86% of African Americans Think Casey Anthony Would be Guilty if Black

A recent Your Black World survey found that 86% of African Americans believe that Casey Anthony would have been found guilty had she been black.  Anthony was recently acquitted for the murder of her daughter Caylee, whose body was found in the woods in December, 2008.  Her mother had not reported her missing, and she was only found guilty of misdemeanor charges related to giving false information to a police officer, not the more serious charge of murder.

The majority of the respondents to the survey feel that Anthony is guilty.  Over two-thirds (65%) of the respondents said they believed Anthony to be guilty.  Additionally, most of the respondents do not believe that the justice system is fair as it relates to race.  When asked, Do you think the justice system is fair with regard to race?, 96% of the respondents said “no.”

In terms of media coverage, the majority of black respondents felt that coverage in the case was racially-biased.  When asked, Do you think there was a racial bias in the media portrayal of the Casey Anthony case?, 52.4% said “yes,” and 27.4% said “no.”  The remainder were undecided.

The survey had 554 respondents, with 100% of them being black.   Over two-thirds of the respondents were women.



  • God’s_Angel

    If you’re white, you’re given the benefit of the doubt. If you’re black, you’re assumed to be guilty unless you can prove you’re innocent. Casey Anthony couldn’t prove she was innocent, but she was given the benefit of the doubt because it couldn’t be proven that SHE killed the baby girl. But what about being found guilty of being an accomplice in her death? If she was black, I bet that’s what she’d be convicted of.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EGXZ26MK42CPGJ2FMIR3VXS4T4 flextime

    I have said this before. There wouldn’t have been a case or a trial because white folks don’t care about black kids.  Killing them would have done them a favor.

    This goes to show you that White America cares more about killing dogs then their own children.  Go head Micheal Vick!

  • Eervin44


  • Krick111mr1

    that might be true but just because look at the prisons 95% black thats why

  • Jacqueline

    I’m African American and I think she is guilt as sin!!!! If she didn’t do it she knows who did. How did the Caylee get in the bag just feet from her grandparents house??? Someone put her there that was close to her. The jury may not had found her guilty because of a lack of evidence but she will have to answer to a high power!!!!