Bishop Eddie Long Has Yet Another Accuser

Your Black World reports.

There has been yet another man added to the list of accusers of Bishop Eddie Long.  Centino Kemp has never filed a lawsuit, but it is being reported that he also had an inappropriate relationship with the pastor at one point in his life.



  • JC

    People like B.E.Long cause & do a lot of damage to our youth,family & communities— when will we STOP covering it up or ignoring it????  Keep in mind the whole church (mostly black women) covered for B.E. Long—-those boys/young men stood by themselves confronting this monster. This was going on for years—-it just came to light now. AND all this sin is sin crap is just another way people are being programmed to accept or allow monsters (or wickedness) to run amok without confrontation or punishment. God IS the ultimate judge if you go to heaven or hell, over creation or destruction,etc. It does NOT mean let wickedness or wrong doing go unchecked/amok, ignore it or not confront people whose behavior is questionable or suspicious. God gave all of us FREE WILL—-we are not robots,we can choose to go along or not (we have choices).  B.E. Long church followers chose to go along UNTIL what he was doing came to light publicly. But no one should be surprised, after all HE was doing the preaching. AND he is not the only preacher doing ugly. Some church folks have a saying “Go Along
    & We will get along” that is used on new members OR to keep church members in line. Another saying “Don’t judge, let it be” when you question something or some ones actions.   

  • Altha Cutright

    I’m waiting on all the others because there are more.

  • Jrotced02

    Uhhhh….why are we still talking about Long? We knew from jump street that he was a fudge packer. The true irony of his story is how he lied to buy time and let the story die down, so he could cut individual deals using church money. All of the sheeple who were defending him need to ask themselves how they were once again duped by a wolf in bishop’s clothing. Putting all of your faith andf money into the hands of a flawed human being, is a recipe for disaster. I recommend that if these mega-churches had an ounce of good sense, they would hire private investigators and require polygraph examinations of everyone who touched church money. I’ll bet you would then see all of these charaltans and degenerates dropping like flies. And yes…catching one is worth putting them all through this this process, because of the blind faith and trust people put in men and women with no more talent that a cheap night club entertainer.  

  • Anonymous

    Is there any wonder that this is happening. Protestants are just rebellious Catholics. Constantine would be proud of them because they worship the same god that he did. The traditions are those instituted for the worship of the man-god dictator, Nimrod. Even his mother, who was his wife was worshiped as the Madonna. She was the mother of god. In the old world rulers were worshiped as gods. If you did not bow to them and acknowledge their authority as being supreme it was an indication of treason and was rewarded with death. The Pope claims abilities and authority that is reserved only for the Creator of all things who clearly stated that He will not give His Glory unto another.The history of ministers and priests who function in this tradition of worshiping man-gods is full of abominable practices like human sacrifices, prostitution and cannibalism. Add to this witchcraft and demon assisted miracles and you get a fuller picture of dank darkness that occludes the understanding of the people of why God created man. The sign of the man-god is Sunday. Nimrod is the Sun and Semiramis is the moon. Nimrod invented the Blitz -Krieg and  the principal and practice of conquest. The priests and missionaries were backed by armies. The crusades were an attempt to expand the kingdom of the man-god. In this modern age The Pope has replaced Nimrod. If you are not in the Catholic Church you are not in the kingdom of god. Do not be surprised at at the misdeeds of clergy. Like people like priests. Anything that is exalted against God and above God will be brought down by God who is light, truth and love. There is no love in a religious system that kills people. Love is summed up in the Ten Commandments. The priests and ministers of the man-god say that God’s Laws are done away and were nailed to the cross. This is a clear lie and is the basis of all the mayhem that you see in the Religious Industrial Military and Banking Complex.

    • Pcblst

      Why did God create man?

      • Anonymous

          God is reproducing Himself. Man was made after the God kind. He created the universe to be inhabited. God is composed of immortal spirit.
        He is also unable to lie and cannot sin. When Paul said “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus he was talking about the mind of God The Father who is love and light with no  shadow of turning. He also made mankind to rule this earth and the whole universe. But we must build his character through the Holy Spirit. Without the spirit of Christ we are none of his. Christ, who is very God right now has been given the ability to have life within himself. For us He is the life giver. The Kingdom of God is a family of Holy Righteous Immortal beings headed by God The Father and Jesus Christ. Earth will be made the headquarters of the universe. Remember what Christ said, “The least in the Kingdom of Heaven will be greater than John The Baptist.” John The Baptist per Christ was the greatest prophet that ever lived. Being in the Kingdom of God is a much much much higher plane of existence and responsibility. The hope and purpose of mankind is in the family and Kingdom of God. God’s laws will be enforced and taught in The Kingdom of God because they bring blessings and peace. This is The Good News of The Kingdom of God that has been suppressed by false religion. 

        • Anonymous

          Immortality is commanded by God for mankind to live in this universe in harmony with Himself who is omnipotent, holy, righteous love.

        • Anonymous

          Immortality is commanded by God for mankind to live in this universe in harmony with Himself who is omnipotent, holy, righteous love.