Woman Attacks Judge in the Courtroom (Video)


Most people aren’t happy when a judge sends them to jail.  Well, this Kentucky woman didn’t take it lightly when she was told to head to the big house.  In one of the more interesting scenes ever caught on video, the woman lunges at the judge and has to be taken down by arresting officers. […]

Mother Beats 5-Yr Old Son to Death Over Broken TV


Your Black World Reports A 21-year-old mother accused of beating her son to death, confessed that her intentions were only to discipline him. Kim Crawford’s 5-year-old son broke her TV while playing his Wii video game and he died because of it. “I hit Jamar,”  Crawford told police. “Twice in the back, twice in the […]

Pack Your Bags: This Pastor Says that the Rapture is Tomorrow


Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World. Eighty-nine-year-old Harold Camping predicted the rapture once before back in 1994. Of course the followers of this evangelical broadcaster now say that the former prediction was just an intermediate stage. This time, however, Camping says he is absolutely sure of himself. He is even going so far as to use billboards […]