3-Year Old Boy Dies After Being Tortured, Burned by Baby Sitters

Your Black World reports.

This week, police said that a 3-year old boy died after being tortured by the adults responsible for his care.  Jaquinn Brewton’s death was ruled a homicide when he was taken off life support.  Police say that he was kicked, punched and had his hands, feet and rear end burned with a blowtorch.  The boy’s god mother, 22-year old Nadera Batson was arrested and charged with murder.  She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Marcus King, who has also been implicated in the boy’s death.

Capt. James Clark of the Philadelphia Police Department says that the investigation revealed that Jaquinn was left by his mother with Batson and King in March when she went to a homeless shelter with her other five children.

Jaquinn was found unconscious by police on June 29 when they were told that a child fell out of a window of a home in West Philadelphia.  He was then taken to the hospital and left on life support until he died.


“The little boy took all the pain that he could until he couldn’t take it anymore,” Clark said.  He also noted that the abuse took place every day, in a systematic fashion.  The Department of Human Services was not involved in the case.

“It’s just unconscionable to think that someone would do this to a 3-year-old,” Clark said. “I have 22 years in the police department and this is one of the saddest cases I’ve seen.”





  • http://twitter.com/C_Rich75 C. World

    These two monsters should be decapitated immediately. There is no need to waste the money,time, & energy on a trial.Some people are a lost cause. This savagery must be answered with brute unrelenting punishment. I wouldn’t  be necessarily against public hangings either. This is sickening!!

    • LadyPurpose

      I say systematically burn em with a blow torch on their hands feet and bottom for however long they tortured that poor baby first.

      • Blackfootlion

        Any torture they imposed on this young innocent child will never be reciprocated. Unfortunately the only thing they have to look forward to is to become fully integrated within the prison system. Death is really too good for them. If violence was not such an integral part of being socialized in America then senseless tragedies like this wouldn’t be so common. This place is cruel and there’s no way out!

        • Anonymous

          Everything you say is spot on but I found a way out.  I left America and I will never live there again.  Every place has problems of one kind or another but I don’t want to live in a country with such a wealth of ignorance and violence installed in the culture.

          • Adrienne

            Where do you live?

          • Anonymous

            First in England, now In the Caribbean.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BSIYTZRNAQRMM2I2PGKMUFBGXY Lorraine Cafarella

            Jolly  good.    Peace be with you !

        • VikingIrish

          There is always a way out. It begins with you, you create a loving alternative and by your example teach others.

      • Brook

        I say that we cut off the man’s testicles with a rotten butter knife and then snip at the woman’s clitoris with a pair of rusty tweezers.  Maybe then they will understand what this poor baby went through. 

    • Blackfootlion

      I perfectly understand your anger over this incident but I would think you’d have to agree that there’s been ENOUGH hanging in our long history in America. You seem to be an educated man and you should choose your words more wisely.

    • Blackfootlion

      I perfectly understand your anger over this incident but I would think you’d have to agree that there’s been ENOUGH hanging in our long history in America. You seem to be an educated man and you should choose your words more wisely.

      • guest

        Why don’t you choose your words and let him choose his?

        • Blackfootlion

          Interesting and curious that you’d want to speak in his defense. So the inference is that you’re cool with public hangings of Black people?? Thank you for your response.

          • Chris

            You need to come into reality. These savages tortured and murdered a black child. They deserve worse than hanging. I would tie them to 4 horses and let them be pulled apart. One of the reason’s we as black people are at such a low point is because the intelligent among us, want to protect the trash among us. They need to be wiped out of our gene pool if we are going to proceed. Our children’s lives depend on it.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

            preach brotha preach!!!

          • Blackfootlion

            Ok Chris clear this up for me so that I can understand. You start by telling me that I “need to come into reality.” Then you say that you “would tie them to 4 HORSES AND LET THEM BE PULLED APART.” So… is that realistic or just a metaphor?  I’m just sayin’.

          • Adrienne

            What should happen to people of other races when they commit these types of crimes?

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BSIYTZRNAQRMM2I2PGKMUFBGXY Lorraine Cafarella

            why not the same thing.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BSIYTZRNAQRMM2I2PGKMUFBGXY Lorraine Cafarella

                A  m  e   n  !

          • VikingIrish

            You need to read some history, Chris. Killing doesn’t work. Education does.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

            no public black hangings blackfoot, but if there was, this is one well deserved. or put in front of a firing squad, pic the poison. hey, this discussion wouldnt exist if those animals didnt do this poor little boy as they did, so what ever one says about these nuts is not even close to what they deserve.

          • Anonymous

            Again, I am total agreement with you.  

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

        i think hes jus overwelmed with anger and discuss as i am which is very understandable.educated or not, its expression in the raw . no need to sugar coat words. education has nothin to do with what these to demons deserve!

    • Anonymous

      You would fit right into the terror of Rwanda when the two sides were turned against each other and made to hate each other in such a way that decapitation, rape, and torture were the order of the day.
      What you don’t know, and what they didn’t know was that the Anglo-Elite of the U.S. and France had orchestrated the whole hate murder psyche against both sides of the country. It was France’s parting gesture in hate. Your mind is so contaminated that you would think to decapitate people for something of which you surely have no idea of the truth.
      The Hutu’s and Tutsi’s were two ordinarily loving, caring, sharing peoples until the French colonized their country, and began to systematically destroy them! What is systematically destroying your mind? I say the usual suspects!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brotherap-Green/100002088326522 Brotherap Green

        Maybe you want to check your history, I believe it was the Belgiums who colonized Rwanda and indoctrinated the country with their own brand of intra-racial supremacy to divide the people. In this case, it was not the French, though I believe that the French language is the predominant language spoken in Belgium, France’s neighboring country.

        • Anonymous

          @facebook-100002088326522:disqus I appreciate your helping me clear that up. The stories I’ve read had the French pulling out of Rwanda, but not before turning the power over to those who were most abused by them. I will now study deeper and farther back to see if, and how power changed hands between Belgium and France. I hope that the main point I was trying to make wasn’t lost on those who believe you have found an error in my story. It all means the same thing.

