Ayvaunn Penn: What If You Were Beaten by Your Husband On Your Wedding Night?


Ayvaunn Penn from Your Black Poets presents “The Power of Silence” by E. D. Arrington out of Wilson, North Carolina.   [youtube FHm4ulnvRSs]  

Ayvaunn Penn Performs: “Going Home” – Living Your Best Life While You’re Still Breathing


In this episode of Your Black Poets, YBW’s Ayvaunn Penn performs “Going Home,” a poem by Catherine Whitehead out of Chicago, IL.  If you’d like your poetry featured on Your Black Poets, please send Ayvaunn a note.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH                

Ayvaunn Penn Performs: The Eyes Have It – Tribute to a Beautiful Wife (Video)


Watch as Your Black World’s Ayvaunn Penn performs “The Eyes Have It.”  The poem was written by Greg Jackson out of Philadelphia, PA. To watch the performance, please click here.      

Ayvaunn Penn: Black Poets Taking Over Pop Culture


A special message from Ayvaunn Penn of Your Black Poets: Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to greet you, and let you know how excited I am that you decided to become a part of Your Black Poets. This is a revolution, let me tell ya’. Together, we are bringing poetry and spoken […]

Ayvaunn Penn: If Barack Obama Was a Blues Singer……


In her latest performance, Ayvaunn Penn from Your Black Poets performs a piece by Christopher D. Sims called “If Barack Obama Was a Blues Singer.” Click here to watch the video.        

Ayvaunn Penn Presents Backhand: A Story of Abuse (Powerful Video)


In this video, Ayvaunn Penn of Your Black Poets presents the poem “Backhand,” a powerful exhibition about the struggle of abuse, neglect and abandonment that affects so many families across America. You can watch the video by clicking here.      

Ayvaunn Penn: You Can’t be “Black Like Me” So Don’t Even Try


In this video, amazing spoken word artist Ayvaunn Penn performs the poem “Black Like Me” by Crystal Jenene Carter.  Crystal is out of Oklahoma and wrote this poem over 10 years ago.  She and other spoken words artists submit their work to be performed by Ayvaunn at Your Black Poets.  Visit the site to submit […]