Over 3/4 Black Women Not Happy with Essence Choice of White Male Editor

A recent Your Black World Survey found that over three-fourths (78.2%) of black female respondents were unhappy with a recent decision by the magazine to hire a white male managing editor.  Michael Bullerdick was chosen to be the managing editor for the magazine that considers itself to be a leading voice for African American women.

Most of the black male respondents shared a sentiment that was similar to that of black women, but not as strong.   The majority (69.5%) of black male respondents also replied that they were not happy with the decision.  Only 14.8% of the survey pool said they were happy with the decision, with the rest saying that they weren’t sure.

Participants were also asked if they felt that both the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor positions should be held by a black woman.  Both genders agreed that it should.  A total of 71.8% of survey respondents said that both positions should be held by a black woman.   A total of 18.5% said that this was not necessary, while the remainder were undecided.

Finally, survey participants were asked if they felt Essence to be an accurate voice for black women in America.  In response to this question, only 45% of black women said that they believe Essence to be an accurate voice for African American women.  Men were even more skeptical, with only 38.1% of them agreeing with this assessment.


  • http://profiles.google.com/dwradon Donald Allen

    Isn’t this old news?

  • R.C.

    Essence is starting to look more like Ebony.  Reconsidering my subscription.  We have enough of Tinsel Town.  They (Essence) drastically scaled back on the issues affecting the black community (Real Town) and the fresh faces (non-celebrities) are now a thing of the past.  Any means necessary to make the almighty $$$$ right? Sad.

  • Beverly

    Those of us, that enjoyed reading Essence magazine over the years. And we knew what was written was coming from someone who understand what it is like to be a person of color there was no guessing or did she have to ask someone for advice on being a person of color. To write from the core is saying a lot nothing can take the place of that.

    I am around Whites on a daily bases but I know who I am. That does not change how I feel inside. Some have thought by my being around them I should be honor but the bottom line is, I care less because I know who I am and what I am capable of doing because anything I sat my mind too I can be good at it. By my putting forth effort and being good at what I do, have puzzle some of them.

    Essence was a good magazine when Susan Taylor was Editor, when she exited, the magazine was not the same.

  • Mr. Charlie

    Does this mean we can get rid of negros working in predominately white occupations. You boons are the most racist people on earth!

    • stopthstupidity

      You maggots made us that way….why are you on this website

      • WizardG

        @32e2222995436266db5760b44f1e3831:disqus I feel your pain, but focus on the reasons and the information and you will better serve the readers.. Yes it’s true the evil ones are maggots..and yes it’s true they have made us as we are..and they continue to formulate our psychological processes..The maggots turn into flies, and they spread their vile processes all over the world.

      • Mr. Charlie

        I had nothing to do with you people growing up stupid and criminal.

    • WizardG

      @c745fd0222e3137ed544f5ce4deb5def:disqus Charlie : The U.S. is a country that enslaved Africans, beat, raped, and sold families (If in fact, some were allowed families), around the south. After more than 200 years of slavery, some of the ‘whites’ were convinced that what the others were doing was wrong. The British had already stopped doing this and were stopping American slaver ships at sea. When captains of these ships realized they would be stopped, and their ships confiscated they would dump their cargo of Africans into the sea!

      They year 2011: They robbed us of our rights to African lands, our freedoms, our languages, our religious beliefs, our culture, our family structure and cohesiveness, our pride, our joy, our futures. Now here we are and not only are they still robbing us, but effectively turning us on each other! Not only have they convivinced many of us that it’s our fault, but they are systematically dumping drugs on us, incarcerating,  murdering, and stripping us of job, and social security. Not only are they royally screwing us today, but if you look anywhere Africans live in the world, you will see that they are being preyed on by these same kinds of Anglos. With help from greedy and ignorant others we as “blacks’ remain the people that whites love to destroy while making great profits in the process.

      Now we are made to rely on their job market because they have literally stolen everything in sight, here, and abroad! But now they have begun again to exclude us from the job market in a big way!

      Here is the clincher. We think we have it bad, but just look at Haiti. The way they treat the Haitian people is a direct indication of how much they hate black people. The way they are treating Africans across the diaspora is an indication of what they think about us here. The seriousness of this issue is that they have placed a black faced man in their fancy position to front everyone who doesn’t know better.

