R. Kelly Is Having Tax Problems


By JasmineHughes After overcoming a potentially career killing throat problem, singer R. Kelly is now facing some serious financial woes. The singer made headlines last week when he was rushed to the hospital for emergency throat surgery to drain a painful tonsil abscess. Kelly is said to be taking an indefinite break from performing to recuperate […]

R. Kelly Recovering After Emergency Surgery


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Famed R&B singer R. Kelly underwent emergency surgery on yesterday. TheAssociated Press just reported minute ago that “a spokesman for R. Kelly says the R&B singer is in the hospital after emergency throat surgery.” Allan Mayer, Kelly’s publicist, announced today that physicians drained an abscess on located on one of the […]

R. Kelly’s Mansion Facing Foreclosure


If R. Kelly can remember the lyrics to all 22 chapters of “Trapped in the Closet,” could he have conceivably forgotten to pay the mortgage on his home? According to a legal complaint filed last month in a Chicago court (viaCrain’s Chicago Business), the R&B singer (born Robert Kelly) hasn’t made a monthly payment since […]

Mo Kelly Report: Is Tavis Smiley a Hypocrite for Working with R. Kelly?


Everybody must be lying except R. Kelly. For you to support R. Kelly, that is what you must believe. Otherwise it’s difficult to reconcile supporting the singer/songwriter on any level, artistic or otherwise. We can have the shallow and rehashed debate of separating the artist from his/her artistry, but to do so is to deny […]

R. Kelly’s Former Manager Sues Him, Reveals Financial Abuses


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World SMH at R. Kelly… We all remember the series of events that nearly sent R. Kelly to prison  just a few years ago.  Well now Kelly is facing another lawsuit due to $1 million in allegedly unpaid commission owed to his former manager. Today the ex-manager, Jeff Kwatinetz, filed a lawsuit against […]