Congresswoman Says Obama Being Disrespected in Debt Negotiations Because He’s Black


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World It is one of the most controversial cards you can play.   Playing the race card is to engage in political battle. Specifically today, we are talking about how it applies to President Barack Obama. The Hill reports that on Friday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional […]

President Obama Seeking a Debt Solution Turns to the American Public for Help


WASHINGTON  — Racing the debt clock, Congress is working on dual tracks while President Barack Obama appeals to the public in hopes of influencing a deal that talks have failed to produce so far. “We have to ask everyone to play their part because we are all part of the same country,” Obama said Saturday, […]

New Book Casts Doubt on Obama’s Claim that Mother Didn’t Have Health Insurance


By JasmineHughes A new book has surfaced entitled “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.” The biography is written by New York Times reporter, Janny Scott. It is said to be about the life of Barack Obama’s mother and is casting increasing doubt on a story shared by the president during his […]

George Pendleton: Seven Strategies to Become Politically-Connected


George Pendleton, CEO, The Pendleton Group, a Washington D.C. based political consulting firm shares seven incredible strategies for beoming politically connected in today’s economy where who you may help you in the long run.   1.    Develop a personal and financial relationship with you local Congressman. He/She will know people you will never know. 2.    […]

Congressional Black Caucus Criticizes President Obama on Unemployment


Your Black World reports. The Congressional Black Caucus took the step of confronting the Obama Administration on growing levels of black unemployment.  Since the start of the most recent recession, white unemployment has gone down.  At the same time, black unemployment has increased by 1.5 percentage points. “Can you imagine a situation where any other […]

President Obama Talks Tough in Debt Negotiations

President Barack Obama gestures at the Blair House in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010, as he renewed his efforts for health care reform while meeting with Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

President Barack Obama ruled out any possibility of signing a short-term extension of the federal debt ceiling Monday, insisting that the time has come to tackle the nation’s most pressing fiscal problems in a comprehensive way requiring bipartisan compromise on both taxes and cuts to entitlement programs. The president continued to push for the largest […]

Beware of Politicians and Media Seeking to Control Your Thinking

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Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action I saw a headline today involving Pastor Jeremiah Wright.  The headline stated the following: “Jeremiah Wright’s Church Denomination Banishes ‘God the Father’ for Gay Inclusion.”  The headline was interesting in that it almost seemed to imply that Jeremiah Wright had made the decision himself. What was most peculiar […]

Roland Martin: Feds Go After Baseball Players, but Not Bankers?


by Roland Martin. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were long considered first ballot Hall of Famers, but the steroids scandal that has dominated baseball since the ’90s has destroyed their reputations and could very well keep them out of Cooperstown. Clemens is spending his days in a federal court in Washington accused of lying to […]

Wayne Hodges: Latest Unemployment Numbers Spell Trouble for President Obama


by Wayne Hodges. WASHINGTON – In the not too distant future, don’t be surprised to see a legion of blacks standing outside on a street corner near you holding up a “Can’t lie: I need a Meal” sign. On Friday (July 8), the U.S. Labor Department divulged the nation’s unemployment numbers for June. The jobless rate […]

Judges Sentence While Receiving Kickbacks from Private Prisons


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Apparently, some judges are paid to send people to the slammer even when they do not deserve it.  Given that judges are supposed to uphold the JUSTICE system, getting paid by private jail owners for helping them fill their cells is unacceptable. reports that ”in Scranton, Pennsylvania, two judges pleaded guilty […]

President Obama Remains in Heated Battle with Republicans Over Debt Limit Increase


Your Black World reports. President Obama is in the middle of significant negotiations regarding the national debt and the nation’s tax system, and the pressure is starting to mount.  The sticking point with President Obama and the Republicans is the national debt ceiling and whether it should be raised.  The president claims that both sides […]

Someone Hacks the Obama Official Campaign Website


The 2012 Presidential election night is 16 months away, but that didn’t stop the professional President Obama loathers from committing what will probably be the first of much malicious mischief to disrupt, disinform, and confuse voters and slur Obama. The slur the hacker or hackers chose was the standard, insipid “commy Obama.” The hacked site […]

Ryan Mack: An Open Letter to Cornel West on President Obama


Written By Ryan Mack, President of The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment, Inc. As I begin this letter I would like to say to Dr. West that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. I have been and continue to be a long time fan of your work, your intelligence, and passion to […]

New Book Says President Obama’s Father Considered Putting Him Up for Adoption


Your Black World reports. Sally Jacobs, the author of a new book about President Barack Obama’s father, states that President Obama’s dad once seriously thought about putting his son up for adoption. Today in the Boston Globe, Jacobs writes that: In the spring of 1961, President Obama’s father revealed a plan for his unborn son that […]

Yvette Carnell: Tom Joyner Is Calling Tavis Smiley a Corporate Sell-Out?


by Yvette Carnell Stop the presses and mark the day. On July 1st, media personality Tom Joyner -chief peddler  of the culture of consumerism in the black community-took a break from picking the pockets of black people to blast his former aces Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. And get this, Smiley and West hadn’t even […]

Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill President Obama and His Family


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World CrazyPeopleNews… An Oregon man by the name of Darryl James Swanson, 45, has been sent to a mental hospital after being charged on Tuesday in a Federal Court room for threatening to kill President Obama and his family. Swanson was taken into Police custody last Friday. Prosecutors said that Swanson made threats […]

Kwame Kilpatrick Seeking Redemption with New Book Release


Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World reports. Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is drenched in scandal after being caught in having an affair with his former chief of staff. However, he is attempting to recover his name with his new book titled Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Malik Kilpatrick.According to, ”Kilpatrick recognizes his wrongdoing […]

The President Tweets His Agenda to America


President Obama aimed to start a “conversation” with Americans from across the country during his first-ever Twitter town hall Wednesday. President Obama sits with Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey as he answers questions Wednesday. He also launched a Washington-style battle of the tweets with his political opponents. Even before Obama’s hour-long social networking […]

The KKK’s Very Own David Duke Considers a Run for President


Your Black World reports. Former Klansman David Duke has announced that he is thinking about running for president of the United States.  Duke is launching a 25-city tour “to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid.” Duke was once the Grand Wizard of the KKK in Louisiana and this is not […]

Dr. Boyce and Wilmer Leon: Was Tom Joyner Wrong to Reference Tavis and Cornel’s Sexuality?


In a recent article expressing his frustration with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, Tom Joyner spoke to his belief that West and Smiley had directly created the environment under which men like Mark Halperin felt comfortable referring to President Obama as a D*ck.  Joyner then made matters quite personal by referring to Cornel as Tavis’ […]

President Obama to Host a Townhall Meeting on Twitter


Only July 6, President Barack Obama is going to hold a townhall meeting on Twitter.  The event is set to take place at 2 pm EST and it will be the first ever townhall meeting to be held on the social network. The event will be streamed live online at The hashtag for the event […]