Yvette Carnell: Is Al Sharpton Owned by Corporate America?

Over the past few days, former MSNBC host and current online host of the “The  Young Turks”, Cenk Uygur, has made his rounds on both television and the net discussing how he was summarily dismissed from his prime time slot at MSNBC. According to Uygur, his style of not treating members of Congress with enough deference and being too brash when criticizing The White House landed him in the hot seat.

On Sunday’s episode of “Reliable Sources”, host Howard Kurtz unwittingly added validity to Uygur’s depiction and account of the events withKurtz’ insistence that Uygur answer whether or not anybody at MSNBC asked Uygur to“moderate” his“political positions”.

Uygur has consistently paraphrased the head of MSNBC as saying, “we’d love to be outsiders, outsiders are cool, but we’re the establishment and you have to act like it.” Uygur never said he had a smoking gun since there never is a smoking gun or an explicit quote in situations where this type of pressure is applied. It’s always a wink and a nod, an order disguised as a suggestion or creative criticism.




  • nicole32

    this is interesting!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CC2QYYXJ3Q6LJYU3SZQWBXIFDU X

    Most intelligent black people could see Al Shaprton for what he is. But it’s time for our educated black people to stop crying about a lack of integration or what the white man wont do for us. We need to start thinking about owning and controlling our own news media outlets. Integration is not going to give us a free voice. I don’t care how liberal MSNBC pretends to be it’s still a white persons perspective on issues. No matter who they hired black they would have always been in fear of offending whites.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q2GRSHSRF2VZD3TCY7PDOMS22Q Janet Lang

    Will Blacks ever push the “WIllie Lynch Theory” Aside and learn to work together vs. bringing each other down?  Can any Black person succeed without negative articles, can there be Christian Values ever?

    Poor Article

  • Towan_53

    This young woman’s writing style is morose. However she is young and with practice her prose may improve. There is a negative tone to most of her articles and her fact checking leaves a lot to be desired. I happen to like Al Sharpton and was pleasantly surprised upon viewing his show on MSNBC. Al doesn’t have any misgivings about telling it like it T-I-S and that is what I appreciate most about him. Al is an orator and therefore sometimes can be a bit long winded but once he becomes comfortable with the sound bite and  abridge his input he will ace this new position. Heck, he’s doing pretty good now.