Lil Wayne Shows His New Child with Lauren London…Four Kids, Three Baby-Mamas


by: PatriceJohnson ParenthoodNews… After successfully hiding her son from the world for almost 2 years, claims that this little boy is Lauren London and Lil’ Wayne’s love child. His name is Cameron Carter, and if the website was correct that this is their child, I must admit that he is definitely a cutie pie! Lil’ Wayne […]

PatriceJohnson: Rihanna Concert Canceled After Stage Catches on Fire


It appears that Rihanna had to call it quits after the stage caught on fire during her recent concert in Dallas.  YBW’s Patrice Johnson talked about the issue and had a few things to say.  Rihanna also made some remarks about the fire on Twitter. CLICK TO READ          

Is God Watching? Caylee Anthony Memorial Site Struck by Lightning on Day of Verdict

Storm brewing Thursday over Casey Anthony's neighborhood.

by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World God Is Watching… Just hours after the sentencing of Casey Anthony, lightening struck the memorial site of Caylee Anthony in the Orlando, FL. neighborhood where Casey Anthony and her parents live. CLICK TO READ        

PatriceJohnson: Man Says He Knows Who Killed Biggie Smalls


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World HipHopNews… An incarcerated member of the Nation of Islam confesses to his involvement in the murder to Christopher “Biggie” Wallace. Clayton Hill has recently come clean to HipHopDX on the murder of Biggie, claiming that he was an accessary after the fact of the murder. Hill claims that the man who committed the […]

PatriceJohnson: Beyonce Dazzles on the Cover of Vogue Italia


Beyonce is doing her thing on the cover of Vogue Italia.   The shoot was in conjunction with the promotion of her new album, “4.”  The cover doesn’t seem to cause the controversy of some of her other photo shoots, in which she was accused of trying to appear white. CLICK TO READ     […]

PatriceJohnson: Woman Tries to Sneak Husband Out of Prison in a Suitcase


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World RideOrDieChickNews… Are they serious? There is no way that they could have thought that this would work.  But apparently, there are women out there who love their men enough to slide their body into a suitcase, and try to carry them out as if their new Gucci bag was just a little […]

PatriceJohnson: Check Out the Latest Trend – Planking


PatriceJohnson shows pics of celebrities “planking,” which is basically laying out on top of something with your body straightened out.  What it is or where it comes from, we have no idea.  All we know is that when rappers start doing something, teenagers follow suit. Check out some of the pictures of big name people […]

PatriceJohnson: Mr. Wade and Ms. Union Look Super Fresh at the Transformers Premiere


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World FashionistaNews… So, many people have been disagreeing with me lately when I talk about someone’s clothing and how fresh they are but I’m sorry.  Mr. Wade was looking way too good to pass up. He and his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, attended the movie premiere for Transformers and the kid was “fuh-resh” (fresh). click […]

PatriceJohnson: Producer Robbed on Set of Game’s New Video

images (15)

by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World HipHopNews… Law enforcement is stating that a robbery took place in Los Angeles, CA. on the set of The Game’s music video. The producer of the video was sitting in his car when two black males walked up and demanded jewelry and money. The robbers then sped off in a gray Nissan […]

PatriceJohnson: Terrell Owens Says Lockout Makes It Impossible to Pay Child Support

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by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World SMHNews… Melanie Paige Smith filed court papers on June 20 for unpaid child support that Terrell Owens decided not to pay. Smith claims that T.O. is supposed to pay $5,000 a month. Owens has, however, refused to pay the full amount. Let’s make it clear that Smith claims that she does not […]

Hilarious: Serena Williams Goes on Stage and Sings at the Espy Awards

images (13)

In this video, Serena Williams appears to be singing….but the crazy part is that her voice is not exactly Beyonce material.  Check it out on click to watch          

PatriceJohnson: What is Good Hair vs. Bad?


Almost no black person wants to be nappy, but what’s wrong with that?  Also, when you were a baby and heard that your friend had “good hair,” that probably meant that her hair was either straight or curly, as if she had something other than pure African blood in her veins.  Tyra Banks goes in-depth […]

PatriceJohnson: Kim Kardashian Gets Butt X-Rays to Prove that Her Butt is Real


Yes, Kim did it – as if she doesn’t anything better to do with her life, Ms. Kardashian decided to prove the haters wrong and actually get a butt x-ray. click to read more

PatriceJohnson: Idris Elba Steals a Role from Tom Cruise


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World The handsome Idris Elba… Well go on with your bad self Mr. Elba! A source tells us that Idris Elba has landed a role that was meant for Tom Cruise. click to read more        

Carmelo’s Wife Takes Over the Cover of Pynk Magazine


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Lala Vazquez… Even though this picture only shows Lala Vazquez’s face she still looks amazing. I love the lipstick as well as that big rock that she is carrying on her right hand. I think she looks beautiful, what about you?  

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Clears Up Rumors about Her Book Being a Lie


Karrine “Super Head” Steffans… After Karrine “Super Head” Steffans made a series of videos that claimed that the vixen stories were fabricated, people began to think that her allegations about celebrities were fabricated as well. Karrine has recently cleared up the rumors in an interview with Necole Bitchie. You recently released a video admitting that your […]

PatriceJohnson: Real Housewife’s Husband May Be Facing Jail Time


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World “Real Atlanta Housewife” Cast Member, Cynthia Bailey & husband, Peter Thomas. “Real Atlanta Housewife” Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas may be facing jail time if convicted for beating a former female employee. Peter has been charged with battery and if found guilty he will be facing one year in jail. Cynthia has […]

PatriceJohnson: Amish Man Solicits Sex From Girl with a Horse and Buggy


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World This is not funny, but it’s funny. A 21-year-old man is now facing felony charges of soliciting sex with a minor after sending hundreds of text messages to a 12-year-old girl. Willard Yoder was arrested last week after he’d driven a horse and buggy to an Indiana restaurant where he planned to […]

Nasty News of the Week: Bar Serves Drinks with Horse Semen


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Can you just say disgusting? Apple-infused horse semen shots are being served! At the New Zealand Green Man Pub the shots are a part of a nationwide entry for the 14th annual Monteith’s Beer & Wild Food Challenge. The Hoihoi tatea drinks are what everyone has been talking about, disregarding the rest […]

PatriceJohnson: Basketball Wives Includes More Insane Drama


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Eric & Jennifer need to get back together because it’s obvious that they are still in love… If you didn’t see last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, then you missed some serious drama… Eric Williams, ex-husband of Jennifer Williams made an appearance in front of the camera when he met with Suzie. Williams’ reason […]

PatriceJohnson: Woman Lures Boyfriend for Booty Call, then Delivers Ninja Beating


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Are You Serious? Police are now wondering what the motive was, after a young woman allegedly assaulted her ex-boyfriend with nun chucks in a mock ninja attack. The man called Police and told them that he’d been attacked after asking his ex-girlfriend to come over for a late night. When the officers […]