President Obama Says that a Debt Deal Needs to Get Done by Tuesday


As Congress wrestles with competing plans to raise the $14.3 trillion ceiling and cut federal spending, President Obama said Saturday that Republicans and Democrats “are not that far apart” and need to close the gap quickly to avoid an economically crippling default. A deal is necessary by midnight Tuesday “so that our country will have the […]

Survey: African Americans Divided Over Cornel West, Obama Debate


by Dr. Boyce Watkins. In a recent survey by, it was found that African Americans are divided over the comments of Princeton University professor Cornel West, who has critiqued the Obama Administration in the media over the past several weeks.  A mild majority of those who gave a definite answer (44.6%; only 87.2% said […]

Al Sharpton: The Wealth Gap Calls for Immediate Action


While the nation is fixated on a debt ceiling standstill, the number one issue on the minds of Americans — jobs — has largely been ignored. But in addition to experiencing the worst economic downfall since the Great Depression, we are now also officially witnessing the largest ethnic wealth disparity in decades. For those who […]

The Crisis Clock is Ticking on the Debt Ceiling Debate: Time for Plan B

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by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Valuable time is ticking away, and there is now less than a week left until the U.S. runs out of money. Government leaders around the world are getting nervous. According to Reuters, a board member of the Bank of Japan stated, “As the world’s biggest economy, the U.S. would have an […]

Cornel West Tells the New York Times that He’s “Funeral Ready”


What’s with the black suit, white shirt, black tie outfit you always wear? Do you have anything else in your closet? I’ve got four black suits that I circulate, and they are my cemetery clothes — my uniform that keeps me ready for battle. Your cemetery clothes? It’s ready to die, brother. If I drop […]

Yvette Carnell: Chess and Checkers Have Nothing to do with Debt and Deficit


Forget about raising the debt ceiling, one trillion here, two trillion there; it’s all small change right? At least that’s the impression I get when I overhear such ruminations from people within the black community. In the span of two plus years, run of the mill African-Americans have declared themselves members of the political pundit […]

President Obama, the Debt Ceiling and Greedy Republicans: Why the People Can’t Win


by Dr. Boyce Watkins. In early 2001, America’s economic future was rosy: Our government was sitting on a massive budget surplus, and the Congressional Budget Office predicted that the next 10 years would carry our nation down the path of seemingly endless prosperity. This was a good time for President George W. Bush to push […]

Debt-Ceiling Talks Reaching Critical Stage for Obama and the Democrats


Your Black World reports. The debt-ceiling deadline is fast-approaching, with leadership from both the Democratic and Republican parties bickering over the final arrangements.  The Democrats rejected a Republican proposal to raise the ceiling in a two-step process, but both sides are concerned about a negative reaction in Asian markets if a deal is not reached […]

Black Women are Heated Over Being Excluded from Civil Rights Meetings with Obama

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It is hot as hell in DC. It is even hotter under the collars of some African American women who are asking: Are we not civil rights leaders? The women were set off by the news that President Obama was scheduled to meet with the leaders of two civil rights organizations – National Urban League President […]

Dr. Boyce: President Obama Set to Meet with Marc Morial and Ben Jealous, But Why?


by Dr. Boyce Watkins. I received an email today from the White House stating that President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with NAACP President Ben Jealous and Urban League President Marc Morial.   President Obama’s schedule (which can be seen here) shows that the meeting will be roughly 25 minutes, giving these three important […]

Jon Stewart Makes Fun of GOP’s Obsession with President Obama (Video)


In this video, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart goes out of his way to ridicule Republicans, who claim that President Obama is obsessed over raising taxes on the rich.  He also talks about how the Republicans are afraid to use the word “rich,” instead attempting to falsely claim that most of the nation’s wealthy are […]

GOP Leaders Defy President Obama’s Order on a Deadline

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By JasmineHughes House Republican leaders have missed a 36-hour deadline set by President Obama during a Thursday meeting for lawmakers to give him a plan to avert a national default. The deadline came and went Saturday morning without a response from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Instead, Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) plan […]

Congresswoman Says Obama Being Disrespected in Debt Negotiations Because He’s Black


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World It is one of the most controversial cards you can play.   Playing the race card is to engage in political battle. Specifically today, we are talking about how it applies to President Barack Obama. The Hill reports that on Friday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional […]

President Obama Seeking a Debt Solution Turns to the American Public for Help


WASHINGTON  — Racing the debt clock, Congress is working on dual tracks while President Barack Obama appeals to the public in hopes of influencing a deal that talks have failed to produce so far. “We have to ask everyone to play their part because we are all part of the same country,” Obama said Saturday, […]

President Obama Talks Tough in Debt Negotiations

President Barack Obama gestures at the Blair House in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010, as he renewed his efforts for health care reform while meeting with Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

President Barack Obama ruled out any possibility of signing a short-term extension of the federal debt ceiling Monday, insisting that the time has come to tackle the nation’s most pressing fiscal problems in a comprehensive way requiring bipartisan compromise on both taxes and cuts to entitlement programs. The president continued to push for the largest […]

Wayne Hodges: Latest Unemployment Numbers Spell Trouble for President Obama


by Wayne Hodges. WASHINGTON – In the not too distant future, don’t be surprised to see a legion of blacks standing outside on a street corner near you holding up a “Can’t lie: I need a Meal” sign. On Friday (July 8), the U.S. Labor Department divulged the nation’s unemployment numbers for June. The jobless rate […]

President Obama Remains in Heated Battle with Republicans Over Debt Limit Increase


Your Black World reports. President Obama is in the middle of significant negotiations regarding the national debt and the nation’s tax system, and the pressure is starting to mount.  The sticking point with President Obama and the Republicans is the national debt ceiling and whether it should be raised.  The president claims that both sides […]

Someone Hacks the Obama Official Campaign Website


The 2012 Presidential election night is 16 months away, but that didn’t stop the professional President Obama loathers from committing what will probably be the first of much malicious mischief to disrupt, disinform, and confuse voters and slur Obama. The slur the hacker or hackers chose was the standard, insipid “commy Obama.” The hacked site […]

Ryan Mack: An Open Letter to Cornel West on President Obama


Written By Ryan Mack, President of The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment, Inc. As I begin this letter I would like to say to Dr. West that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. I have been and continue to be a long time fan of your work, your intelligence, and passion to […]

New Book Says President Obama’s Father Considered Putting Him Up for Adoption


Your Black World reports. Sally Jacobs, the author of a new book about President Barack Obama’s father, states that President Obama’s dad once seriously thought about putting his son up for adoption. Today in the Boston Globe, Jacobs writes that: In the spring of 1961, President Obama’s father revealed a plan for his unborn son that […]

Yvette Carnell: Tom Joyner Is Calling Tavis Smiley a Corporate Sell-Out?


by Yvette Carnell Stop the presses and mark the day. On July 1st, media personality Tom Joyner -chief peddler  of the culture of consumerism in the black community-took a break from picking the pockets of black people to blast his former aces Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. And get this, Smiley and West hadn’t even […]