Can a Woman Raise a Boy to be a Man? Most Men Don’t Think So


A new survey at reveals that black men and women have different perceptions on what it takes to turn a boy into a man.  The survey finds that while most black men do not believe that a woman can raise a boy to be a man without male intervention, nearly half of all black […]

Keri Hilson Takes Major Heat for Poor Taste Joke about Deceased Amy Winehouse


HotMessNews… Keri Hilson decided to get on Twitter and make a joke about the deceased Amy Winehouse, even though she thought it was funny no one else seemed to laugh with her. CLICK TO READ  

Basketball Wife Tami Roman Gets into a Massive Car Accident


by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World One of the stars in VH1‘s reality television show Basketball Wives is reported to have been involved in a three-car accident in Los Angeles. TMZ reports that just prior to the accident, Roman had just flown into LAX and was picked up by a car service. Read more »  

Rapper Vigalantee Makes New Song about Police Brutality


The rapper Vigalantee (aka Roger Suggs) is tired of seeing police brutality devastating his community.  He is the founder of the “No Jangle Movement,” which advocates for enlightenment among African Americans, especially black men.   He has pushed thousands in the Kansas City, KS area to understand the role of black men and women to […]

Dr. Boyce: President Obama Set to Meet with Marc Morial and Ben Jealous, But Why?


by Dr. Boyce Watkins. I received an email today from the White House stating that President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with NAACP President Ben Jealous and Urban League President Marc Morial.   President Obama’s schedule (which can be seen here) shows that the meeting will be roughly 25 minutes, giving these three important […]

Ayvaunn Penn Performs: “I’m In this World, but Not Of It” (Video)


In this video, Ayvaunn Penn performs a piece submitted to Your Black Poets by Jacqueline N’jai.  The poem is called “I’m in this World, but Not of It.”  In the poem, N’jai reminds all of us that we can live in the world and understand it, but not feel compelled to accept the things that […]

Jon Stewart Makes Fun of GOP’s Obsession with President Obama (Video)


In this video, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart goes out of his way to ridicule Republicans, who claim that President Obama is obsessed over raising taxes on the rich.  He also talks about how the Republicans are afraid to use the word “rich,” instead attempting to falsely claim that most of the nation’s wealthy are […]

Should Children be Dancing Like this? (Video)


Watch this video as children who appear to be just two or three years old are doing dances that most adults would not do.  If a child is doing this kind of thing in public, should their parents be dealt with?  What happens to the child in adulthood?   If you can’t see the video, […]

A Little Girl Recites a Poem about Why Her Father is Missing


Watch this little girl recite a poem about why her father isn’t in her life.  She confronts her mother for running her father away, and confronts her father for not being a part of her life.  The poem is very touching.           [youtube y7oK5Pbded8]  

Julianne Malveaux Invites You to a Watch Party on Black Economic History


Dr. Julianne Malveaux, President of Bennett College for Women, is inviting the nation to hold watch parties for her appearance on C-Span to discuss black economic history.   On Saturday, July 23 at 1:00 pm EST, Dr. Malveaux will be speaking at the Harlem Book Fair about her new book, “Surviving and Thriving: 365 Facts […]

Hilarious: Aaron McGruder’s BET – Black Evil Television (Video)


Watch this video to see Aaron McGruder, creator of “The Boondocks,” describe BET as Black Evil Television.  In a parody of Austin Powers, McGruder goes to work on the interesting images of the network and makes fun of what some speculate could be happening behind the scenes.  Although McGruder’s work is clearly a joke, there […]

Woman Attacks Judge in the Courtroom (Video)


Most people aren’t happy when a judge sends them to jail.  Well, this Kentucky woman didn’t take it lightly when she was told to head to the big house.  In one of the more interesting scenes ever caught on video, the woman lunges at the judge and has to be taken down by arresting officers. […]

Casey Anthony Released: Has to go into Hiding


Your Black World reports. Casey Anthony has finally walked out of her jail cell and will be a free woman.  This is almost exactly three years from the day she was arrested for her role in the death of her two-year old daughter, Caylee.  She is expected to go into hiding to shield her from […]

Prison Inmates Continue Hunger Strike in California

Diego Ma

Inmates in at least 11 of California’s 33 prisons are refusing meals in solidarity with a hunger strike staged by prisoners in one of the system’s special maximum-security units, officials said Tuesday. The strike began Friday when inmates in the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison stopped eating meals in protest of conditions […]

Disturbing Study: Black Men Get Better Healthcare, Protection in Prison than Out


by Dr. Boyce Watkins. Many of us have seen the dismal statistics for black males in America.  African American men are at the bottom of the barrel in nearly every category of life, including healthcare, education, incarceration, and unemployment.  Many of us raise our black boys with little to no understanding of how many of […]

Monica Has a Million Dollar Wedding Dress?


By JasmineHughes We’ve all been rooting for the adorable new couple consisting of the singer Monica and former L.A. Laker Shannon Brown.  Much of the public was elated to hear of their secret, quickie wedding last November, but their love story is still making headlines as the couple wed for a second time on July […]

Dr. Boyce: Yes, The Music We Listen to Does Affect Our Thinking (Video)


by Dr. Boyce Watkins. When I spoke on the problems with mass promotion of violent and misogynist hip-hop music through BET and other media, the response from the public was interesting.  On one hand, there were those who’d been waiting for someone to speak openly about the problems with BET giving awards to artists like […]

Over 3/4 Black Women Not Happy with Essence Choice of White Male Editor


A recent Your Black World Survey found that over three-fourths (78.2%) of black female respondents were unhappy with a recent decision by the magazine to hire a white male managing editor.  Michael Bullerdick was chosen to be the managing editor for the magazine that considers itself to be a leading voice for African American women. […]

Man Who Hit Nicki in Face with a Suitcase was Allegedly Her Boyfriend/Assistant


Your Black World reports. Rapper Nicki Minaj was involved in an incident this week at a hotel in Dallas that led to police being called.   After a great deal of public speculation regarding what happened, it is being reported that the man hit her in the face with a suitcase.  The fight started at […]

Congressional Black Caucus Criticizes President Obama on Unemployment


Your Black World reports. The Congressional Black Caucus took the step of confronting the Obama Administration on growing levels of black unemployment.  Since the start of the most recent recession, white unemployment has gone down.  At the same time, black unemployment has increased by 1.5 percentage points. “Can you imagine a situation where any other […]

86% of African Americans Think Casey Anthony Would be Guilty if Black


A recent Your Black World survey found that 86% of African Americans believe that Casey Anthony would have been found guilty had she been black.  Anthony was recently acquitted for the murder of her daughter Caylee, whose body was found in the woods in December, 2008.  Her mother had not reported her missing, and she […]