Tyrese Gibson Writes a Poem About Fatherhood


I am more than just a man.. I am a father. A boy is excited about the opportunity to be a dad. A father is more focused on the “Responsibility” of being a father. As a father it is a responsibility to create the standards in our kids’ lives,  I am not just semen. I […]

President Obama Describes the Rewards of Fatherhood

Barack Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Marian Robinson, Janet Kavandi

President Barack Obama says being a dad is sometimes his hardest job, but also the most rewarding. Just ahead of Father’s Day, the president devoted his Saturday radio and Internet address to fatherhood. He talked about growing up without a dad, his own failings as a father and the values he hopes to teach his […]

Eric Legette Fights to Help Fathers Gain Rights to See Their Children


One of the most difficult, stunning and defining experiences of my entire life was when I went through the child support system. My daughter was born when I was an 18-year old freshman in college, and although I didn’t want her mother to leave me for another man, I still knew that I had a […]

Dr. Boyce: Black Fatherhood is……


By Dr. Boyce Watkins I am not the best father in the world – I’ve always tried very hard, but I’ve failed more times than I care to admit.  I am also sure that I wouldn’t be a very good husband, since I’ve never come close to convincing anyone to walk down the aisle with […]

Larry Watkins: Lessons I’ve Learned from Fatherhood

photo by Chris Hall, Courier-Journal Dec 15, 2006   (left to right) Cindy Kolarik square danced with Major Larry Watkins from the LMPD's 8th Division as (center) Charlie Wheatley called   the steps at St. Mary's Center in Louisville, Ky.

by Larry Watkins, Compassion on the Move A few days ago I had the opportunity to take my father fishing in western Kentucky. My father is 85 years old. As I watched my father, I realized how much I admired this man. I saw a man who had honored his commitments throughout his life, especially […]

George Kilpatrick: What I Learned During The Birth of my Premature Son


by George Kilpatrick, A Proud African American Father My son is now 17 years old.  Wow how time flies.  I remember the day he was born.  My wife and I had just gotten back from Toronto.  She was seven months pregnant. Something happened though on the way home.   Her water broke. And now we were […]

Dwyane Wade: My Life as an NBA Superstar Single Dad


by Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat. There are a few words that come to mind when I think about the past couple years of my life: challenging, rewarding, transformative—they roll off the tip of my tongue in an instant. In the span of a year my two good friends LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined me […]

Was Judge Mathis Too Harsh on the Deadbeat Dad? Probably Not


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. Many of you saw the episode in which Judge Greg Mathis publicly undressed a deadbeat dad in the courtroom.  The man was a rapper called “The Gingerbread Man,” whose rap lyrics say, “Catch me if you can.”   He had nine children, with five mothers and another on […]

Friday Flash: Eric Legette Gives Voices to Fathers


Leslie Detouche, Your Black World: The Friday Flash Feature shines a spotlight on a person or group that is accomplishing various personal or professional goals in the black community. From starting a business venture, buying a home to advocating a worthy cause; we have a heritage that is rich with impeccable tradition of numerous trailblazers. […]