13-Year Old Boy Shot 8 Times by Chicago Police

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Jimmell Cannon, 13, was shot 8 times in the shoulders, hand, and leg by Chicago Police on Monday in West Humboldt Park neighborhood. While he is at Stroger Hospital in serious-to-critical condition, his family is looking for answers. The way they saw the events unfold is not the same thing Chicago Police report.

According to NBC Chicago, “Chicago Police say a 13-year-old boy was pointing a weapon at officers when they were forced to shoot him….but the teen’s family said Jimmell Cannon wasn’t holding a gun and that his hands were up in the air when shots were fired.” Cannon’s family says that they were at a birthday party for a cousin when the shooting took place. NBC Chicago reports in more detail:

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  • nicole32

    This is really sad. i hope the boy makes it threw and the cops that did it something needs to be done to them.

    • Altha Cutright

      This 13yr old had a BB gun and pointed it at a Policeman, now you tell me who is wrong here. I know the parents today can’t do anything with their young teenage kids they are killing their parents.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CC2QYYXJ3Q6LJYU3SZQWBXIFDU X

        You don’t know that as a fact. If it’s coming from the police they are going to say whatever it takes to cover their behinds.

        • CW

          Thank you X!  You’re absolutely right.  The police will say anything (how many times have they had to cover their tracks?) to cover their lies!

      • CW

        Ummm, excuse me.  That boy DID NOT point that gun at the policeman.  They SAW the boy with the gun and thought he was a threat.  When they approached him, he tried to surrender and they SHOT him!

        Lord do I see stepin fetchin in the room? 

  • Gjacolby83

    There has got to be some reason that the police would shoot a 13 year old kid 8 times. I there is no reason then all of them need to be prosecuted. What was this young man doing with a gun in the first place? We got to get our youth out of this way of life. I am honestly tired of hearing these kind of stories. This is such a bad situation in my opinion. I hate to say it but there is a possibility that those cops are not bad people at all and if so they will have to deal with this for the rest of their life. Even if they didn’t want to shoot the kid, they will still be looked at in a negative light by most in the black community. 

    • Gjacolby83

      ok so now I read that the kid had a toy gun. Oh this is going to be really ugly. Very disturbing situation.

      • CW

         Thank you for taking the time to read this.  It’s just as disturbing as a much of freak cops kicking a 15 year old kid AFTER he surrendered.  It’s just a disturbing as when cops choose to shoot law abiding black men and boys because HE looked like a thug or someone of a nefarious character.

        It’s disturbing when year after year we continually read stories like this.  Are the cops here in the US that inept? 

        Is it disturbing, that in order to cover up shooting an unarmed person, they make up a lie, only to find out it was false?

        Disturbing has been the moniker in the black community for decades and will continually to be until WE do something about it.

        Lastly, it doesn’t seem to matter whether we break the law, are downright murderers or EVEN law abiding citizens – black people, particularly men, are in danger of being shot – period.

    • Altha Cutright

      If they wanted him dead believe me he will not be in a hospital.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CC2QYYXJ3Q6LJYU3SZQWBXIFDU X

        So I suppose the parents and community ought to be thanking them for shooting a child 8 times and not killing him? These cops are nothing but cowards with a badges.

      • CW

        You are out of touch and out of reality – seriously.  Have you been intelligent enough to compare these types of stories over the last 10 years?  How much will you swallow before you begin to choke on that kind of B.S.?

        Thank God people like you weren’t making decisions about whether we should fight for Civil Rights.  You would have been contended to remain in the kitchen. 

        You are too cowardly to affect change, but brazenly walk on the backs of those who courageously demand it.  Disgusting.

    • CW

      There is NO reason and it usually never is!  Why did they kick an unarmed 15 year old boy AFTER he surrendered?  Why do they continually shoot unarmed men and boys?  They don’t need a GD reason.  That’s why they’ve been getting away with this for decades because people like you want to believe black folks have to do something wrong!

      Lord! Wake up!!

