How Prisons are the Latest Form of Slavery


by Rania Khalek There is one group of American workers so disenfranchised that corporations are able to get away with paying them wages that rival those of third-world sweatshops. These laborers have been legally stripped of their political, economic and social rights and ultimately relegated to second-class citizens. They are banned from unionizing, violently silenced […]

Judges Sentence While Receiving Kickbacks from Private Prisons


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Apparently, some judges are paid to send people to the slammer even when they do not deserve it.  Given that judges are supposed to uphold the JUSTICE system, getting paid by private jail owners for helping them fill their cells is unacceptable. reports that ”in Scranton, Pennsylvania, two judges pleaded guilty […]

Dr. Byron Price: How the Dysfunctional Educational System Feeds Mass Incarceration


by Dr. Byron Price, Your Black World. Graham Boyd (2001) asserted the “war on drugs” is the New Jim Crow.  He used this metaphor to illustrate the erosion of rights African Americans are subjected to under this pernicious campaign.  Moreover, many of the same rights fought for during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and the […]

Innocent Man Spends 18-Yrs on Death Row with No Compensation


Elliot Millner, J.D. Some of you may already be familiar with the story of Anthony Graves, a Black man who spent 18 years on Texas death row for a crime he did not commit. While the present prosecutor admits that there wasn’t any evidence linking Graves to the crime he was incarcerated for, that didn’t stop […]

Dr. Boyce: Red Bull’s Shameful Exploitation of Black Male Incarceration Through Basketball

Red Bull King of the Rock Tune-in Info

I receive a lot of interesting information through my Facebook page.  Each day, I get stories about police brutality, underhanded behavior by politicians, extraordinary achievements in the black community and nearly everything else.  This morning, I received an email that simply sent me into a rage. In one of the most sickening displays of corporate […]

Creators of “The Wire” Confront AG Eric Holder About U.S. Incarceration Policies


WHEN Eric Holder, the US Attorney-General, called for the revival of a cult TV show earlier this week, it must have seemed a safe gesture – politically innocuous and likely to make him wildy popular around the world. He cannot have expected the savage response from the producers of the crime drama The Wire, who […]

California Plans to Sends Non-Violent Inmates to County Jails


Elliot Millner, J.D. In response to the recent Supreme Court decision that determined that California’s prisons were dangerously overcrowded, California officials have proposed a plan that would relocate approximately 33,000 inmates considered to be low-level offenders to various county jails throughout the state. The plan, which is unfunded, still needs to be approved by the state […]

Dr. Boyce: Jesse Jackson Intervenes on Troy Davis Case, What Must Happen Now


The Rev. Jesse Jackson is going to intervene in the case of Troy Davis, a man whose death penalty case has received international attention. Davis is facing the death penalty after being accused of shooting and killing a Savannah, Ga police officer over 20 years ago.   Since that time, witnesses have changed their stories and […]

Dr. Boyce: Ja Rule Prepares for Prison, So Why Is He Thinking about His Album?

Rapper Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, is sentenced to years in prison for charges in a gun possession case stemming from a July 2007 stop of his luxury sports car.   Original Filename: DSC_2479.JPG

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. I noticed that the rapper Ja Rule is headed to prison this week to begin a two-year sentence on a weapons charge.  Being caught with a gun in New York is no joke, especially when you’re black.  The NYPD stops and searches black males at alarming rates, and […]

Father’s Day is Tough for the Children of Prison Inmates


The season of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day may be the loneliest for kids with a parent in prison. So every May and June, a California nonprofit devoted to improving the criminal justice system takes busloads of youngsters to visit mom or dad behind bars. Nancy Nunez, a 20-something mother of a toddler, is serving […]

Michelle Alexander: It’s Time for a New Model of Incarceration (Video)


Ohio State University Professor Michelle Alexander (Author of “The New Jim Crow) appeared on MSNBC to talk about the mass incarceration problem in America, and why our country needs to adjust it’s model of imprisonment.  Speaking to a panel of experts, Professor Alexander lays out a clear case for why black, brown and poor communities […]