Survey: African Americans Divided Over Cornel West, Obama Debate

by Dr. Boyce Watkins.

In a recent survey by, it was found that African Americans are divided over the comments of Princeton University professor Cornel West, who has critiqued the Obama Administration in the media over the past several weeks.  A mild majority of those who gave a definite answer (44.6%; only 87.2% said “yes” or “no”) claim that West is wrong about Obama, while a slightly lower number (42.6%) said that West is correct in his criticism.   The remainder (12.8%) said that they are not sure.

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  • Goldie G

    My opinion was expressed as negative towards Mr West not because he does not bring up some valid issues, however his reasoning for attacking the president is childish. I also feel that he and anyone else that is not out there like many of us working on some of the very problems he points, out is not credible. He is busy working on songs…. 

  • Makarios

    The situation between President Obama and Dr. Cornel West underscores the the fact that we cannot agree on anything.  Sometimes the greater good is not evident yet there is a greater good just beneath the surface.  Dr. West in my opinion is being short sighted…  This presidency is not about immediate and wholesale change.  Rather, this presidency is about breaking down walls of perception.  People called Jackie Robinson a sellout, Uncle Tom and so many other evil names because he was willing to break with the norm.  Mr. Robinson demonstrated enormous courage and strength of character by doing what he did.  Look at the baseball landscape today. 

    My point is we need to unify.  We need to unify under a common direction even if we are not able to see immediate returns.  It is a good thing that this president is in office and I am disturbed by how many black people are ready to take their vote to another white person or abstain from the process altogether-claiming that they will be better off.  This is exactly what the republican party is hoping for.  I am not sure that they will not get what they want.  Why?  Because our vision is “If you can’t do it for me today to hell with you!!”

    I support this presidency and this President.

    • Hondo Gamba

      Find about the fake birth certifctates okay

    • slmn

      I need the policies that are so wonderful that keep people in lockstep with this guy. If you could list some that would be great. Because I’m not concerned with the figure rather the issues/policies and there outcomes. If your going to try to convince people support mass murder, attacks on the social safety net, corporate welfare, expansion of the national security state, assassinations, torture, etc.(I know alot of these things are holdovers from Bush, which are holdovers from Clinton), it’s going to take some pretty remarkable PR(brainwashing, lies) to accomplish this. It’s not like their PR machine isn’t up to it, they’ve had their bs appreciated by those who know bs.

  • Hondo Gamba

    A joke more intelletual BS.It’s genocide,eugenics and population control in full effect upon black america.Overall, a vast %  of black’s are  either mentally sleep,in basic denial and their perceptions are watered down and misdirected and just scared to speak up and organize against this updated slave activity.Watch the police,why you think they will shoot a black male so fast.They are following order’s,get rid of these n#gg##’s !!!

    • Omarali81

      you are a good bother

  • Brainsmasher99

    I suspect that our president may be light in the loafers which may explain his support for the gay agenda and why he hasn’t done anything positive for black folks in general. Black people are not responsible for Barack being president. Barack is not beholden to black people.

    The only thing he is doing is making a lot of crazy white supremacists mad. He has Secret Service protection. You do not. 

  • Ddarway

    West and Smiley has their own Issues with Obama… Maybe they wanted validation from the president. What have West or Smiley done for the general good of African American? West is a lecturer from Princeton, smiley talk show host brought to you by Wal-Low paying Job Mart.. never see them matching for our causes… Secondly U have congress and they have to vote for your agendas. Spot blaming this man for all your misfortune… what happenned to pulling yourself up by your boot strip?… God.. People act like this Man can reverse 400 yrs of struggles with a magic stick… We never support our own… Do you think West or Smiley will be talk if U had a Te party president?

  • S.T.

    Here’s the problem I have with Mr. West: he can not like President Obama, he can disagree with the president, he can even state that Obama is not a good president, but , no, instead he states that President Obama does not want to see free black men or fears a free black man. This is VICIOUS and is designed to INCITE. This is a public attack on the president, yet I’ve heard and read Mr. West statements and have found nothing to substantiate this. The idea that he would say something like this out of “love” and/or concern for his people would be laughable if it weren’t so insidious and disingenuous. Mr. West is doing what the Tea Partiers and other Republicans have been doing since Obama came to office: Discredit him. They want to turn the people against him for political purposes. lord only knows what West’s real purpose is, but it has a very ‘personal’ ring to it. Even if the president was pro Wall Street, how does that equate to fearing a free black man? If that were the case, every representative in Congress fears a free black man, so why does he have the courage to say such things now? He’s been around FOREVER. I don’t trust anyone who professes to tell you what’s in the hearts and minds of others. How do they know? They don’t. They’re just trying to influence your thinking. Let’s see how effective Mr. West will be on this great tour of his.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the censorship? Are you afraid of my writing? Free speech isn’t allowed here or what?

  • Anonymous

    What’s with this approval requirement? Free speech is not allowed and has been replaced with censorship. Is my wrirting to powerful? Does it convict the souls of man? is this black envy and jealousy?