Lil Wayne Shows His New Child with Lauren London…Four Kids, Three Baby-Mamas

by: PatriceJohnson


After successfully hiding her son from the world for almost 2 years, claims that this little boy is Lauren London and Lil’ Wayne’s love child. His name is Cameron Carter, and if the website was correct that this is their child, I must admit that he is definitely a cutie pie!

Lil’ Wayne has four children and all of their mothers say that he is a committed father and a great man.



  • nicole32

    all they made a pretty baby.

  • MXL

    Aside from being absolutely irrelevant to this particular “story,” this headline is also inaccurate. Dude has four children with FOUR women, but only three of them are famous.

    Ok, carry on. LOL

    • Eervin44

      Think about it; Lil Wayne travel world doing tours who’s to say he may have other babies in other states were the mothers have not came forward, so don’t be quick to judge; I’m just saying, there will be more mothers coming forward soon…

      • MXL

        What in the world are you talking about? How am I judging? I’m just correcting the headline. Wayne has one child each with Lauren London, Nivea, Toya Carter and a pretty Latina in the Midwest somewhere whose name I don’t know.

        • Matt

          Erykah Badu’s got to step her game up. She’s down by one to Wayne now.

  • Soulshadow55

    Can someone PLEASE tell me WTF Lauren London saw in Lil’ Wayne?  I wouldn’t have a gerbil with that guy.

    • sweetmack

      I was wandering the same damn thing,  Little Wayne is one ugly MF. You think it might be the money?

      • Madysiin_Journals

        Unattractive men as much as I don’t want to admit this have the best conversation sometimes, are more giving, and lawd make the best bedroom action. …especially the geeks (attorneys, computer nerds). Lawd Ham Mercy. In Lil Waynes case, he had funds too..two..THREE’….she aint stupid. M.

  • Ttisbac

    As long as he can Provide for them , more Power to him. However you and I have to teach our son’s that it’s not cool to behave that way because when they procreate , pass out Aids and bring Children in the world with this Deadly Disease. We will never be able to afford those Magic Johnson Pills

    • black_dynamite

      Hopefully he has set up a trust fund for each of them that nobody can mess with. The way these young bucks be making it rain (giving the money back as fast as they get it) we might be reading about Lil Wayne being broke.

      • Marvin Gittens

        A trust fund , how many African American males Have the capability or the common sense or concerned To do anything positive Like start a trust fund.

  • South Beach Java

    Wow. That boy needs to keep it in his pants.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of alley cats.

  • Thug_motivation504

    Forget about all that how he looks and what she saw in him. He takes care of his children. That’s what matters. But if you going to report something about a Black celebrity, I’m going to need you to at least get ya facts straight. Lil Wayne does have 4 kids, but he also has 4, not 3 baby mamas.

  • flextime

    This is what we are showing our young me today.  It is cool and hip to have 7 kids by 6 or 7 women…not wives.

    I wish these little girls had more respect for themselves and their bodies to get knocked up by a guy who is just having fun.  So you are a play toy and now you are giving him another play toy.

  • Wise1

    The requirements for being a “Great Man” today according to Lauren London and the rest of Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama’s are:

    1-Tongue kissing a man in the mouth “Cash Money CEO-Baby” then calling it GangstaLuv
    2-Being an Alcoholic&Drug Addict too include cough syrup sipper with or without a cold
    3-Four Babies, three baby mamas who say “He’s committed to me”  “SMH&LOL”
    4-Skin tight jeans..wit ur booty hangin’ out, yet claim you a grown man..30+

    Research some real “Grown Men” and real “Great Men” Ms. London/the other 2 baby mamas.  You’ve all exposed your ignorance.

  • flextime

    What is sad is these females of little moral character are lining up to get a piece of Wayne.  He is stupid enough to fall for this silliness as long as the money keeps rolling in.

  • Alexandra Cox

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne is to darn cute!!!! love you boo! YMCMB for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!