Man Jailed, Loses Car, Job By Trying to Cash Legitimate Check at Chase

by Dr. Boyce Watkins.

You wouldn’t think that one of your worst nightmares would start with trying to cash a check for thousands of dollars.  But this is what happened to 28-year old Ikenna Njoku, who found that simply trying to cash a legitimate check would put him in jail for four days and cause him to lose both his car and his job.

Njoku, a construction worker, had just purchased his first home and received a rebate for first time home buyers on his tax return. He had the rebate directly deposited in his Chase checking account.  But he found that by the time the rebate arrived into his account, Chase had already closed it.  The bank had then mailed him $8,463.21 in a bank check.

Njoku then did what anyone else would do – he went to Chase to cash his check.  The teller didn’t seem to believe that he was a legitimate customer.

“When I walked in, the teller looked me up and down and asked if I worked for Chase,” he said. “She asked me questions like where did I get the check from. I sat there for half an hour while they researched the check.”


  • WizardG

    We should know that this kind of discriminatory racist treatment of blacks is our legacy in this White Supremacist, white dominant country. We must suffer all sorts of horrors that occur on many different levels to many different blacks in many different ways.
    I’ve had, and I’m still recognizing my horrors, and if you are black you’ve had yours, whether you realize it or not.
    All this, and what do most of us do? We practice a belief system they imposed on our ancestors, and we now help them impose it on our children. We are forced to pay their taxes, which they use to attack other African nations like Haiti, etc. We are so conditioned with the  “American Dream” or the Americanization of our social life, that we cannot see the irony of our existence here, and we can’t understand that we continue to contribute to our own demise. We are puzzled that many like us cannot cope with this vile ‘white man’s’ social structure.

    As for this particular incident. Imagine what they have done to his people in his country! Imagine what they are, more than likely, continuing to do! His people may accept the European indoctrination of Christianity, but a false religious set, will not insure that they don’t suffer the abuses sure to come. In fact the results of being so conditioned will result in an easier conquest! The pillagers will then get more help from those they have thoroughly caused to cross over.

  • Beverly

    This poor man was sent through a heck of a hard time. Chase should have to pay dearly for what they did. If they did not believe him since the Check was one of Chase Check, why didn’t the Teller do a quick check on the Check to see was it valid, I am sure that could had been done without a problem, if the Teller ran the check through the scanner to see was it good, which I doubt that she did in her eyes this black man had come across the Check illegal. If this man had the proper I.D. what else was needed?.

    The Teller got jealous and this is why they gave him such a hard time. So now Chase will have to pay for their lack of professionalism.

  • CA3

    There three things to glean from the article this one is linked to. One, if you need reliable banking services, stick with either credit unions or banks with a mission specific to serving your community. Two, if you’re seeking to cash a check for several thousand dollars, short of preserving the lives of those you care for, you have no errand more important then that. Three, learn to manage your money effectively, because when the bank closes your account, you’ve clearly been messing up.

  • claudia

    Chase Bank has a lot of unprofessionals and idiots working for them. They sent my sister notices for a long time saying her house was in foreclosure so she moved out before it truly happened Shes been living in another place for over a year and they still telling her the same thing Plus now some of them are telling her its not in foreclosure. But the thing is her house already been sold and another person living it it. IS Chase Bank ran by KKK. I hear a lot of bad stories by people of color about them

    • God’s_Angel

      I went to Chase on the weekend to open a new Checking account, and was told I needed 2 forms of ID. When I paused for a moment to think about which second form of ID to give him, he told me I could use a Bridge Card as my second form of ID. I probably make double what he makes, and wasn’t even quite sure what a Bridge Card was!

      For those of you who don’t know, a Bridge Card is like an EBT card, or food stamp/government check debit card. I guess since it was the weekend, and I went to the bank with jeans and a t-shirt on, he assumed I didn’t have a job, or barely had a job. Who does that? Who assumes that all blacks are on some type of government assistance! As I type this, I think I need to report his behavior.

      • Kevin Adams

        That is really sad that you had to experience that. People should not be treated like that at all, no matter what your race , or experince.

    • Altha Cutright

      Black people move your money or buy you a safe-deposit box it come with a key.

  • Forevernprayer

    Chase may have had an illegal form Mexico at the window and most of them are incapable of being professional. They hate blacks more than whites.

    • TruthAndJustice

      Mexico’s culture and education stresses the value of whiteness.  Unfortunately scholarly material related to blacks in world history, including books and films, are not produced in Spanish also.  When blacks understand the importance of using multiple languages as the dominant culture does, ignorance can be eliminated.  Afro Mexicans in the states of Oaxaca, Veracruz and others are also at the mercy of “white” worshiping Mexicans, that know nothing of famous Mexicans like Zapata, Morelos, and Guerrero whom are of African ancestry.  Blacks need a more global presence to checkmate this growing hate!

    • Altha Cutright

      And Mexicans copy from blks. way they talk they try to rap like blks they play blk music but they are about twenty years behind.                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Cracker ass cracker

    Chase,FUCK YOU!

  • Anonymous

    I Identified with this article so much and when I read it, it stirred up anger within me because this same incident happened to me at a Fifth Third Bank in chicago on the south side 2 weeks ago.  I was treated shady because I was trying to deposit a large check that I had withdrawn from my Fidelity Investment account.  I was literally left standing in line while a 30 minute discussion over my deposit took place.  Because it was a saturday and they couldn’t verify it I was dismissed from the bank even though I have an account with them!  Even though I wasn’t arrested because I didn’t make a scene, the bank manager and the teller handled me so poorly it was ridiculous. I wrote a letter to the corporate offices of Fifth Third and of course no response was given and no apology.  I was completely humiliated and more people need to bring such things to the publics attention and vote with their feet.  I have closed this account and I am taking by business elsewhere!

  • Stephenwilson2003

    Any lawyer with some balls should jump on this case

  • Annette W.

    The fact that Chase waited a year to apologize is a slap in the face on top of everything else this gentleman had to endure! It’s painfully obvious he was discriminated against by the teller! I sure hope he sues Chase, the police department, and that teller!

  • Anonymous

    See, this is the type of shyt that make blk folk lose their heads and go ballistic!!!

  • Diamonds

    Wait it took 4 days, loss of his car and job to realize this was a legitimate check? now what. how and why? Who give a damn if she thinks I’m a legitimate customer or not. She must prove that I’m a damn criminal I don’t see that the teller did this. And why in the hell if the chase sent the check they don’t recognize their own checks

  • checking account promotions

    This is despicable, but I find that all banks a f*d up.

  • StaticClingWindowTint

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  • StaticClingWindowTint

    This is fabulous
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