Congressional Black Caucus Criticizes President Obama on Unemployment

Your Black World reports.

The Congressional Black Caucus took the step of confronting the Obama Administration on growing levels of black unemployment.  Since the start of the most recent recession, white unemployment has gone down.  At the same time, black unemployment has increased by 1.5 percentage points.

“Can you imagine a situation where any other group of workers, if 34 percent of white women were out there looking for work and couldn’t find it?” asked Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Chairman of the CBC.  “You would see congressional hearings and community gatherings. There would be rallies and protest marches. There is no way that this would be allowed to stand.”

According to the most recent reports, black unemployment stands at 16.2 percent, while overall unemployment remains at 9.1 percent.  White workers are enjoying 8 percent unemployment, the lowest of any ethnic group.   In urban areas like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, African American males are experiencing 34 percent unemployment.

To date, the Obama Administration has made no mention of targeted policies to address the wealth and employment gaps.  During the recession, median black family wealth went from being only 1/10 that of white families to being 1/50th.   The Obama Administration has mentioned that it’s packages for extending unemployment benefits should help black and brown workers, but critics are calling for efforts to deal with workplace and hiring discrimination and the troubles of black businesses.

“This is an American crisis that demands an American response at the highest echelons of our government,” said Michael Eric Dyson. “And that does include the White House.”

According to a recent Your Black World survey, 38% of black respondents claimed that they’ve lost their job in the last three years.  Out of those who were able to find work, 88% of them said that their new job paid at a rate that was less than their previous position.  The survey results reflect the general downward mobility of African Americans during the most recent recession, rolling back decades of gains for the black community.



  • Kevin Adams

    I hope President Obama address the ecomonic gaps between Black-Americans and white americans. The unemployement rate for the African-American community is just too high and nothing has been done to combat it.

  • Honesty Never Hurt

    Let’s be honest here….1st Whites 2. Asian/Pacific Islanders in Jan.11′ 3.Latino’s have a meeting w/ the white house today & tomorrow. 4.Black people / unemployment hasn’t been talked about since 08′. 5.Why are “his” people the last when WE have it the WORST?

  • Beverly Goodwin

    What have the CBC done?