John Boehner: Dealing with President Obama is Like “Jell-o”

In a meeting with a small group of reporters in his Capitol Hill office this morning, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, criticized President Obama and White House officials for their lack of resolve in negotiations.

“Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-o,” Boehner said. “Some days it’s firmer than others. Sometimes it’s like they’ve left it out over night.”

Boehner explained that talks broke down over the weekend because, he said, the president backed off entitlement reforms so much from Friday to Saturday, “It was Jell-o; it was damn near liquid.”

“By Saturday, they’d spent the previous day and a half just going backwards” on reforming entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The only thing they’ve been firm on is these damn tax increases,” the Speaker said.

The Speaker also made it clear that he believes the President waited too long to get personally involved. When he phoned the president Saturday to give him the bad news about talks breaking down,  President Obama seemed surprised but not shocked, the speaker said. The phone call lasted 35-40 minutes.



  • Kevin Adams

    Wow , its not suprising that the talks broke down. It really seems like nothing is getting done at all.

  • Beverly Goodwin

    Washington is being run by a bunch of whining, crying, idiotic group of retards.