“The Human Tree” Seeks Help from American Doctors for His Condition

An Indonesian man cut his knee as a teenager and inexplicably grew a series of warts all across his body.  Years later, his wife has abandoned him, and he can’t even do simple things like pick up a fork.  He has been asking American doctors to help him cure his condition, which is unlike anything anyone has seen before.


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    This man had a T.V. special on him about 3-4 years ago.  The american doctor told him not to undergo the surgery that was recommended by the native doctors he was going too.  The American doctor had a treatment that involved Vitamin A what met with some success.  The native doctors just wanted to cut off all the warts without and real resolution.  So know everything has grown back and he wants help again??????

    • Lcb329

      Yeah, I saw that tv special. This is so odd.

  • nicole

    i also saw the tv show about this, i hope he can get the help over here that he needs that can give him his life back.