    • VikingIrish

      Didn’t you ever hear “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Education and love yes, brutality no. 

  • Eervin44

    Oh my goodness I’m just so emotional that I’m getting goose bumps, These Two Need the Death Sentence there’s no way in Hell the two should be sitting in jail eating & sleeping free for taken a childs life by beating him everyday til the child couldn’t take it no more; Lord Jesus Help Us,..Lord this little angle is with you were he want have to suffer anymore:)

  • Eervin44

    Oh my goodness I’m just so emotional that I’m getting goose bumps, These Two Need the Death Sentence there’s no way in Hell the two should be sitting in jail eating & sleeping free for taken a childs life by beating him everyday til the child couldn’t take it no more; Lord Jesus Help Us,..Lord this little angle is with you were he want have to suffer anymore:)

  • Anonymous

    Saddest story of the day.  I just hope there were drugs involved because I don’t want to believe that these two could have done this without the influence of drugs.  I just don’t want to believe it.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

      oooo believe it elrancho! this new generation are some coooold hearted creatures. not all but about 75 % are  no remorse no heart hi or not.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

      oooo believe it elrancho! this new generation are some coooold hearted creatures. not all but about 75 % are  no remorse no heart hi or not.

  • Anonymous

    Saddest story of the day.  I just hope there were drugs involved because I don’t want to believe that these two could have done this without the influence of drugs.  I just don’t want to believe it.

  • Taritari

    How could they?

    Do they have the facts straight?

    Someone better look at what drugs these people are investing in?

    It is hurting all of us including the dealers who bring it into our communities.

    Either they are mentally challenged or on alcohol or drugs!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

      go to your nearest menards . im sure the drugs are being mixed with something in there!

  • Sbg0718

    As usual, I am rendered speechless!!  How devoid of humanity can one be to inflict this kind of savage, uncalled for torture upon another human being of any age, much less a 3 yr old child???  If anyone doubts the existence of evil, look above to see the faces of it!  I’m actually glad that little angel went home to be with the Lord, because he would most likely never be able to enjoy a normal life after such a horrific experience!  Even if the scars healed, the emotional damage would remain.  Real monsters exist.  They are not on a movie screen; they are walking among us disguised as other human beings!!  God help us all.  Rest in peace, little Jaquinn…no more pain and suffering for you.

  • Niecy

    The Devil is busy. People get ready because the Lord is coming back, He is getting tired of all this kind of things happening to his children. 

    • Anonymous

      @d5043e0fb7c6b07d406beaf9a2d677e3:disqus Black people who practice Christian religion and believe in ‘God’ are very scary. They can’t realize the madness in their beliefs. Every time one says something like  “the lord is gonna do this or that” etc. I cringe and the sheer insanity of their thinking. There is no way out of this madness for black people. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t! Just ask the Native Americans how many of them were murdered for not accepting the white man’s ‘God’ beliefs. Or at least ask those who weren’t assimilated and totally indoctrinated.
      It appears that the only way to reach the masses of our people today is through religion, but religion is a two sided sword. Humans are not mentally equipped for this kind of omnipotent-being belief system, and it has not, nor will it ever serve us well.
      Most of you see it as a good thing, but I can see the widespread damage it does and the millions of deaths it has caused. To attach yourself to something without understanding the true ramifications of it is insane, to say the least. You might compare it to joining a group of worshipers who’s founder is a drug addicted serial killer, but you can’t see it or believe it when someone tries to tell you, not until one day it is too late!

      • Adrienne

        You obviously have not read the Word.  If all people followed it’s doctrine, we would have would not have this evil in the world.  People like you make me cringe because you like faith and without faith, you have not life, and without that life and why you live it, there is certainly the paticipation with Satan and thus situations like the one being discussed.

        • Anonymous

          @d7cb4f9a94f612d81a130f76e71a51d1:disqus Hello Adrienne. Would it surprise you that I was raised in church? My very Christian, but retarded mother dragged me and my sister to church three times a week. I must admit that I enjoyed singing in the choir. Would it surprise you to know that practically every criminal behind bars believes in ‘God’ and would confess to being Christian or whatever? Some who get out have used Christianity to temper their deranged thought processes and some I’ve questioned give praise to God or Jesus, or both for their changes, but they were already awashed in religious belief before they committed their sometimes heinous crimes.
          Similar to the Catholic priests that have been abusing children for at least a century if not a millennium. People can practice beliefs like yours and still do the worse things to each other, including supporting the death penalty.

          I don’t believe in a God and I think that religious beliefs are human concoctions that create fantasy and excuses to blame on a Devil or a God, the horrors humans have always committed and will continue to commit forever.
          I don’t need a belief in fantasy to correct my poor behaviors and stupid actions. I only need to recognize my faults and correct them.

          Everything we experience comes from our brains. Everything we process in our minds depends on our upbringing, environment, mental strengths and weaknesses, and overall psychological rationalizations. There are books you should read other than the Gutenberg bible or whatever pamphlets you read. There are books written by brilliant educated people and collaborators which might give you a different perspective as to what you’re going through and many of the reasons that got your mindset to where it is. I wish you luck, because as people suffer and die all around you,(people who believe like you do), you follow a path that I consider a self-centered concentration on your personal gains and aggrandizement concerning  an omnipotent  ‘God’.

          It amazes me how people can believe so solidly in a being they cannot prove exists, but are willing to have ‘faith’ that it does. Some have so much faith that they are willing to kill millions of people who don’t believe exactly the way they do.

          I am on a quest to better understand what makes humans believe like this and I challenge you to read other books besides religious books or the single bible book. Try reading the latest book by Michael Shermer. I’m reading one of his books now. The title is ‘How We Believe- The Search for God in an Age of Science.’.He has a more recent book, but this one will suffice for now.

