Basketball Wife Tami Roman Gets into a Massive Car Accident


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World One of the stars in VH1‘s reality television show Basketball Wives is reported to have been involved in a three-car accident in Los Angeles. TMZ reports that just prior to the accident, Roman had just flown into LAX and was picked up by a car service. Read more »  

Catty, Evil Black Women Have Become the Norm on Reality TV: Should Black Women Accept This?


From If you didn’t know a thing about Black folks, what would you think if you turned on your TV? Whether it’s “Basketball Wives,” “Love & Hip-Hop,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” series, or “Single Ladies” (although not a reality show, it’s along the same lines), chances are, you would leave those shows with […]

NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Pushing to Shut Down New Basketball Wives Show


Your Black World reports. Gilbert Arenas doesn’t like the idea that his ex-fiance, Laura Govan, will be on TV spilling out all of his business.   Arenas is demanding that the new show, “Basketball Wives: L.A.” be shut down.  He claims that Govan’s appearance on the show will do irreparable harm to his reputation.   […]

Erin Harper: Why Better Parenting Isn’t a Catch-all Solution to Negative Images in Media

Erin 3

by Erin Harper. I appreciate the discussion about the Letter to Shaunie O’Neal. While an overwhelming number of readers have found the letter to be enlightening and dialogue-provoking, other readers have questioned my position and method. While I will address these questions in more detail at a later time, I will briefly discuss the most […]

Erin Harper: An Open Letter to Shaunie O’Neal

Erin 3

Dear Shaunie, Heeey girl! How’s it going? You don’t know me from a billy goat, but my name is Erin Harper and I am a school psychology graduate student who likes to dibble and dabble in African American Women’s studies. Before I climb atop my social soapbox, let me say that this letter is written […]

Dr. Boyce: Why is Shaunie O’neal a Spokesperson for Black Females in Media?


In a CNN article that appears designed to promote her upcoming appearance as an “empowerment speaker” at the Essence Music Festival, Shaunie O’neal, executive producer of the hit show, “Basketball Wives,” was given the solemn task of analyzing the complex issue of black female portrayals in American media.  Choosing Shaunie to represent the disappointing images […]

Basketball Wife Shaunie O’neal Discusses Black Female Images in Media on CNN


To read the response to Shaunie by Dr. Boyce Watkins, click here I’ll be honest, I love reality TV. Actually it’s one of my guilty pleasure past times. Even before “Basketball Wives” I had my favorites, and I watched them faithfully. There is something appealing about seeing people deal with real life drama as you’re […]

PatriceJohnson: Gilbert Arenas Sues to Keep Ex-Finance Off Basketball Wives

Laura-Govan-Gilbert-Arenas-300x180 (1)

by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Gilbert Arenas & Laura Govan… Since his ex-finance is no longer in a relationship with him, Gilbert Arenas feels that Laura Govan has no reason to be a part of the Basketball Wivescast. Arenas wants the courts to prevent his ex-fiancé from going onto the Basketball Wives: L.A. show, because he fears that she […]

PatriceJohnson: Basketball Wives Includes More Insane Drama


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Eric & Jennifer need to get back together because it’s obvious that they are still in love… If you didn’t see last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, then you missed some serious drama… Eric Williams, ex-husband of Jennifer Williams made an appearance in front of the camera when he met with Suzie. Williams’ reason […]

Shaq’s Wife Shaunie Speaks about the Sex Tape, Kidnapping, Robbery


Brook Griffin, Your Black World. Most of you read recently about the allegations against Shaquille O’neal involving the man who claims that Shaq had him kidnapped, robbed and beaten for his possession of a sex tape involving O’neal and an unnamed woman.  Well, Shaq’s wife Shaunie has a few things to say about the tape. […]

Will There Be an LA Edition of Basketball Wives?

12/04/2010 - Gloria Govan and sister Laura Govan - VH1 "Basketball Wives" Star Gloria Govan Hosts a Welcome to Los Angeles Party for Matt Barnes at Supperclub Los Angeles on December 4, 2010 - Supperclub Los Angeles, 6675 Hollywood Boulevard - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Keywords: VH1 Basketball Wives, Matt Barnes, supperclub, VH1 Basketball Wives, VH1 Football Wives, -  - Photo Credit: Steve Solis / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

  Ms. Keeta, Your Black World. Let the drama continue!!!  For you “Basketball Wives” fanatics out there I am sure you were wondering where Gloria Govan was on Monday nights premiere of season 3.  Well according to sources, Gloria will not appear on this season of “Basketball Wives”, but instead she will be appearing on […]

PatriceJohnson: Shaunie Gives a Sneak Peek of Next Season of Basketball Wives


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Shaunie drips a leak about what we should expect for Season 3 of Basketball Wives… In the past 2 seasons of Basketball Wives I have never saw people who became friends and then turn around and hate each other so quickly… But the ladies are at it for a third time. With […]

PatriceJohnson: Meet the Latest Basketball Wife, Meeka Claxton


by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World Newest Basketball Wife, Meeka Claxton… Basketball Wives is going into its 3rd season on VH1, which will premiere this coming Monday and I cannot wait! There will be plenty of old drama, added in with new drama, more fights with the lovely, yet tough, Little Miss Royce and Evelyn finally gets […]