R. Kelly Is Having Tax Problems


By JasmineHughes After overcoming a potentially career killing throat problem, singer R. Kelly is now facing some serious financial woes. The singer made headlines last week when he was rushed to the hospital for emergency throat surgery to drain a painful tonsil abscess. Kelly is said to be taking an indefinite break from performing to recuperate […]

Natasha Robinson: Beyonce’s Girl Power is Not Powerful at All


According to the first single from Beyonce’s highly anticipated album 4, girls indeed run the world. Thanks to her musical contribution to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, herrecent Billboard Millennium Award, and surprise farewell performance to honor Oprah, all eyes from middle-age school rockers to professional intellectuals are on Beyonce. The 29-year-old is an influencer. From the […]

Missy Elliot Has Been Fighting Deadly Disease for Last Three Years


Your Black World Reports Missy Elliot recently disclosed that she has been fighting a serious autoimmune disease for the last three years. The 39-year-old mega star was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2008.  The disease, which causes over-activity of the thyroid gland, has affected Elliot’s every day life.   “I was (driving and) trying to […]