          Human-beings are strange animals. We have made ourselves lords over the other creatures on the planet and some of us have even made ourselves lord over other people. We tend to give ourselves up to people we find in lofty places like kings and queens, rock stars, actors and supermodels etc. One great thinker, actor and philosopher considers us nothing more than talking monkeys, but because some more powerful and well placed humans of our past found a way to “fix” our dubious position on this planet, we now have a God or Gods for the reasoning and rationality we use to systematically destroy all other animals, and  even the world around us. I challenge you to read one book by Michael Shermer.
          Although I’ve found that people who are locked into a belief system will not allow themselves to think their way out of it unless they are quite brilliant and possessing the ability to allow for change. Good luck to you..Good luck to us all. We’re going to need it with the so-called Christians murdering millions all around the world!
          Most African-Americans are religious believers in God the Christian way. Some have turned to Islam, some have gone in other directions. All this to make themselves feel better about themselves in spite of everything going on around them.

          It shows a clear picture as to how insane the human animal has become.

    • Diane

       Niecy, I agree with you.  The reason this type of insanity is going happens to be the return of Christ.  People have turned away from God in every way imaginable way.   But soon, very soon we will have to bear His wrath.  Destroying children is one of the most awful things a person can do.   People keep allowing Satan to make their choices for them.  It’s sad.

  • Mskane808

    i agree with c world an lady purpose,,,, im so sick of bullshyt like this

  • Kcat444

    So so sad.  How can two people come together in agreement on something horrific.
    No trial, no nothing, just pow pow its over. And I am a God fearing person.

    • Dlttgoss

      you know, cat, I was wondering the same thing.  How could BOTH of them be on board with torturing that baby? Lots of times its been more than one loon and I am always baffled.  I’d tell my friend or whoever “you crazy, bye”. Probably get shot in the back but oh well smh!

  • Meanchick

    The amount of brutality heaped upon children sickens me. I try to understand most things like this, but I no longer want to understand. There is no punishment horrible enough for them. They still still be treated fairly: fed, sheltered and have access to a library, computer, etc. I don’t understand why the little boy was left by his mom, while she took the rest of her children? She is also at fault. Had she been visiting her child dailoy, she would have seen the results of the torture. Boy, why don’t we have a better system in place for having children? Disgusting.

  • Brook

    This is some sick, twisted stuff.  These two people need to burn in prison and hell for what they did to this little boy. 

  • Anonymous

    I have a negative feeling about the way information gets to us. I don’t trust the natural progression of ‘crap’ that starts with the mostly racist police, and judicial system. I’m going to look at this story as one with a serious history of law enforcement, and judicial racism against blacks. I’m certainly not going to read this article, then look at these pictures and make a final judgement filled with sadness, anger, and dispair created from this story,

    Nope I’m not going to do that because that would be dangerous, crazy, and if I were to wish these people, who may or may not be guilty, evil harm. I would be no better than people who would do evil things to people, like enslave them, sell their children, torture the runaways, make them work day and night and feed them leftovers and garbage, and finally use discrimination, racial segregation, economic degradation, and a host of other hideous inhumane treatments because of their color.

    • Maryrami

      i agree witheveryone that it is so wrong, so wrong, yet reading this post from wdog i see that it must be investigated before jumpin to conclusions and -hard 2 imagine but-an even bigger tragedy

    • Dlttgoss

      man, wiz, you sound like a reincarnated slave! Respectfully thats over. Whats going on now is the same thing different day different way. But in essence its just man being man thats all.  one other thing I think if things were switched around black people would have been slave owners and white people the oppressed.  It just is what it is, always will be. You sound like quite the history buff hope all that stuff doesn’t make you waste a lot of time being bitter.  Great day to you!

      • Anonymous

        @49ef3df2580d18dcaa30a216faa81813:disqus  Is that really what you think when you read my comment? Surely something is wrong with the way you process this kind of information. Respectfully, the only people I’ve noticed to get everything black people say, and do, convoluted, and generally reversed in such a way as to make what whites do to blacks just, and natural, are closet and ignorant racists. Read ‘Tim Wise’ to understand who those kind of whites actually are. Your method of reverse racism is ingenious in it’s stupidity!

        I’m sure that black people wouldn’t have enslaved whites, because it takes a certain breed of animal to be as heartless, brutal and selfish as to do what whites have done all over the world!  If blacks were capable of the same,  then surely, it would have been done. No. There is a reason why whites are as they are.  I believe it has to do with evolution, the food they ate, the melanin in the skin in relation to lack of sun, and the desperation in which your ancestors survived the bitter cold. I always refer to carnivores and vegan animals. Whites evolved in a very carnivorous way. They evolved in lands which yielded very little vegetation and were left only to eat meat and blood to survive. When their hunting became sparse they began to travel and prey on others. (Let them write history and they give us a story that makes them special just as they do now).

        ‘People of color’ and ‘black’ Africans were exposed to more sun and a wider variety of vegetation and meat. Sun and weather played a very important role in body and mind evolution. Between white and black who is truly the more beastly, the more inhumane?

        Think of it this way. I compare whites to the flesh eating animals and ‘people of color’ to the vegetation eating animals. You can not pet animals that eat flesh, but you can pet those which eat vegetation. White people evolved to be the conquering, raping, pillaging monsters they are. ‘People of color’  were naturally trusting and gentle people. (Not any more because we are taking on the Anglo-American traits). Whites are the sly devious monsters difficult to recognize.( In some instances their missionaries invaded the lands of unwitting and kind people to charm and religiously convert them in preparation for deceptive/murderous takeover). So it’s not just man being man. It has never been just man being man. It is however the Anglo being the beast among all humans. Now they have contaminated a great number of otherwise harmless people, and by example, changed them into monsters too!

        The idea that slavery is over is part of the thinking of people with very minimal worldviews. Slavery is alive today, and it has taken a great many different forms, but includes the old southern style also. It is important that people  open up the blockage in their ‘Rush Limbaugh’ like thinking. I do implore people to read more books on these subjects, and try not regurgitate the tired ‘Sarah Palin’ like dribble.

