Woman Gets 18 Years in Prison for Stealing $94 Dollars

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

The economy is making people do all kinds of crazy things.  But even in a declining economy, there are still consequences for poor choices — even if your home has been foreclosed on and your bank account is darn near empty. The Grio reports that “Connie Murray Dumas, 40, will be in prison until 2029 after she was found guilty of armed robbery and possession of a pistol during a violent crime.”

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  • Altha Cutright

    This was armed robbery prossession of a gun (cell phone) what waste.

  • Altha Cutright

    This is a waste of life for this young lady it makes no sense.

  • Dellehenderson

    Good!!! She should get LIFE. I am sick of these thieves terrorizing people just as poor as they are. Why didn’t she rob a bank? or a check cashing place? where she could get some real money. No I am so SICK of these thugs robbing other poor people. A couple of weeks ago a Black man and woman robbed passengers on a BUS!!! Do you know who rides the bus? Us. They robbed young and old. So no tears from me. If you steal Big you get little time…if you steal little you get Big time. She should get more time for being stupid. Everyone knows there are cameras everywhere.

  • Barbara2

    The economy did not do this.  This has no excuse.  People I know what it is like not to have a job becausee of my age.  I cannot prove that my applications are thrown in the trash, but I am not crazy either.  I have been out of work for nine years, and manage to pay my mortgage, and utility bills.  There are many legal ways to pay bills, picking cans up off the street, pick up pennies from the ground, and eat what you grew up on.  The most important thing a person can do in order to make it is….stop watching the Jones.

  • Tk2xchamp

    Barbara, its more to it than that.  You don’t see anything wrong with the sentence she received?  You need to stop defending white racists and their constant railroading of people of African descent.