Yvette Carnell: Is Al Sharpton Owned by Corporate America?


Over the past few days, former MSNBC host and current online host of the “The  Young Turks”, Cenk Uygur, has made his rounds on both television and the net discussing how he was summarily dismissed from his prime time slot at MSNBC. According to Uygur, his style of not treating members of Congress with enough […]

Former MSNBC Host Says Sharpton Got Job Because He’s an Obama Loyalist


Your Black World reports. Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur said he was replaced by Rev. Al Sharpton because Sharpton is a loyalist to the White House.   The host claims that Rev. Al Sharpton got the 6 pm slot on MSNBC because he has agreed not to criticize President Barack Obama (which he said on […]

Michael Eric Dyson Explains Why We Lie about Black Leadership in America


In this video, Professor Michael Eric Dyson lays out the reasons that America deludes itself as it pertains to black leadership.  In the video, Dyson explains that many of the negatives that are associated with black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not much different from the negatives that Americans associated with […]

Warren Ballentine Pushes to Support Black Banks in New Initiative


By Jasmine Hughes “For us, by us.” That is the motivation behind the collaboration of the National Bankers Association (NBA) and Radio One talk show host, Warren Ballentine. The duo is currently fronting a national campaign to get more minorities and other consumers in urban areas to put their money in black-owned banks. The promotional […]

Dr. Boyce: Al Sharpton and Cornel West Faceoff Once Again


The National Newspaper Association took advantage of what some expected to be a major prize fight between Cornel West and Rev. Al Sharpton.  The group referred to their gathering at the annual convention of the National Newspaper Publishers Association as “The Showdown,” letting the world know that they expected Sharpton and West to draw blood, […]

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Herman Cain’s Policies are a Joke


Your Black World Reports Jon Stewart’s ongoing debate with Fox News since his interview with Chris Wallace now has another layer: Herman Cain. On Wednesday night’s “Ed Show,” Reverend Al Sharpton made clear how he feels about the GOP Presidential hopeful getting involved. Cain, a frequent Fox News contributor, became personally involved in the feud after […]

Why are Progressive Liberals Working So Hard to Silence Cornel West?


by Ruben Navarrette Jr. Who’s afraid of Cornel West and what he has to say about Barack Obama? Quite a few folks. For the last few weeks, journalists, liberal bloggers and academics have been piling on the Princeton professor and best-selling author with one vicious attack after another. The gloves are off, and it’s all because […]

Dr. Boyce: Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry and I Finally Have Our Showdown


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, YourBlackWorld.com This week, I had a heated (and somewhat friendly) debate with Melissa Harris-Perry and Rev. Al Sharpton.  Both Harris-Perry and Rev. Sharpton seemed to take issue with an article I wrote openly questioning the motivations behind Melissa’s attacks on Cornel West.  Melissa was a professor at Princeton alongside West, during […]

Dr. Boyce, Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry Face Off on-air


Today at 1:15 PM EST Dr. Boyce Watkins, Rev. Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry will face-off on the radio.  The conversation will occur as a result of the article that Dr. Watkins wrote about Harris-Perry’s attacks on Professor Cornel West. If the show is not in your city, you can listen online at SharptonTalk.net.   […]

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Life Featured on 60 Minutes – Video


Your Black World Reports. On Sunday, May 22, 60 Minutes did an in-depth segment about the life and evolution of the Rev. Al Sharpton.  During the interview, the show goes into Sharpton’s past, reveals that his father impregnated his step-sister, discusses his relationship with President Obama, and asks whether or not he is telling black […]