        Many who think and say exactly the same words as you, seem to have locked this in as factual and proper for redistribution.
        In other words I have heard your kind of spin on information before. It is part of they typical denial process many, (who don’t think for themselves) generally use. There are many books written by blacks, that whites don’t bother to read because they have preconceived emotional, and distorted ideas about blacks which gives them to prejudices, and in turn will not allow them to learn truths. At least read the books written by your own, like Tim Wise. If not, your thinking will always remain very convoluted, distorted and wrong. Yet you will always think you’re right. Your history books are written to make you right!

        • Anonymous

          Wizard – I’ve ready many of your posts and as I’ve said before, I agree with some – even much of what you say.  I would though, like to ask you one somewhat personal question – if you don’t mind.  Have you ever known a white person who you trusted enough to consider to be a true friend or even someone you could love? I hope it’s not improper of me to ask this but I’m interested because of the nature of your beliefs and theories.

          • Anonymous

            @elrancho2:disqus Thank you for asking me anything. I’m open to any conversation regarding my study and findings. I’ve known a few white people whom were beautiful and true. I’ve met a few in the military. When I was stationed in Germany my friends were male and female and my German girlfriend’s family treated me with respect and kindness. I used to double date with a white Staff Sargent and his black wife. Their relationship was wild and crazy and the way they carried on caught me and my girlfriend completely off guard! My dorm mates in ‘Deutschland’ were white, at different periods of time, and to tell the truth they were upstanding righteous guys. (The military is a whole different world).

            I must admit that I was more ignorant and misguided than they were. I had the love of my fellowman in my heart, but I also had a lot of psychological garbage that had built up from my ridiculous youthful family upbringing and peers.

            The things I know now have tempered my thinking and calmed my ‘spirit’ in various ways, but the baggage I continue to carry still haunts me. I’ve actually lived the experiences I try to convey that are negative because I  see now how this can occur, and how I reached this point.

            Some people learn from experience and study to correct themselves to be better and good, but some never get the chance, and some never learn because some are just stuck on stupid. Some are very unenlightened but still easily survive.

            You see I love all people, and as strange as it seems, I always have, but I also know how deranged people can be. So I can love them, but these days I choose to love at a distance. As for beautiful white women. I’m fascinated by them. I wouldn’t marry one unless she could truly understand the tragedy of the ‘black’ man in this country, and this world. If I met such a woman regardless of color I would be better prepared for her this time around. Oh. I should have fled this country years ago, but there is so much that I can learn while sitting right here.

            I do hope to leave someday, while I still can. It wouldn’t be a wild hunch to predict that some day people will not be allowed to leave this berg.

          • Anonymous

            Wizard – thank you so much for your response.  I must admit I was worried that you might find my question intrusive, so I am relieved and very grateful for your openness and honesty.
            This may seem odd to you, but the reason I asked that question was because in many of your comments, I’ve sensed such an intense sadness behind your spirit, that it disturbed and concerned me enough to care about the welfare of someone I will probably never know.  Not that I’m qualified to make comment or am I in any position to even imagine what you had to go through in Vietnam (I think somewhere you mentioned you were there) or in your life in general.  It’s just that something about you (and probably the things that haunt you) made me want to know that you are okay and that your feelings regarding race didn’t come about from having nothing but bad experiences in your life.  I’m sure there are many people for whom that would be true but I’m glad to know you enjoyed some moments when you weren’t up against the evils of the world.  I probably haven’t written this as well as I would wish but I hope you understand what I’ve attempted to say.  Anyway – thank you again, and please – leave room for joy in your life.

          • WizardG

            Thanks for your concern. I didn’t mean to make people think that I was so wrought with sadness that I can’t enjoy life any longer. I do admit that I think about everything on a worldwide scale. I must keep the perils of those less fortunate in my mind, because it reminds me how much others are suffering every minute that I live. My mind shifts to the tragedies that I know about, and I ponder those that I don’t know about…yet.

            I must admit that I don’t enjoy life nearly as much as I did when I was one ignorant SOB. It is true that ignorance is bliss, but once the genie is out of the bottle….
            Ok enjoy your summer and feel free to ask me anything. I don’t mind, and thanks again for caring.

          • Anonymous

            Your last two responses have lifted my spirits. We’ll no doubt be communicating again on other stories.  People like you, who look at the big picture (as depressing as it can be) and who are willing to face up to and search for the truth, are very rare in this world. 

  • 77ef

    In the two months on atlanta public transportation I overheard a gradmother tell her daughter “if you dont come get that baby tonight in the morning you would of wished you had” threatened her daughters childs well being so she could  spend time with her lesbian partner. a daggum grandmother!

    Two days ago I over a guy on his cell degrading a woman who he had inflicted domestic violence on telling her that grady memorial has the best doctors and they should be able to fix her injuries.

    norman mailier I think thats his name said people in poverty and ghettos were psychopaths…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LOELPS6SE5GV5MVTAWIG5T5YQE bigmamamuley

    wizarddg: You are an idiot, and sound like a criminal yourself. Yes, the criminal justice system has and is sometimes delinquent and unfair to Blacks, and these people are innocent until prove guilty. However, just like in the Casey Anthony murder trial, it doesn’t take DNA to show that the only way possible, that the child was murdered, was at the hands of the mother. These two people, were left with a child, that was healthy, and now it’s dead, with burn marks and other signs of trauma. I guess in your assumption, that you believe the police somehow, or for some reason is trying to frame these two people. How absurd and ridiculous you sound. And yes, if they are found guilty, I hope that they have the crap beat out of them, before they are given the death penalty, and for you to use any mention of slavery regarding this crime, reflect your sick, and stupid brain washed mentality.

    • Adrienne

      Most people, I have heard, who inflict this type of damage to children, usually do not live long in prison.

    • Anonymous

      @bigmamamuley: Usually when people call others names it can also be referenced back to themselves. In other words “It takes one to know one”. I must say that many who read some of my comments are bound to misinterpret them. I also must admit that because of my wide worldview, my travels, my constant reading of psychosocial human books and tragedies, that I see things much more differently, and dare I say clearer than many. I could give you a full library of books referencing man’s inhumanity to man, but I’ll just ask that you please open your mind to more than you have done so far.

