Ashley Shante: The Struggles of Single Black Mothers in America (Video)

In this performance, actress Ashley Shante does a depiction of a single mother with several children speaking about her boyfriend on death row.   The performance also speaks to the deferred dreams of a woman who is realizing how difficult life is going to be in a world where she has to fight through so many obstacles.  “And My Name Ain’t Peaches” is a 30-year snapshot of the lives of 11 inner city woman created by playwright Lisa McCree.

Shante, along with Director Squeaky Moore, is one of the creators of the forthcoming film, “Father’s Day?” exploring the impact of fatherless homes in America.




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  • flextime

    The audio made the film a little hard to understand.  

  • Mr. Charlie

    Sounds like Shanequa needs to keep her legs closed and she wouldn’t have this problem.

  • Ebony

    When you make the decision to have sex, it can affect the rest of your life so before anyone has sex, men and women, they need to think first. If you are going to have sex then make sure you always use protection.

    • Goldie G

      That is what the play needs to be about. Making a decision to protect yourself from getting pregnant or contracting diseases. 

  • Jrotced02

    And so this is my fault how?

  • flextime

    the most important struggle of a single mother is to keep her legs closed!

  • Kevin Adams

    It goes beyond just having sex and using protection ,its about the timing and who you decide to have it with. I don’t think you should be having it if your not ready for the risk that comes with it..

  • nicole32

    i agree with kevin its more than keeping your legs closed.

  • nicole32

    so true Ebony