Listen Up: Eddie Long’s Mentor Tells Him to Repent (Audio)


Bishop Eddie Long became a Bishop under Bishop Paul Morton in The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.  Morton is now calling for Bishop Long to repent for any sins that were committed in the sexual coercion lawsuit filed against him by four young men under his care.  Bishop Morton claims that he was forced to […]

Staged or What? Woman Comes Up and Gives Eddie Long a Big Wad of Cash

bishop-eddie-long1 (2)

In this shocking video, Bishop Eddie Long is giving a sermon during the week of his massive financial settlement to the four men accusing him of sexual coercion.  Inexplicably, a woman walks up to Bishop Long and gives him a giant wad of cash and then hugs him to show her undying support for the […]

Dr. Boyce: Creflo Dollar and Eddie Long Undermine the Image of the Black Preacher


This week, Pastor Creflo Dollar (pictured) went out of his way to stand up for an “anonymous” friend and “brother in the Lord” whose members are leaving his church in droves because he made a mistake.   He argued that those who judge the pastor harshly are being self-righteous and judgmental and that they should stand behind […]