      I have studied psychology and social science among many other subjects, and one thing I have learned is that we must be very careful when assessing what should be done to others. I don’t condone an eye for an eye. I don’t believe that the state should kill people, I don’t believe that prisoners should be treated cruelly by the prison system and I don’t believe that blacks in prison should outnumber whites in a country where whites outnumber blacks four to one.

      Another thing I will not tolerate is to hear people creating vile and vicious punishments for others in their minds, while rationalizing that it isn’t insane to do so. It is very insane to wish harm on another person in such gruesome ways because you think a person did something as hideous as you can imagine. If you can create this same punishment to inflict on a person it says that you too are vile and evil, but cannot see it.

      Finally as I study our country’s state of uneven affairs, and the injustices and discrimination of the past, and I can see a gross continuation abuses and injustices. I can not judge anyone accused of anything by the mostly racist police and judicial system I can clearly recognize. Many are blinded by the constancy and enormity of so many things circling their lives that they have no certain grasp of vision and reality in its purest form. If you can wish a person to be butchered and murdered because of the things this society has ‘told’ you they have done, or have been accused of doing, then you show me disturbing psychological signs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LOELPS6SE5GV5MVTAWIG5T5YQE bigmamamuley

    Niecy: What lord are you speaking of. Is it that dead Jew, Jesus Christ, that has been dead for thousands of years coming back to do what, save you worshipers of the slave masters god. You people sound utterly stupid, to be awaiting and worshiping some ghost, as your Saviour. Tell me, what god was Black people worshiping, before the White slave owners, beat and made them believe and worship the bible? That book, is as phony as the last names given to the slaves.

    • Guest

      Why does it bother you?

    • Guest2

      Wow you are such a piece of shit

    • Me

      1) The Lord lives. Prove otherwise.
      2) The slave masters God was a descendent of slaves himself. What’s your point?
      3) The evidence of God has been around before the dawn of time and  man has reveled in it but like you, are blind to who created everything. (Rom. 1:20 coincidentally titled in the NIV “God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity”).Unfortunately for Jaquinn, he was in the surroundings of the nature of man devoid of the practice of moral law given by God. If the book is phony then you are a fool for being a subject of a country with laws based on a phony book thereby living a life a fear rather than conviction of ones self. If you are truly an atheist, then this incident is no more tragic than the death of blood cell in your heel as you walk. The formless and disordered state of matter. The 0 sum of cause and effect to which a thing comes to its end. Your comment is absurd because you stopped to make fun something and worse something you don’t quite fully understand.

      LOL. A phony book that has been scrutinized by it’s own scholars and it’s critics for THOUSANDS of years and has yet to be proved false (FACT: First book was written 2-5 years after the resurrection. No room for legendary exaggeration). I believe Jaquinn has found peace. I pray you find it in the Lord who suffered and died for the entire existence of humanity. He died so that we know there is EVIL and it wants to consume us but it is defeated by LOVE and through the recognition where it comes from.

      • Anonymous

        Parts of the Bible were written nearly 100 years after the death of Christ.  Please remember that ‘men’ wrote the Bible and ‘men’ translated the Bible. I’m not attempting to weaken your faith, I just wish that people would have a realistic sense of understanding towards the accuracy of translations when men have been involved. Men do rather like to manipulate other men and we all know how religion is a powerful tool for manipulation.

        • Me

          To simplify the “old” testament has been copied for years but to make sure it’s authentic, it has to be verified word-for-word. If the words did not match, then the book was garbage. The new testament was constructed from early writing as close to 2-5 A.D. The context of writings had to “jive” with other writings as well. The writings that didn’t match the letters of the apostles get chucked because they have no place in the canon. These books aren’t excluded haphazardly. The “omitted” were made to fulfill other purposes. Just as Christians go out to preach the gospel there are groups that preach an anti-gospel (I’ve encountered a few and one convert). 

          The bible is not the only source of authenticity. Archeology has solidified the bibles authenticity by providing long lost proof of location mentioned in the bible as well as people of the bible like Caiphus ossuary. Caiphus was one of the Jewish high priest to judge Christ.

          My faith is solidified by the knowledge I gleaned throughout the years and doesn’t faultier by flawed human reasoning.Please, if you are to make a judgement, base it on fact and not assumptions. 


          • Anonymous

            It’s okay – I had no expectation that you would respond with an open mind to reality.  And by the way, most of the new testament was written in the latter half of the first century AD – not 2-5 AD.  

        • Dlttgoss

          Ranco2 you raise very good points, but me I don’t really need the bible (which has been touched by man) to realize God truly does exists and is in control.  I just look around me and I CAN SEE, as for what I don’t understand; I understand this: if I did understand I would BE God! Keeping it simple works for me, lol!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for your response.  Your faith sounds remarkably similar to mine. 

    • Believer in Christ

      Oh My!!!!   We all have our own beliefs in our spiritual paths.  Do not knock Christianity just because you are an unbeliever.  Even in the Bio Roots, Alex Haley showed us our descendants were praying to Allah.  Black people have always been spiritual in one way or another.  I love my God, and he shed his blood to save us from thinkers like you.  Glory to God!!! Praise him!!!

  • Beverly

    Reading something like this adds belligerence and confusion asking how could so human being used such cruelty towards another human being especially a child, if they hated the child this much, why not return him back to him mother, doing something like this to a child just because they could, their punishment should be the same.Two very sick people that I have no compassion for. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BSIYTZRNAQRMM2I2PGKMUFBGXY Lorraine Cafarella

          Yes and why we may never know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rogeniae Cookie Echols


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brotherap-Green/100002088326522 Brotherap Green

    What could have been the motivating force to cause these type of injuries to a child or anyone for that matter; but a little child of three.  These two better find a mitigating story or ask for protective custody before they reach the yard or they will become targets immediately for a brutal type of prison justice, which right now it appears they so richly deserve. 