  • BlkSultry007

    white people will never know what it is like to live the black experience so I would expect them to believe the PO PO’s

  • Makarios

    Here is the reality about African Americans and cops…  We have had tooooo many situations that don’t add up.  I myself have been the victim of racial profiling.  I am a college grad and an engineer.  I have NEVER been charged, or convicted of any crime in my life yet I always see it as concern.  I have heard people (mostly white) that if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.  That is not the truth!  Our history with the judicial system is very murky.  Black people have been railroaded and more times than many would care to admit.

    This is not to say that there are not many who have been convicted of crimes who did not deserve it.  I would just submit that there is too much legitimate history of bad/unfair experiences to look the other way.  Therefore I can not or, will not presume to give police system the benefit of the doubt.  Too many officers loos their objectivity.

    • kevintj

      I agree with your comments about racial profiling…

      Yet, in this case we are talking about a 13 year old child running around public with a BB gun. This is just plain bad parenting and show a total lack of regard for the wellbeing, health, and safety of a child/minor.

      The bottom line… Law enforcement officers have many tools at their disposal, yet are hindered by the law. Since citizens have the real upper hand they (police) are forced to resort to low-level tactics to get a person to respond in a negative way. And once the person falls victim to the BS tactics….well, the games begin. The police have the upper hand and will leverage and prosecute against the person.

      To many black folk FAIL to teach black children basic fundamentals – Attitude, Behavior, and Character (ABCs). We think, act, and behave like victims. Well, regardless of the FACTS surrounding how we got to this land, and how we are treated…WE ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE (respond+sensibly) and ACCOUNTABLE (account for words+deeds) for getting our #%T#% together. White folk are not going to do !@#$^@% for us…and as long as black parents are  irresponsible enough to allow black children to run around the streets at night with a BB gun cops (regardless of skin color) will have an excuse to pull the trigger on our children.

      • CW

        WHY is it only African American kids that have to continually modify their behavior INSTEAD of just being kids??  Do you know how many times I have seen white people act a damn fool with the police and walk away in one piece and free?  There are kids in our neighborhood with BB guns that play all the time.  Do you think they are harassed by police and shot at??

        There are too many stories of this kind of abuse.  My family has been the victim of it; especially my oldest boy (who’s 24).

         Like the southern days of old my husband and I have to remind our son to speak in low tones, make sure your hands are visible at all times, blah blah blah.  Yet, he was still thrown on the ground, detained, cursed and the like.

        Luckily, one of the police officers knew that my son was a good kid and was let go, with an apology.  What the hell??

        Do white kids go through this crap??  I get pissed off as hell when people tell me that if you haven’t done anything wrong then why do you fear the police! Well, my oldest boy didn’t do anything wrong and he was still harassed by the police.

  • Jredeemed

    If blacks don’t get outraged and start fighting back we will be extinct by these murders. How many of our children do they have to kill before something is done? This is an attack a KKK attack on all of us. Then they don’t get charged as others do. It is ok in the USA to kill a black child. What the hell is Obama saying about this. He claimed he was cracking down but I have not seen anything done that effectively stops them from killing our children and lying about it. They can commit perjury, murder, assault, obstruction, and more and not be charged. This needs to change. This needs to change NOW!!!!!!

    • kevintj

      With much respect… The KKK is not attacking us… We are doing this to ourselves.

      Think of it this way… Dumb, broke ass, mad at the world white boy’s got their asses kicked by equally dumb black boy’s in Jena, Louisiana for hanging up noses in a tree. The justice system in Jena, LA came down hard on the black boy’s – which should be expected! 

      When black folk around the country learned of the racial injustice they flocked by the thousands to march on Jean, LA.

      These same well meaning black folk don’t think to march on their own cities and neighborhoods to protest against local criminals (black) who terrorize their own people. Why not? Black on black crime negatively impacts the black community far more than white boy’s hanging up noses in trees or calling people the N-word.

      In my opinion, we need to clean up our own house because we bother worrying about cleaning up white folk.


      • CW

        I am not going to give in to this type of abuse as our responsibility!  What about decades ago BEFORE drugs ran rapid in our neighborhoods?  We were still being accused and harassed by the police.   What about that?  The number of black people being murdered was just as bad then as now.

        Damn the KKK, I could give a rat’s ass about them.  You don’t need to belong to the KKK or the Nazi Party, or any other organization to be a racist piece of crap AND act on those feelings.

