Poll: 3/4 of African Americans Believe BET Award Sponsors Should be Boycotted


Your Black World reports. In a recent Your Black World survey, nearly three out of every four (74.4%) African American respondents believe that the corporate sponsors for the BET Awards should be boycotted.  The survey asked a series of questions to measure the African American reaction to the most recent BET Awards show, which featured […]

Dr. Boyce & Towanna: The Psychological Impact that Hip-Hop Has on Our Kids (Video)


In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Towanna Freeman about the impact that negative hip-hop music can have on young women. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO      

Erin Harper: The 2011 Black Exploitation Television (BET) Awards; My Play by Play Analysis

Erin 3

If you missed the Black Exploitation Television (BET) Awards last night, you are probably amongst the 20% of Americans with better things to do. With that said, I almost watched the entire thing. I had no idea that the show was airing until a sorority sister texted me to ask my thoughts. I immediately put […]

Chris Brown, I Mean Rihanna, I mean Drake Wins BET Award during Major Mix Up


A lucky (or unlucky) BET viewer was selected to present the Viewer’s Choice Award last night, but she had no idea what was waiting for her.  A series of earth-shattering errors were made as the fan first read the winner of the award to be “Chris Brown,” but immediately changed her words to say, “I’m […]

Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Others are Livid with BET Award Nominations


Your Black World reports. Yesterday BET announced the award nominees for the 2011 BET Awards.  Chris Brown leads the pack with six nominations and Lil’ Wayne is behind him with five, but everyone is not happy with the selection of nominees.   Artists Keyshia Cole, Trina, and Nicki Minaj, who was nominated for two awards, […]