  • http://twitter.com/BlkSultry007 VANESSA ROBISON


    • Anonymous

      We are Africans who have been ‘Anglo-Americanized’! Think about it. We have been indoctrinated and assimilated into the “white supremacist world of being”. We don’t understand the psychology of how it is happening, so we can’t recognize it! We must sit back and look at each other, our actions, our thought processes, the way we generally function. We pattern ourselves after the descendants of our ancestors captors because we lost our culture, language, religious beliefs, and our own country centuries ago. Now we are running on automatic in accordance to the ‘white man’s way. They make sure we function their way, or we don’t function at all. Some of us can not adjust and this makes us confused, and maladjusted etc. We were never meant to live under the constant rules, racism, discrimination, and religions of the Anglos. As it is, they began by forcing it on us, but now it is built into the system in a way that our children automatically pick up what we don’t, or can’t teach them.

      As for our bad habits, and our evil ways. We also learn them from our white counterparts and the more Americanized we, and our children become the worse we become. There are statistics that claim that 85 percent of the serial killers in the world are here in the U.S.! We know that most of these serial killers are white males. What we don’t know or cannot understand is that the more we live around them the more we become like them. So it should be no wonder that more ‘black’ serial killers etc., are starting to sprout up. More insane people live in this country than anyone would want to admit! People don’t bother to look at many deeper aspects of our troubles in this country, to ask themselves what the root causes are. In America the Anglo-Elite rule the game. They prefer that everyone practice their forms of religion and a belief in ‘God’ for specific reasons, but especially because it is the best way to control the masses. Black people are very seriously caught up in a social structure that is against them, and will never change, but we seem to have great difficulty understanding this.

      Finally. I will not read an article and make judgements against people the police are accusing because I know for a fact, the capabilities of the media, police, and the judicial system. The media is very much their friend, and not yours! Plus, one of the measures we can use to show just how sick our people have become, is to read the reactions to this story and listen to what these people want the white man to do to this black couple. They want horrible, vicious bloodthirsty things to happen to people and they believe it’s justified because that person has been accused of dong something horrible. People fail to see that, that’s the same kind of hanging justice the whites imposed on O.J. Simpson. They refused to believe his innocence no matter what, and to this day they still express vile and vicious hatred towards him. That’s sick, people! It is a sickness to wish harm and death on another human being period! This society we live in says it ok, but it is not ok it is insane.

    • Adrienne

      Most of the cases that I have heard lately have involved white people killing their own kids, maybe we are listening to different news stations.  This is a bad time to bring race into the picture, a child, no matter what race has been murdered, taken from it’s parents by some sadist.

  • Jredeemed

    This is the season for killing your children like the Anthony person, et al. People have lost their minds. This society is going to hell in a hand basket and the world knows it. Children tell adults what to do. Children are put into adult jails. Children are raped and left outside like garbage. This is a reflection of the American society.

  • claudia

    These two people should have their asses, hands and feet torched to death and then put on a rope to lynch. This is one time I feel that lynching will serve its purpose in life to our society. I’m a black lady and is against any kind of slavery but to have these two bound and lynch, I would take joy!

  • Fendi_les

    First the two sadistic sick animals will have there day in court, or better yet throw them under the jail to rot in h***. I’m not out to cast blame on the mother, however why did she leave her child with them? We as parent are to love, protect and cherish our little one’s. We have to be careful who we entrust our precious little gems too, evil comes in all fashion. Proof enough. God Bless this little angel!!! 

  • claudia

    I have no mercy for people that do such a thing to others especially a child. This is inhuman and less then what a dog would do. So that means these two should be treated like less human. Cruel, cruel, cruel. Mothers should be more careful who they leave their child with. What I’m bugging about is why did the mother take all five to the sheltor and only left him behind. One more child wouldnt have matter. I blame the mother also for such lack of awareness and leaving this innocent child to these monsters

  • http://www.facebook.com/Reggmail Reggie Sutton

    ( The Devil is busy? ) Do the Lord just sit idle?
    We sometimes give the devil to much credit. (sometimes as an excuse for bad behavior.)
    People say that the devil is busy, but what about the Lord?
    Not defending the devil but didn’t the lord give us what (armor) we need for defense.
    Are there any temptation that we don’t have a way of escape?
    Nothing new with Satin, the Lord give him boundaries and (in Christ) he give us Power, and
    equip us with everything that we need for victory that’s really already been defeated.
    My question would be this, how many people knew about this and didn’t want to get involved, how many sat by and did nothing?
    What’s their excuse, shouldn’t they feel just as guilty? Hurt a little one and it’s better to have a millstone to your neck for drowning. (KJV) Matt 18:6
    I pray for all involved. Peace & blessings.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND


    • Anonymous

      African-Americans worshiping the white man’s god while knowing that it was taught to our ancestors by the same people who enslaved, raped, beat, burned, tortured, hung, mass murdered, made 2/3 human, and separated our families, and continue to inflict unnoticed problems on us is rich to say the least. Although It does show how strong a belief structure can hold humans.

      We may not have our languages, our cultures, our lands, our rightful economic place in this country and our unity, but as long as we have the white man’s ‘God’ and all its trappings I guess you’re all just fine in your minds. Such rubbish is intolerable for those of us who can see this for what it is!

      When you truly study what those who initiated your ancestors into this religious ‘god’ fantasy have really done and what they continue to do, you will continue to be hypnotized by this structured belief system, but you will never be helpful to a people so disrupted, disorganized, and misguided that they move helter-skelter through life with no proper direction in sight.

  • Rafael Martinez

    What could have done that child who deserves to be killed?. What concept of life have these two beasts that without any remorse killed that child?. I hope that the full weight of the law fall on those two degenerates.

