Can a Woman Raise a Boy to be a Man? Most Men Don’t Think So


A new survey at reveals that black men and women have different perceptions on what it takes to turn a boy into a man.  The survey finds that while most black men do not believe that a woman can raise a boy to be a man without male intervention, nearly half of all black […]

Why Chop Welfare-to-Work Programs?


In a GED classroom emptied by state budget cuts last Thursday, instructor Marylou Fusco began removing paper cutouts that her students – single mothers working to get off welfare – had made of their own hands that were tacked to a bulletin board. On the palms of the hands, the women had written their life […]

Deborrah Cooper: Abortion is NOT the Same as Slavery (Video)


In this video, Deborrah Cooper of discusses recently released billboards comparing abortion to slavery.  She doesn’t agree with this assessment. Click here to watch the video

Pro-Life Group Compares Abortion to Slavery for Black Women


The Radiance Foundation, an anti-abortion group out of Atlanta, has launched a campaign on billboards that links abortion to slavery.  Deliberately releasing the ads during the Juneteenth celebration, the 50 billboards state that “The 13th Amendment Freed Us.  Abortion Enslaves Us.” Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer of The Radiance Foundation, said that he wanted to […]

Mom Arrested for Leaving Kids in Car To Donate Blood for $30 (Video)


A mother was recently arrested for leaving her kids in the car while she donated blood.  In the video below, the judge expresses concern for the mother and her financial situation,. as she said that she donated the blood to earn an extra $30 to feed her children.  She says she has only $28 dollars […]

Mother Beats 5-Yr Old Son to Death Over Broken TV


Your Black World Reports A 21-year-old mother accused of beating her son to death, confessed that her intentions were only to discipline him. Kim Crawford’s 5-year-old son broke her TV while playing his Wii video game and he died because of it. “I hit Jamar,”  Crawford told police. “Twice in the back, twice in the […]

Dr. Boyce: Hallmark’s Father’s Day Card for Black Women- What the Hayell?


I couldn’t help but notice that Hallmark has issued a Father’s Day card for black women.   I’ll admit to being taken aback by the sheer thoughtlessness of this endeavor, while studying the image of the strong and defiant black woman standing on the cover of the card, taking pride in the fact that she’s […]

Racist, Tacky or Visionary? Hallmark Releases Fathers Day Card for Black Moms


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World To read Dr. Boyce Watkins’ commentary on the Hallmark cards, please click here. According to sales reports, black folks are not opposed to Hallmark’s Mahogany line of greeting cards especially made for African Americans. The ethnic designs have been something of a hit — enough to keep the line on the market. […]

What Would Make a Mother Want to Kill Her Child?


Most of us were shocked to see the video of the mother caught on camera trying to kill her baby.  Stressed out and frustrated that the father of the child would not help in the child-rearing process, the mother is seen on video smothering the baby to the point that it had to be resuscitated […]

Mother Caught On Camera Trying to Kill Her Baby


Your Black World reports. In this disturbing video, police found that a mother was trying to kill her child.  Police and doctors placed the hidden camera in the room because they suspected that something was wrong.  The child had been having breathing problems, and they thought that he was experiencing severe reflux.  It turns out […]

A Stunning Tribute to Black Mommas: Is This Your Mother by Chance?


  BLACK MOMMAS   There used to be a time when Black children were the best behaved children in the world, now look at them, Time out my foot!!!   1. Have you ever been called downstairs from upstairs, the back of the house, or from the front of the house to get the remote, change […]

Shootout Over Medication: How Far Should a Mother Go to Protect Her Child?


by Dr. Boyce Watkins.   Most of you know about the case of Maryanne Godboldo, the mother who got into a shootout with police over her daughter’s medication.   The state felt that Maryanne’s child had enough psychiatric problems to justify putting her on additional medication, but the mother had different ideas.  This leads us […]

Mother Gets Into Shootout with Police Over Daughter’s Medication


Your Black World reports. Maryanne Godboldo is having problems with the state of Michigan.  The mother entered into an armed standoff with Detroit Police after fighting the state’s efforts to put her child on psychiatric medication.  Authorities had come to the house to take her daughter into custody, and Godboldo refused.  She was arrested when […]