Bishop Eddie Long Has Yet Another Accuser


Your Black World reports. There has been yet another man added to the list of accusers of Bishop Eddie Long.  Centino Kemp has never filed a lawsuit, but it is being reported that he also had an inappropriate relationship with the pastor at one point in his life. CLICK TO READ  

Bishop Eddie Long May End up in Court After All


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World As of late, the controversy has been centering around Bishop Eddie Long, who recently paid a settlement to avoid going to court over accusations that he sexually abused young men in his church. The spotlight is not entirely off of him, but it is alleged that a different crime has […]

Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Arrested on Drug Possession Charges

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Jamal Parris, one of the four men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion, was arrested on suspicion of being a drug dealer.  The arrest took place in Florida, when he was pulled over in a white 2011 BMW in Miami Beach with no tags.   Sgt Seth Dubinsky pulled Parris over and said […]

Bishop Paul Morton Calls on Eddie Long to Repent


Bishop Paul Morton (pictured) has joined the chorus of calls for Bishop Eddie Long to “fess up” to what he might have done to the boys in his church.  Thankfully, Bishop Morton has publicly stated on multiple occasions that he is disappointed with the lack of humility that Bishop Eddie Long has displayed.  He also says that […]

Dr. Boyce: T.D. Jakes Speaks Out on Bishop Eddie Long


by Dr. Boyce Watkins Some have been waiting for Bishop T.D. Jakes to speak up on the scandal involving the other southern megapastor down the road, Bishop Eddie Long.  Jakes recently commented on the case in the Christian Post, stating that Christians should simply pray for Bishop Long because they don’t have the right to do […]

Reports are that Eddie Long’s Wife Is Leaving Him


It appears that the obvious may be starting to take place.  Vanessa Long, wife of Bishop Eddie Long is apparently planning to leave her husband.  At least there are reports that she’s moving out of the house and taking her child with her.   Various sources are stating the following: Well-placed spies for The Mo’Kelly […]

Creflo Dollar: Eddie Long “already has a ticket into heaven” (video)


Last week, Dr. Boyce Watkins from Your Black World wrote an article about Eddie Long being defended by Pastor Creflo Dollar.  Additionally, Roland Martin and actor Boris Kodjoe got into a heated battle over the incident on Twitter.  Now, you can hear the words come out of Dollar’s mouth, as he says that Bishop Long […]

Bishop Eddie Long Reportedly Paid $25 Million to Make Case Go Away

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*Citing an unnamed source, the web is reporting that New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor Bishop Eddie Long is paying nearly $25 million to settle claims he had sexual relationships with four young male parishioners, and has also given an apology to the accusers. The source, who claims to be familiar with the details […]

Creflo Dollar Appears to Support Bishop Eddie Long


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. Pastor Creflo Dollar, head of the World Changers Church International gave a sermon this week in which he appears to be standing up for his buddy, the Bishop Eddie Long.  In fact, Dollar says that the pastor (which he didn’t name) had a “wreck” and that he’s glad […]

Roland Martin: Bishop Eddie Long Cannot Ignore His Past


You can also read Dr. Boyce Watkins’ statement on the case of Bishop Eddie Long by clicking here. When Bishop Eddie Long stood before his congregation in Lithonia, Georgia, on Sunday to declare he would not be focused on the past and would look forward, his supporters said that was the right thing to do […]

Dr. King’s Daughter Says She’s Leaving Eddie Long’s Church


Your Black World Reports. The Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., announced that she is going to step down as one of the elders at the church headed by the Bishop Eddie Long.  King made the announcement that she is leaving New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on a radio show, but […]

Bishop Eddie Long’s Church Leaders Rush to Move Past the Scandal


The crowd still cheered for Bishop Eddie Long as he took the pulpit Sunday, but gone was the air of defiance that defined his appearance eight months ago when he rallied his congregation to battle amid lawsuits accusing the megachurch pastor of sexual misconduct. Just days after settling the lawsuits filed by four young men […]

Bishop Eddie Long Does His First Sermon Since the Settlement

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Bishop Eddie Long, in his first Sunday service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church since the settlement of four lawsuits was announced, focused on celebrating life and reminded the congregation of the good God has done in their lives. The Lithonia pastor didn’t  mention  his recent troubles. However, he said has learned to make sure he surrounds himself with the right crowd. Click to […]

Dr. Boyce: Breaking Down the Rhetoric of Bishop Eddie Long


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World. In this interview, I speak with Christopher House, who is earning a doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh with a specialty in African American Rhetoric/Communication.  In this conversation, we analyze the method of communication of Bishop Eddie Long, who recently settled a lawsuit filed against him for sexual coercion […]

Dr. Boyce: Eddie Long Case May End Up Going to Trial….Good


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, After moving along quite speedily, it appears that Bishop Eddie Long may end up going to trial after all.  Reports are coming out of Atlanta from Channel 2 News that the judge in the case, Johnny Panos, has stated that he is going to prepare to have a trial in […]