Beware of Politicians and Media Seeking to Control Your Thinking

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Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action I saw a headline today involving Pastor Jeremiah Wright.  The headline stated the following: “Jeremiah Wright’s Church Denomination Banishes ‘God the Father’ for Gay Inclusion.”  The headline was interesting in that it almost seemed to imply that Jeremiah Wright had made the decision himself. What was most peculiar […]

Elliot Millner: Rev. Jeremiah Wright Keeps Speaking Out


by Elliot Millner, Your Black World. In a sermon given recently at Shorter Community A.M.E Church in Denver, Colorado, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. touched on several issues, particularly those relating to Black men and the various “mess ups” we can find ourselves involved in. Rev. Wright, who is most famously known as President Obama’s […]