Former Diddy Rapper Shyne Is Now Celibate, Refuses to Curse in His Lyrics


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Music artist and ex-convict Shyne is apparently done sowing his wild oats. Perhaps it is better stated that when he tried to sow his wild oats, his crop failed horribly, so he decided to give it up.HipHopWiredreports, “After serving nearly 10 years in prison, the rapper was released in 2009, […]

Rapper 50 Cent Refuses to Release New Album, Black Leaks by the Company


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World If you are a 50 Cent fan, and you couldn’t wait for his next album to be released, kiss that anticipation good-bye. His new album was originally planned to be released this coming November, but the rapper is currently too fed up to even consider a new album-release date.HipHopDX […]

Jay-Z and Kanye West Begin Their “Throne” Tour


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Jay-Z and Kanye West are collaborating their great lyrical minds in a music venture that is to sweep the nation.  Entertainment Tonightreports that the two “have launched a new group, the Throne, and the duo will hit the road in a nationwide tour beginning in September.” Read more »     […]

Nicki Minaj Named New Spokesperson for M.A.C. Viva Glam 2012


By JasmineHughes Mac Cosmetics has announced the new stars of its Viva Glam campaign, which benefits the MAC AIDS Fund. Along with Ricky Martin, rapper Nicki Minaj will be the newest spokesperson who will represent the 2012 Viva Glam campaign that will launch in February of next year. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY →   […]

Rapper DMX to Produce a New Reality TV Show

4-1-1-1-DMX-Wire (1)

By JasmineHughes The rapper has developed quite a rap sheet over the years, but it seems Dark Man X is back to work after serving an eight-month bid for a probation violation. Read more »      

Rapper Vigalantee Makes New Song about Police Brutality


The rapper Vigalantee (aka Roger Suggs) is tired of seeing police brutality devastating his community.  He is the founder of the “No Jangle Movement,” which advocates for enlightenment among African Americans, especially black men.   He has pushed thousands in the Kansas City, KS area to understand the role of black men and women to […]

A Match Made in He…..? Wiz Khalifa Reportedly Proposes to Amber Rose


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World HipHopNews… After dating Kanye West, people thought that Wiz Khalifa was a total down grade from what Amber Rose had before. But according to Amber, Kanye West was the down grade: “You know when people say how do you go from Kanye to Wiz Khalifa, that’s a downgrade. But the only question […]

PatriceJohnson: Man Says He Knows Who Killed Biggie Smalls


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World HipHopNews… An incarcerated member of the Nation of Islam confesses to his involvement in the murder to Christopher “Biggie” Wallace. Clayton Hill has recently come clean to HipHopDX on the murder of Biggie, claiming that he was an accessary after the fact of the murder. Hill claims that the man who committed the […]

Poll: 3/4 of African Americans Believe BET Award Sponsors Should be Boycotted


Your Black World reports. In a recent Your Black World survey, nearly three out of every four (74.4%) African American respondents believe that the corporate sponsors for the BET Awards should be boycotted.  The survey asked a series of questions to measure the African American reaction to the most recent BET Awards show, which featured […]

Charing Ball: Dr. Boyce Watkins is Unfair in His Characterization of Lil Wayne and BET


Last night, I watched Madea Goes to Jail on Netflix. The movie, which I’m pretty sure is based on the play I saw years ago, was long, sappy, boring and roll my eyes worthy.  However, whenever Madea or Uncle Brown were on the screen, I was dying laughing.  I’m not sure of what that means […]

Erin Harper: Why Better Parenting Isn’t a Catch-all Solution to Negative Images in Media

Erin 3

by Erin Harper. I appreciate the discussion about the Letter to Shaunie O’Neal. While an overwhelming number of readers have found the letter to be enlightening and dialogue-provoking, other readers have questioned my position and method. While I will address these questions in more detail at a later time, I will briefly discuss the most […]

Bow Wow’s Mother Tweets About the New Family Addition


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World HipHopNews… Bow wow’s mother is finally a proud grandmother, taking to Twitter to express her feelings about her first grandchild: “Shai is so beautiful. She looks like a baby doll. OMG!!! Y’all already KNO what I’m going to do…spoil her and shower her with lots of LOVE” click to read     […]

Dr. Boyce & Towanna: The Psychological Impact that Hip-Hop Has on Our Kids (Video)


In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Towanna Freeman about the impact that negative hip-hop music can have on young women. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO      

Dr. Boyce: BET Has Officially Become the New and Improved KKK


Click to see a video with Dr. Boyce Watkins explaining his position on BET in more detail I just spent the week in New Orleans, the powerbase for one of the most talented, powerful and destructive forces in the history of music: Lil Wayne.  I’ve admittedly bopped my head to the tunes of Lil Wayne […]

Dr. Boyce: Why I am Ditching Lil Wayne Completely


I love hip-hop.  I want to support it.  I try to understand those who are a few years behind me and support their efforts to become empowered and thoughtful individuals.  But after hearing the lyrics from a Lil Wayne song (an artist who’d already pushed me to the edge), I had to take a moment […]

Diddy Settles Suit from Shooting in 1999


Your Black World Reports Rapper Shyne did the time, and Diddy paid the fine. Sean “Diddy” Combs recently settled a civil case against him stemming from a shoot out at the no longer existing, Club New York in 1999. Combs and former Bad Boy Artist, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow were entangled in the details of the […]

Two Female Artists Win National Contest for Top Female Rapper


Los Angeles, June 2011 – In March of this year, newly formed S&H Public Relations launched a national talent search for the next great female rapper.  Hundreds of artists submitted their music in an attempt to meet the May 31 deadline but very few met the criteria set forth by S&H.  However, shortly before the deadline, […]

Rapper T.I. Prepares to Re-Enter the Real World


The rapper T.I. has written a letter to the public stating that he’s ready to get back to work once he’s released from prison.  The artist is serving an 11-month sentence after a parole violation involving drug possession.  His greatest obstacle has been that he’s not been able to create new music while being incarcerated, […]

Rapper Jersey Demic Records a Song about the Great Black Depression


A young rapper by the name of Jersey Demic sent his video to the Your Black World inbox ( in which the artist expresses his sentiments about the Great Black Depression that has occurred over the last three years.  According to a recent Your Black World Survey, 38% of our respondents said that they lost […]

Happy Birthday Tupac: Man Finally Confesses to Shooting Shakur


by PatriceJohnson, Your Black World. R.I.P. & Happy Birthday Tupac… The late rapperTupac Shakur went to his grave believing that Biggie Smalls, Diddy, and Andre Harrell were the ones behind the attack that occurred November 30th, 1994 in the Quad Recording Studios in New York City.  That night, Shakur was robbed and shot in an […]

Soulja Boy Refers to White Fagg*ts on Facebook Page; Claims He was Hacked


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Soulja Boy… Sit down somewhere… Soulja Boy recently tried to clear the air after being accused of posting hateful messages onto his Facebook page about white people… Calling them fagg*ts and stating that he hates them… His statuses stated: “IM TIRED OF WHITE PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN!! THEY TREAT […]