Wanda Sykes Makes Awkward Appeal for Gay Marriage at NAACP Convention


By JasmineHughes Gay rights are an awkward topic for the NAACP.   An appearance by Comedian Wanda Sykes may have made some attendees uneasy at a panel discussion in Downtown L.A. Sykes opened up her Monday appearance at the NAACP annual convention by saying “I didn’t have to ‘come out’ black.” Continue reading →        

New York Legislature Passes Bill in Support of Same Sex Marriage


Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a marriage equality bill that allows the gay community to marry in the same manner as heterosexuals.  The bill passed the Republican-controlled Senate on Friday night, making New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. The bill passed the legislature with a relatively close 33-29 vote.  This is […]

Anderson Cooper Confronts President Obama on Gay Marriage


From NewsOne Anderson Cooper called out President Obama on his Tuesday show for flip-flopping his stance on same-sex marriage. During his “Keeping Them Honest” segment, Cooper said “New questions are being raised about what the president actually believes about gay marriage and whether his public opposition to it is real or just political posturing.” He then […]

Former NFL Star Says Gay Marriage Would Leave to Anarchy

NFL: Carolina vs New York AUG 17

Your Black World Reports Not only does ex-NY Giants star David Tyree not believe in gay marriage, he also believes it could lead to chaos in the United States. The National Organization for Marriage, a faith based anti-gay marriage group, interviewed Tyree, asking his thoughts on the legalization of gay marriage in America.  His response: […]