Beware of Politicians and Media Seeking to Control Your Thinking

Dr. Boyce WatkinsYour Black World – Scholarship in Action

I saw a headline today involving Pastor Jeremiah Wright.  The headline stated the following: “Jeremiah Wright’s Church Denomination Banishes ‘God the Father’ for Gay Inclusion.”  The headline was interesting in that it almost seemed to imply that Jeremiah Wright had made the decision himself.

What was most peculiar about this article is that it was dead wrong.  First, Pastor Wright has not been the head of The Trinity United Church of Christ for at least two years.  Therefore, he doesn’t make the church’s decisions.  Secondly, the United Church of Christ is a national body, meaning that even Trinity itself cannot make such a decision.  So, the goal of getting Pastor Wright’s name into a juicy headline played a dominant role in how this article was written.



  • Kevin Adams

    I agree with you Dr.Boyce , it is interesting how people try to play games and get over on people. Thanks for bringing that to light .

  • Tk2xchamp

    Dr. Boyce, you left out RELIGION as well.  It does the same, if not worse. 

  • Ttisbac

    Too Late ! We believe any negative thing the Media puts out about us . I’m still waiting for  all those children that Micheal Jackson allegedly molested to come out of the wood work!  Meanwhile,  Nancy Grace, Jane V.Mitchell, Dr. Drew, Diane Diamond, and not to mention the Mother – Daughter Attorney team Lisa & Gloria Albright has taken their careers to new heights, from the never ending Lies they told on , Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jackson, O yeah and they even told some lies on OJ !  It’s not their fault that We Fall For Everything ! WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY REALLY DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT US !!!!! AND WHAT THEY DO KNOW , THEY TWIST AND WE BECOME DEMONS !