        I recognize that we need to clean up our own house, educate our youth, start respecting each other (black women have been abused and discounted for centuries) and all the rest.  HOWEVER! Having unarmed citizens murdered or shot for no reason is inexcusable!  There is NOTHING to justify what they did to this boy.  God! Enough with the excuses for those in power and a system that continually abuse us.

        Tired of being the damn victim, it’s time for action – NOW!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but how did Obama get into this? Obama cannot make parents do better jobs of raising their kids. He cannot make parents take ownership for their kids behaviors and crimes. I DO beleive that shooting the boy 8x was too much, but the circumstances leading up to the shooting seem on the level to me. How we raise our kids is NOT and Obama issue!

      • CW

        OMG!  How could they be on the level – seriously? This young child RAISED his hands in the air to surrender and they STILL shot him?  Can you read meanchick???  If you can, then you will realize this is yet another black person getting shot by the police.  Why do we have to keep making excuses for unarmed black people getting shot or killed?  How many times have we read black people who surrender end up shot or killed?

        Read the article!!!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to those days when people demonstrated for their rights.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to those days when people demonstrated for their rights.

    • CW

      Amen to that!  However, demonstrations aren’t going to do much at all.  Unfortunately, people have become apathetic to demonstrations and will just turn off.  We need a different approach and plan.

  • Barbara2

    what will happen next?  This is what a sorry country America has beccome.  If the police cannot find who they are looking for, they will attack children.  Is there something in the water?

    • Altha Cutright

      Why would you say that Barbara? our blk children (not all) need their parants to be parants not friends. This young man should not have pointed a gun at a policeman period they new he was a kid this is why he is still living. I don’t know him nor his parents but they are making excuses for him all over town but! they  haven’t said anything about him pointing a toy gun.

      • CW

        You can not JUSTIFY the shooting of a 13 year old boy!!  He put his hands in the air, he obeyed and they STILL shot him!  What kids aren’t allowed go to birthday parties anymore and stay late?  Every now and again, I was allowed to and still turned out responsibly!

        Black people like you are the worst – seriously.  Always blame us, even when it’s clear that it is blatant abuse. 

        Why is it that white folks are allowed to act a fool, abuse power and even murder without getting shot to hell by the police?  Can you answer that?

        It’s so funny, but when that Norway tragedy happened so much sympathy went out for those teens – but people like you can’t seem to give the same  to black folks without pointing the GD finger!

  • kevintj

    Yes, there are different standards for white kids compared to black kids. It is not right, but  that is the GD reality.

    What kind of dumb ass parents allow a 13 year old child out at 1100pm at night, with a GD BB gun.

    The police are not RESPONSIBLE to PARENT OUR CHILDREN, and are not RESPONSIBLE for figuring out if a gun shoots BBs or real GD bullets.

    If the boy ran away from me after I told him to stop, and then turned towards me with a gun in his hand…I WOULD HAVE DROPPED HIM TOO.

    I am tired of the LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY AND LOVE WE give our children. And GD you weak minded people who cannot understand any f’ing thing I said.

    I lost a cousin many years ago because his dumb ass momma (my aunt) and her dumb ass husband (not his father) didn’t love their son enough to guide him right. All they did, his entire life, was to ignore, or make excuses for his behavior. My cousin did as he pleased, fathering children with equally dumb young females, and committing crimes. He was killed by the peers of some fool he robbed and his dumb ass parents had the audacity to cry for justice. These foolish idiots didn’t cry for justice for the families their son had victimized.

    Black people…wake the HELL UP and stop looking and commenting on the plank in white folks eye…especially considering we have a huge plank in our own communities eye.