      They know what most of us don’t know, they are a very crafty bunch and they have all of the tools of deception at their disposal, and they are genius at what they have been doing for a millennium~

      • Mr. Charlie

        “They year 2011″
        Let me guess; you went to school in Atlanta.

    • Xinee131

      Check your history Charlie or do you read?

    • Beverly

      What do you mean about boons? I know you aren’t saying what I think you are if so look in the mirror and this will be your reflection…..

    • Mahoganyone

      Why resort to racist name calling? We’re talking about a so-called Black woman’s magazine now ran by a white man. What are predominately white occupations and why should “Negroes” be gotten rid of that are  in these positions? You’re combining apples and oranges without looking at the total picture.

  • WizardG

    When we see our world in the tiny form of what we have here in the U.S., we miss the bigger picture of where we were supposed to be, and what our lives would be like if we were there. All of our ancestors came from different parts of Africa. We consider ourselves one people because we have a color-code that links us together. We know that mankind started from Africa according to scientific study, but our thinking processes have been corrupted by the European version of ‘God’ beliefs and the book they have imposed on us as a truthful object. Here we are an fractured people, made more insane by centuries of contradictions and assimilation into a populous that not only disrespects us, but hates us eternally.

    The insanity of this is that we are made to believe that we are in a safe and warm place where everything is as the European’s “God” wants it to be! How insane is that?

    Now as for Essence magazine, a magazine with plenty of advertising from many of the sources and corporations that are white in it. It behooves this magazine to use whatever it needs to stay in circulation and prosperity for its owners. As for the insanity of “blacks”, this magazine with its ads and interesting articles may influence some of our beautiful ‘black’ women in one way or another, but is this kosher? Will there every be a psychiatrist picking apart everything between the pages to find what damage it might be contributing to an already distorted yet unknowing mindset? Most likely not!

    There may be important information for women in a rag-mag that usually sports tons of Anglo products and ads, but that is only one of the problems that corrupts the community of ‘black’ women. Another problem is that they don’t realize nor understand the if, how, and why it’s done!

    I would like to recommend that all black people read the book ‘An Unbroken Agony’, by Randall Robinson. I recommend it as must reading. Once you have read this book, you can apply the ramifications you find in it to our predicament here in the U.S.. You must not stop there, you must continue to watch (in horror), as the Anglo-Elite systematically destroy the Haitian people. They do this without our knowledge nor the knowledge of the ‘white’ or general public of this country. They also covertly use these same tactics here on us, and dare I say it, on the general public! Now, the ladies can argue over who owns and operates a magazine and whether its a worthwhile rag or not! But not until you increase your world view and not until you try to understand what the Africans of this diaspora are up against!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546990594 Alvin Washington Jr

    So we’re still playing ‘face value’ politics again, eh.

    Hope your bank account slaps you when the ‘free’ health care kicks in.

  • Mr. Charlie

    Once again you groids are showing how hypocritical you are. I’m a small business owner, 50+ employees and the only bro-hams I hire are the custodians.

    • David2001

      @6de4d288467310ec977f366fa92f4092:disqus Who r u kidding u r probably on welfare like most teabag idiots

  • S. T.

    The “flavor” of Susan Taylor has been lost. Neither Essence or Ebony are the same magazines. Ebony is partly owned (perhaps fully) by the corporate structure. Instead of just writing about the survey, I wish someone could do some in-depth reporting to find out why so many of our top magazines can’t seem to hold their own without whites and/or corporate help. I know that there is more to the economics behind these stories that will ever get told. One thing for sure, Blacks need to wake up and realize what power is. WE DON’T HAVE IT! Too many people think that because Obama is President, more Blacks have intergrated into white society,more Blacks have more money, more education, and are seen more on TV, that we’ve come along way. Well, we have but we DON’T have real power in this country. Never had. Probably never will. White will give up a lot of things. They are NOT giving up power. They haven’t even given it up in South Africa. What does this have to do with our magazines? people borrow money to realize their endeavors. Those who own and CONTROL the money Ultimately CONTROL those endeavors. those who govern can taketh away. When we run into economic hard times who do we have to go to to help us. I don’t know the specifics of Ebony and Essence, but I know that this is part of it.