  • Naadabee

    Someone had to have heard that child scream.  Someone had to have been suspicious ro at least wondered.  Someone had to have seen the child at a least once and seen something.  No one wants to get involved.  I am willing to be wrong if it means I could save someone life.  I am willing to have someone hate me if I am ultimately trying to avoid the abuse of another person. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COMMUNITY?  Have we truly been blinded and blighted by “progress”?  Have the large strides we have made we have made for equality and freedoms in the greater society simultaneously been small steps toward self destruction?  The mother went to a homeless shelter?  Where was the father of all those children?  Where was the father of that little boy?  This situation is a doorway to so many other issues people!!!  RESPONSIBILITY!!!  Sexual responsibility!  Familial responsibility!! Community responsibility!!!!!  OUR BLACK WORLD IS FAILING, FALLING AND FLAT-LINING!!!!!   Stop it.  Someone knew this child was being abused and said nothing. “Don’t want to be a snitch”.  SHUT THAT MESS UP!!!  Do better for yourselves and wake.  This reminds me of that case of P”Precious Doe”.  Look that one up.  Brothers/Sisters…there is no booty so good it would shut you up from seeing the truth.  Is being alone so abhorrent that you would silently watch and then participate in the torture of a little boy?  Where has our conscious gone?….both individually and collectively.  Temporal success?  Hennessy? Reefer? Casual relationships?  The media?  We can not let this thing happen again.

    • Sparkle*

      Amen! Amen, again! Sparkle* R.I.P little one<3

  • TND

    This has got to stop! We are supposed to protect our babies-not harm them. I think whatever they did to him should be done to them, then pour rubbing alcohol over their bodies and let them burn. Whatever punishment they recieve wont compare to the wrath of pain they’ll recieve when they both go to hell! May this poor baby rest in peace :-(

  • Anonymous

    What is going on?? Is it me or is this happening far too often! We as adults, as human beings have to stand up and demand harsher penalties for these types of crimes against children.

    • RR

      I AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY…WE NEED THE DEATH PENALTY TO BE ENFORCED AND NOT AFTER 10 YEARS ON DEATH ROW. IT NEED TO BE DONE ASAP. This is sickening, and many who do the crime NOTHING will happen to them other than sitting in jail or even getting away with the crime.

  • Boyd565

    You have to look at the mother of 5 who left this little baby with people from west philly who have to be on drugs and very unstable.Were are the neighbors and are they all on drugs too. It take a village to raise a child and that west killadelphia is not a place for a three year old.

  • Ms Sunshine10

    I had to pray before I read this story.As I read I got sick to my stomach a child..an angel

  • LilLinL1

    What a shame!!  They should be put under the jail!!!  So sad and devastating what the little boy went through…  God mother, Please, what were they thinking?  I hope his mother does not let her other children out of her sight.  It’s terrible what people are doing to kids these days.  Justice will serve them. and God will see to it. “God rest your soul little Jacquinn”.

  • Anonymous


  • hidaya

    Why does the Mom have 6 children that she cannot afford??… plus being homeless.  Why did Mom choose to leave this 3 year old behind while she kept the remaining 5 kids w/her?  Where is the father(s) in all this mess? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LKTYBUVNAR2RVV6QMSJUQEIUGY EVELYND

    im cryn the boy even looks sad in the picture . these little boys are being mistreated  right out of the womb these days. black little boys dont hav a chance anymore im tortured by this story….

  • A.P.

    Its truly incredible how many Christians on here that are so impassioned by this story are they same people that want to induce VIOLENCE as the ONLY MEANS TO JUSTIFY this boy’s death. Tribalism is so INHERENT in the American psyche that they don’t see that if these two lunatics are responsible for such a heinous crime that these two need PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP, not the death penalty or public torture.

    If we as a HUMAN RACE respect LIFE, then we MUST demonstrate that virtue under all circumstances. ESPECIALLY when a few of us have fallen from grace.

    With the chanting tribalistic slogans like “Off with their heads” we can really see how far our “modern” civilization really hasn’t come, even with the IPAD turned on.

    Don’t write this pair off as just another “EVIL” that nature has produced, but instead look at their social conditions/upbringings to better understand WHY they would do such a thing and get them the HELP THEY NEED. I doubt that these do would do such a thing just because they were bored –  FICTIONAL TV characters that destroy for the sake of distroying is an imagined concept to get RATINGS, this type of tv gets so much airplay it has people identifying with it. Like the hip hop industry. Ask Jay-Z if he ever wants his nephew, or one day his OWN SON to ever sell drugs to know what “a hard knock life” is in order to have street cred. Oh please. That man makes millions off his own people staying degenerate.

    All human life has value (a priceless one at that) and shouldn’t be trivialized because we don’t have the patience to help one another. If we want these types of crimes to end, enacting tribalism punishments won’t curb it, it just encourages people not to get caught.

    We as a HUMAN SPECIES need to change the gut-check reaction of anger and hate to solve injustice and MAKE THE TIME to help our fellow brothers and sisters. Especially in these days and times. Selfishness, greed, and ego shouldn’t dominate our capacity for altruism.

    • Dlttgoss

      Wow! Where to start?  Do you really think that sending all offenders including torturous(? spelling) killers to a head doctor will fix them? I have mad respect for life but cannot think of anything short of “do unto others” that will possibly amount to justice. If these two got counseling and repeated the offense in the future then what? I have come to the conclusion that man cannot govern himself (yes its in the bible in different words). We will never get it right, if anything those of us who cry over these atrocities would probably benefit the most from counseling. One example I can think of is this: first we legalized alcohol,  now its gotten so out of hand we can no longer control it and I can only imagine the fighting and hollering if the law tried to ban it again; of course they won’t cause so what a few hundred people die look at all the money it makes for em. Man will never be able to justly govern the world! I oppose killing people too (but seems we need to do something) so all I can suggest is when they’re found guilty return whatever it was they gave the victim.

