and Book


The rapper Vigalantee out of Kansas City, Missouri is working to make positive change.  In addition to being an independent hip-hop artist, Vigalantee leads the “No Jangle Movement,” designed to inspire conscientious choices in the hip hop industry. Vigalantee (aka Roger Suggs) has also released a song about the death of Emmett Till.  His goal […]

Jermaine Dupri Slapped with Child Support Lawsuit


Brook Griffin, Your Black World Jermaine Dupri, the producer who makes songs about how much money he has in the bank, has been sued for not paying his court ordered child support.  Dupri is reportedly the father of a 7 month old baby with a woman by the name of Sarai Jones.  The judge has […]

Ice-T Says He Doesn’t Want Soulja Boy to Remake Tupac’s Movie


Brook Griffin, Your Black World It seems that the rapper Ice-T has a serious problem with Soulja Boy being chosen to remake the film “Juice.”  The original filmed starred the late Tupac Shakur, who gave an unforgettable performance.  During an interview on Shade 45 Satellite Radio, Ice-T had this to say: “At some point somebody gotta […]