    • WizardG

      Many blacks are so convoluted in their thinking that they cannot grasp the reality of our collective predicament. You  would do well to go back to the drawing board and try to study our past in ever aspect of the human characteristics. You must learn to understand human psychosis, human consciousness, human unconsciousness and the lack of proper family cohesiveness brought on by centuries of division and abuse from those who murdered the Indians, and enslaved the Africans. There was damage done to many other cultures in many other ways and they too suffer immensely. You could look at the small number of Indians left after their lands were confiscated by genocidal wars and Anglo Saxon trickery etc. These days it is rare to meet a full blooded Indian, but what we hear has happened to most of them is not good. They have been so destroyed that they  were made self destructive in every generation. We have some of the same problems but much worse, and unlike the Indians we have no reservations or unlike the Mexicans or Chinese we have no country, language or African culture. Hell we don’t even have our own religious construct. What do you expect millions of destroyed people to do? How are we supposed to act? Like you? Well some of us probably do but not all of our 45 million can respond to such constant abuse after learning our history and after acknowledging the same abuses occurring today but in a more subdued way.

      In this country of white supremacist ‘Americanization’ we are supposed to be just like white people and we are supposed to behave ourselves like good little Negroes in the face of their constant abuses, robberies, tricks, incarcerations, and murders. They can experiment on us and drop drugs into our already depressed neighborhoods and they will still have some like you criticizing us and giving the abusers a free reign to keep their psychosocial racist warfare going against us.

      We may have survived slavery, but just like the  Haitians who beat off France’s Napoleon for their freedom, are left with gashes and scars in our psyche, pain in our hearts, the white Anglo-Elite still with their knees on our throats and our families ever more divided, confused, and literally lost in space and time.

      People like you and Cosby etc. continue to blame the victims and ignore the criminal insane white racist elite class altogether. You have no idea how far reaching the situation is and the depth of the atrocities. You’ve heard about the Jews in Hitler’s era, but the Jews ain’t got nothin’ on us!

      Somehow the Jews have managed to rise above all this madness. How I don’t know, but I know that at the rate we’re going and the power the Jews have over our welfare as a people, I’d say they’ve made a come back and Israelis can now be compared to Hitler’s gang. We on the other hand suffered centuries while the Jews less than a decade under Hitler. The Jews lost 6 million and are getting compensation from everywhere, while we lost a hundred million plus and instead of compensation many of our children can look forward to prison slavery or military indebted servitude if not worse. You have no idea the insanity of the whole country let alone the insanity and confusion of decades of racial abuse.

      Rich people pay great sums to speak to the best psychiatrists to solve their mental woes. We as a people have been subjected to a constant stream of woes and have been denied any help medical or economic wise. So what do you expect? If only we were all able to correct ourselves, if only we were given a real chance to compete with such selfish, vindictive and vile people. All the cards have always been stacked in their favor, so they created the “race card” to toss in our faces whenever we tried to make them understand our suffering.

      • Nunziata51

        Wizard G said it ALL.  And how do we bring others to this consciousness so that we can move forward?

      • http://www.facebook.com/Shavaht Michael Adams

        You laid out the problem so succintly, its undeniable, Its the Truth! With that said, why do we keep trying to make our bed in this mans house, isn’t it obvious? He isn’t going to do right. We are barking up the wrong tree here for the kind of results we need! The Jews got the hell out from under their oppressor to another land, and then built their representation of their intellect for all the world to see, and they never let anybody forget their plight! Thinking ahead I wonder what will four hundred years back on African soil, without eurocentric values and customs look like for us as a people! Helping Africa to stand on it’s feet Check out the African Hebrew Israelites 43 years outside of America and counting, New Diet, New culture, New language. A new paradigm for real! Truth Has the inherent power, to produce the promised effect(s)!

      • CW

        Your comment is incredible WizardG.  If only I had the gift to write as eloquently as you.  What can we do about this?  Seriously what can we do?