  • My World

    omg! Black, white, red, green, yellow who cares? Now in my opinion (ikr who cares) why not just punish these people by kicking them every 2 hours today, then tomorrow we punch them every 2 hours, day after that we blow torch their hands in the same manner next day torch their feet, ending with their asses torched.  And if they ain’t dead by then guess what? Toss em out of a window. Why we always gotta get side tracked by what color they are? Just give em what they deserve and move on. Oan also sick of the God conversations! If you believe you believe if you don’t you don’t either way leave the world alone about it. From all I’ve ever heard or read about God; He/She/It doesn’t need help with anything from anybody and THAT I do believe!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=640341681 Lori Anne Sevigny

    omg put these 2 people with casey anthoney and let all 3 of them rot to deaath

  • chocolatediva

    at wizardg, you should be ashamed of yourself. stop trying to make everything a race issue. there are successful, good kind hearted people of all races. so instead of saying we have no choice and are being trained/taught/forced to follow all these ‘evil’ ways. why aren’t we choosing to follow the good. you are responsible for your choices, period. and if it is easier to blame/follow/imitate anyone else… you are WEAK. the bottom line is what was done to that baby was WRONG! how can you even attempt to protect them, or even try to rationalize it!. maybe you should look in the mirror and check yourself. and for your info. i am a black woman, middle class, educated, etc. and i would skin them alive! do everything to them that they did to that DEFENSELESS BABY up to and including death.
    i love the babies and there is no color. you wizardg are unbelievable, smh.

  • Anonymous

    The mother was obviously in very dire straits if she saw fit to leave this child in the hands of these monsters.  She may have not known the extent of what they were capable of, but I’m sure she had some inkling that they were not the most fit caretakers for her child.  I’m sure the mother thought that leaving the child in their hands would have been a better environment for a three-year old than a homeless shelter.

    Rest in peace, young man.

  • Jredeemed

    Clarification: The homeless shelter probably refused to take 7 people and therefore the mother had no other person or choice but to leave her 1 child with these sick people. Also, some people are so good actors. It is hard to even know the debt of the disturbance of even a relative sometimes. What if the mom really wanted them all to stay together but the shelter had no room? So until we hear all the facts and examine the evidence and circumstances, then we are all in the dark about that mother who might just be devastated
    over the sick and inhumane thing that happened to her child. To be poor is not the crime, torture was the crime. Let’s give the mother who did not do this the benefit of the doubt.

    • Jredeemed

      PS What the hell about the father? Why always let the father off the hook? She did not screw herself to get those children. I say this sick society is to blame…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AGIMZ7MMGB6JK5BQ7BQTWZPLWU ZaidiB


  • Jacqueline

    I pray the both of them burn iin hell!!! If they weren’t going to treat him right why even take him in there home? these two need to be put in the prison population so the imates can beat and torture them for the rest of their lives!!!!

    • Jredeemed

      WOW…God bless that baby…
      I don’t think doing all that will bring the baby back or make anyone feel better about this tradegy.

  • nicole32

    i totally agree!!

  • TB

    what has the world come to?! Children should be the LAST person on earth to harm…these people should be ashamed of themselves…smh. we have to #dobetter

  • Larome

    This is why I never limit my perspective by saying stuff like white people do this to their children when in fact this transends race.every race of people has bad and  good in it period .there is no group without stain.these two pathological idiots should be given the ELECTRIC CHAIR in full effect….

  • Corey

    Id say teaching safe sex not religious based abstinence only would be the most helpful in this situation. Thanks to conservative Christians in US-congress, planned parent hood is being threatened, abstinence only is supported in the USA and our tax dollars support it all over the world, also cutting WIC and other services available for pregnant woman or single woman is being cut throughout the USA, and abortions are becoming almost illegal in some states, even though it is legal throughout the USA. This is why conservative Christians should not be supported by any minority; black, woman, gays, immigrant, all have felt the wrath of the conservative Christians throughout the history of the USA. I suggest people of faith, join hands with others, and confront these extremists, these fundamentalists, that will destroy the USA.

  • Vjmckenzie15

    This is so sad these two thugs should be put to death without question. But tortured just as they tortured this little boy. May God have mercy on them.

  • Anonymous

    I am sick as hell right now!!!GOD for give me but this is outragiouse. No punishment is harsh enough for these animals. So many times sotries like this one is happening. What can we do to protect the children? innocent babies die everyday at the hands of animals. Some people dont deserve to have children. I know this was not the mother but ecause the mother could not afford to take care of herself or the child this has happened. You cant always blame the fathers these women have children to either keep a man or to stay on welfare and niether works. I am saddend and God have mercy on thier souls. Judgment day will be upon them. The best thing from this is the child suffers no more and i pray he is in the arms of the lord.

  • poeticallywriiten

    Well….I must say, that this is truly a tragic moment. I’m kind of lost for words. Especially when this effects my race. Not taking away from the act by race at all. I’m just emotionally tired of hearing about children dying all around this country of ours. It’s sickening. I am not a vindictive man…but I think at some point….this country has to go back to the days of holding an accountablity for actions….and a life sentence of time-out in a prison that we pay for….is not accountability. In other countries the puninshiment is so sever that no one wants to commit acts such as this….they are scared straight…This system we have in place is not working….did you know that we have more folks incarcerated than we have as soilders. i hold these two Monsters accountable for their actions …..but it doesnt stop there. Once the root of the problem is solved then…only then will we see a change in morality…and the respect for anothers livelyhood and well being….praying for the victims  mother and family…as well as for all the others who have suffered such a lost……maddlove….pw

  • Lola Falana

    What is wrong with people? This story makes me sick to my stomach. 

  • Lola Falana

    What is wrong with people? This story makes me sick to my stomach. 

  • Hotlygai

    I wish I never read this post………..

  • Mitchmatch

    I want to find them both and kick their ass to death!

  • I Patterson3000

    staying in jail for the rest of their lives is too kind.they need to be put to death and quick.

  • Mccready005

    These two animals should be tortured the same way they did Jaquinn; and then shot to death.Ever since I read this article; I keep thinking about the pain that the little child endured. I start to cry.

  • Jxfire12

    Hand them over to iraq and see if they survive prison in there.

  • Lanielizzy

    oh my gosh r u kidding me what did the kid do to them holy crap