Join the Your Black World Coalition!

The Your Black World Coalition is a vast group of intelligent, conscientious citizens across America with a perpetual concern for issues facing the African American community. We believe that it’s time for positive change and are relentless in our pursuit of fairness, equality and opportunity for our community and our children.

Led by noted scholar and activist Dr. Boyce Watkins, the Your Black World Coalition was responsible for bringing the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar, a mom arrested for sending her child to the wrong school, to the attention of the nation.  We’ve also led to justice for Heather Ellis, a college student threatened with up to 15 years in prison for cutting line at a Walmart.  In addition to fighting on issues of social justice, we are inspired to bring the black scholar back to the community, by opening the door to empowerment through education and access to relevant information.  We strongly believe in the concept of Black Scholarship in Action and also believe that YOU are your own black leader.

We stand for justice, education, economic independence, action and doing what is right.   We hope you’ll join our family by clicking here.