      • - B -

        you are educated but have the wrong idea.  this has NOTHING to do with the color of your skin.  It has everything to do with Rich vs. Poor.  There are poor whites that are treated just as injustly.  Look at the coal miners life… the coal mine OWNED them. was basically slavery (my great grandpa was killed when they tried to form unions).   Guess what,  in a time of segregation the coal mines employed blacks and whites alike…  but they literally owned the town you worked in, the stores u shopped from and the mine you slaved in.  The minute you get sick, boom you’re gone. bye, your family dies because the mining town is the only one around for miles.    So is that an equal opportunity employer?   Listen, it’s only about rich vs poor and good vs evil.   injustice happens everywhere, in every country to every race.  Look at britain vs ireland for instance enslaved the irish, killed them for years,  just because of their race?  now they are all lumped together into one group.  the white man… There are plenty of whites that would gladly help fight racist injustice me being one of them.  but what i’ve noticed is that even when help is offered, you would rather write us off as the enemy then except help from us.  NOTHING SHOULD EVER BE BASED OF COLOR,  WEATHER YOU ARE THE ONE CAUSING THE PROBLEM OR THE ONE CREATING THE SOLUTION.  the minute you start making generalizations based on race, you’re lost  to your cause, you’ve just done what you hopes stop with you.
        The poor have been suffering at the hands of the rich since time began.
        while we waste time deciding who’s the more evil race, our country’s leaders are making off with our money.  They will gladly run this country into the ground, take the money and go somewhere else, they will leave us all to rot,  black white mexican jew arab alike.  Think race will matter then?
         I am obviously not a writer and my thoughts are very scattered, but i was trying to make a very important point.  You cant ever beat this problem if you continue to view “white man” as the enemy.  You have to really look at it from a different perspective  we have to ALL work together to get rid of evil in general or human kind will wipe itself out!!!  we have to transcend silly things like race and look beyond that to address the REAL problems with humanity,  because there are a lot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shavaht Michael Adams

      Makes Sense to me!

  • Gwendolyn C

    This is unacceptable.

  • WizardG

    Black people may not realize this but Mr. Obama was not put in place to benefit the common citizens. I would dare to go further to say that he was placed in that position as a front-man for a very white-supremacist, and overtly racist Anglo-Elite Cabal. They have mastered their manipulation of our country over the centuries. The reason they chose to make Obama their front man has many faceted levels. Ask yourselves how the Anglo-Elite can benefit the greatest at this time with a black face as the so-called “leader” of this country. One of my theories is that it makes it easier and less controversial to annihilate ‘blacks’ across the African Diaspora. It also makes it easier for them to deny us our civil rights, discriminate, and abuse us here much more aggressively and outlandishly in plain sight.

    Under the “Obama Administration”, and in full sight of the whole world we are being reduced further to rubble (in our face) and strangely, as many of us continue to believe in the BS we have been raised to accept as democracy and freedom. The shysters that run this country have had eons to perfect their psychosocial-antisocial strategies which makes them nearly omnipotent and reduces the common man to something less than fodder. Believe it or not!

    In this age where we see a black face in the white man’s imperial position it means nothing to us. As a matter of fact it most likely signals much more agony and pain. We can see an increase in our youth shot by police organizations still top-heavy with whites who could care less about the welfare of black people. These days we are forced to pay the government to abuse us and they have no problem finding the abusers from our ranks.

    We can only stand by and watch as they destroy our people here, and those who are supposed to be our family, around the world! It is insane to believe anything these vile people say or do. They have the sneakiest tactics you could ever imagine!

    What’s worse is that many blacks still believe in Obama and his cohorts, and are prepared to vote for him again, but what they may not realize is that the thugs who chose him are so powerful that they can make it seem like we all voted for him even if we all didn’t!

    Look at the numbers, the statistics. The numbers don’t lie. The facts are all right in our faces. To ignore them is to show insanity, the insanity of denial.

    “Why rush down there and run them all away when we can take our time and catch em all together?” (A line between two white LA cops in the movie ‘Colors’.)

    We are still raising our children to be just like them and to serve them as they serve us up!

    • CW


  • Ianbell89

    African Americans should acknowledge their horrific crime rate and find their true identity from God. Everyone tries to compare externally only. This will not work. Look how fantastic they were in the past with all their music stars, e.g. Jacksons etc. Those people were the genuine ones.

    • CW

      What??  What statistics are you reading?  FBI files and other agencies have researched that whites commit more crimes than blacks do.   That’s a fact.

      How many horrific crimes have whites committed, but do they have the whole race delineated as crime ridden?  Are you nuts?  Should I assume that all whites want to blow things up, commit mass murder on the job, become postal or even join the mob?  That would be beyond ignorant wouldn’t it?

      Don’t assume you know anything about African Americans dearie.  Oh! By the way.  We’ve done more than just create incredible music.  Study or Google (whichever one your brain is capable of) African American inventions, African Americans in the medical and science field and then talk to me about us just sticking to our music.

      I should be like the rest of the people that posted here and avoid you like a disease, but – ummm – no.  You have to be informed of your glaring ignorance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Avisjay-Savisti/617630819 Avisjay Savisti

    Response to KevinJ

    The thing is what kind of mentality approves eight shots to a 13 year old young Black kid? What makes you pulled the trigger that many times on a child?

    Let’s think of it along with current events. In Norway a man blow up one area, THEN went to a island and shoots up a bunch of children. Then gives up! He’s not shot or shot at.

    What you stated about the “ABC’s” (Attitude, Behavior, and Character) was great and accurate. And along those line parents have understand how police look at Black youth. I live in the country, white kids with BB guns is HIGHLY normal. Matter of fact true story, some white kids recently shot a BB gun and broke my neighbors window. No cops, parents just had to buy a new window. Walmart sells tons of air guns and air rifles. But we have to realize there’s a mindset change when we bring Black Youth into the equation.

    This can’t be overlooked and is a critical reality. We would love to be the same, but the fact reminds that we are not viewed the same, not even by Black police officers.

    Regarding your ending statement “as long as black parents are irresponsible enough to allow black children to run around the streets at night with a BB gun cops (regardless of skin color) will have an excuse to pull the trigger on our children.”

    That is true, but even far more true if the child is Black. Remember, this officer fired at least “EIGHT TIMES” on what is obviously a child. What constitutes firing eight times on a child without hearing a single return shot?

    And remember the family witnessed this and said his “hands were up in the air”. Cops are just itchy when it comes to Black youth, period. And that is a critical truth that has to be explained to these young Black men.

    • CW

      Love your comment!  Great analogy to that idiot in Norway that murdered all of those innocent teens.  

  • CW

    OMG!  Here we go again!  This time it’s a 13 year old boy, with no gun and hands in the air.  This young teen was at a birthday party for God’s sake.  Why are we just sitting back taking this continual abusive from these ass hole cops??  I’m getting tired of opening my email or newspaper or turning on the damn news to hear about another unarmed black person (usually a young black male under 25) being SHOT or MURDERED!!!

    They get away with it by making up some stupid bogus story, get vindicated by a prejudiced jury ONLY to go back on the streets and do this all over again.

    We don’t allow our teen aged sons to go anywhere without my husband or I.  It’s a shame, but we just can’t.  My youngest boy is autistic, and I’m afraid they he could get shot or harassed because he has a problem processing information at times.  There is no way that I can allow my angel’s life to be endangered because of a system that doesn’t give a damn.

    We have been under siege with these cops for decades now and I’m just sick to death of it.

  • Anonymous

    These cave n!@@ers aka white people will die by their own hands.  Their arrogance will be their downfall.  The piss gum neanderthal apes only respect death and destruction.

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    I hope he gets better and this whole thing is put in order.

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    Awe, thats so sad. I hope he gets soo much better. 

  • Perpetualmind23

    Listen to this, there will always be crime between every ethnicity you can think of.  It is human to have the choice to perform evil or good.  Remember that person who fought for black rights, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?  I have a dream that all men are created equal.  How right is that?  we all have the choice of doing the right thing or the wrong thing.  That is racism,  that is every other damn crime.  Choose to do the right thing, help others make that decision,  maybe they just don’t know any better, we’re all products of our environment.  When people start to say OH it’s THOSE WHITE MEN SCREWIN US OVER,  you’re already choosing to do the wrong thing,  you are pulling the race card.  Someone who isnt racist would say they are evil people.  Catch my drift?   We are the ones segregating ourselves by how we look at situations.   There will ALWAYS be racism, just as there will always be evil, but if you truly are against it,  ACCEPT EVERYONE as your equal, and realize there is just good and bad, not black and white.  what the hell does color of skin matter anyways?  This isnt an attack from the KKK…  this is an attack from the devil.  From you automatically assuming it’s the KKK, devil’s already won, you’ve just conceded to the same thing you think is so terrible.