Why Would CNN Anchor Piers Morgan Ask Beyonce About Her Booty?

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

I was a bit shocked when I received an email from a friend citing an article by Roy Metoyer out of Atlanta regarding a recent interview by CNN’s Piers Morgan with Beyonce Knowles.  During the interview, Morgan did the usual celebrity probing, which was to be expected.  But surprisingly, he pressed her about the size of her booty, asking her if her booty is nicer than that of Jennifer Lopez.

Here is a slice of what Metoyer had to say on the matter:

For instance he even goaded her into saying that one of the best moments of her life was happening at that moment, as she was being interviewed by him. Huh!? Then he decided to see just how low he could go as they took a special ride in a limo, on their way to a store in London, to buy her latest CD.

“Tell me Beyoncé, how would you compare your “booty” to J-Lo’s (Jennifer Lopez).”

To Beyonce’s credit she was classy as she artfully dodged the question.

“You’re so crazy”, she said with a smile. “I love J-Lo and I’m not going to compare myself to her. She’s great”!

“But who’s got the best “booty”? He pressed again, while his crew showed a picture of Jennifer Lopez, focusing on her derriere.

“I’m not doing that, I don’t know… okay she does”, said Beyoncé as she laughed and looked out the window.

What was the point of that question? I don’t see racism under every rock, but at the very least it was sexism. Yet I wonder, if this white man would have asked Lady Gaga to compare her breasts to Madonna’s?

My thoughts on the matter?  On one hand, you have to note the fact that Beyonce herself has bragged about her own body being “Bootylicious” in the past. So, if she’s the first to mention her booty as part of her brand, you can hardly blame Morgan for bringing up the conversation that Beyonce started.

All the while, one has to wonder if that kind of question would be posed to other women known for their backside, like Kim Kardashian.  I didn’t see the interview she did with Morgan, but I can’t help but wonder if such a question would have been scratched beforehand by one of the producers.

To read Metoyer’s description of Beyonce’s reaction to the question, Morgan should have known to leave the issue alone.   The last thing we need is yet another mainstream media outlet judging black women by the size of their butts (the artists on the BET Awards do enough of that already – oh, that’s right, BET and CNN are both owned by the same company).  Given that CNN also made the peculiar decision to have Shaunie O’neal from Basketball Wives as their guest contributor on the issue of black female images in media, it’s hardly surprising that Morgan’s question went unnoticed by their execs.

By the way Piers….being on your show is not the biggest thing to happen to Beyonce this week, let alone her entire career.  Do your homework before you go insulting one of the entertainment icons of our community.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.


  • Anonymous

    A great disrespect of blacks

    These people feel that they are privileged enough to say anything to anyone they wish if the person isn’t white, politically and powerfully connected. White men can feel just as obliged to talk their way under a black woman’s dress as they felt obliged to take them sexually, back in the period of abject slavery.

    I keep trying to explain to black people who remain in a state of denial, that this environment, this Anglo-elite supremacy system is not, nor will it ever be, conducive to the betterment of the African-American ‘black’ inhabitants. In fact just the opposite! Sure some enjoy the fruits of their luck and status etc., but little do they realize it is at the expense of the many.

    That being said. When you see black people move into a position once held by whites it won’t be long before the whites are scattered and the whole of the position given up as they find a better position to settle in. This works with everything, and when you see position that is overly white and strong you see a position of true power and wealth.
    When a senator yelled out in session that Obama was a liar, it was because his disrespect for blacks boiled over to his breaking point, and if a white man can do that in that instance it explains why another white man can talk under two black women’s dresses at once and why ‘blacks’ can still be systematically abused and murdered in the streets.

    So just as we have been conditioned into an ‘Americanization’ of a country of 200 million whites whom have no love for the 45 million of us. They have been condtioned to consciously and unconsciously disrespect, and despise us, as this spills over to all who are finally Americanized in this country, including ourselves. And they keep effortlessly, and unconsciously feeding these sentiments etc. with practically every broadcast they make, including  some of the broadcasts they pay some of us to make!

    • Bahati Sobukwe

      I love this!  Thanks!

    • Elrancho2

      Excellent comment.  It’s all about an unconditional sense of disrespect that’s deeply ingrained in many white Americans.  In Piers Morgan’s case – he’s simply not very sophisticated but his success makes him think he is.  He probably thinks when it comes to black people, he “gets it” but of course he doesn’t and his questions were low-brow, juvenile and insulting. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Apparently some people have an issue with this woman being an entertainer and doing her job. People talk about all they see when they see Beyonce is sex, so the question is justified. That is rediculous. This woman, like so many in the game is sexy. She is not more so than Madonna, Brittney, Christina, Lady Gaga, Fergi and many others. In fact, she is more restrained than most when you look at the field. That does not give him a right to go there, and then to keep pursuing the question after she shunned it speaks more about him and his lust, as well as the history of white men and their lust and disrespect for Black woman in this country. It is an age-old problem. I deal with it on a daily basis, and I don’t open my legs for a living. I am a teacher who dresses and carries herself quite respectfully. There are many times that I have been out with my husband and White men feel free to approach me for a date or to comment about my behind and or perceived beauty, and they don’t give a damn if my husband is standing there or not. They don’t care that I am wearing a wedding ring. My husband, a professional and normally peaceful brother, regularly has to check White men, and on occasion it has almost come to blows. Shame of Morgan. He is an ass. Fortunately, he does not represent all White guys, just your low-life garden variety.

      • Anonymous

        @djphoenix:disqus Thank you. I enjoyed reading your reply. When you speak of a low garden variety of white men, or men in general I must add that many men whom pretend to be more civilized and respectful would make a complete turnaround in the right situation. If our environment were as disorganized as say Haiti, which has conditions without proper lawful control. Men would begin to show their true thoughts and emotions. These otherwise “good” men would indulge in rape, murder, and fighting. These are the natural animalistic activities which men are forced to contain because of external restrictions. One of the main reasons to indoctrinate men into religion, and the fear of law, is to restrain them from their natural drives to aggression, especially towards women. In some countries it is still accepted to abuse women in various ways. That said. Our situation as ‘blacks’ here are subjected to deep psychologically ingrained aggressions and abuses by whites, but especially men, where some act them out and others restrain them..

    • Bullywitfullys

      We have to be a little more like Kanye West and not take interviews by the collective media.

  • Phinesse Demps

    I know people are going to be pissed but it is the truth(I work in Media as well); If that is all you present in your videos, if all you do is shake your butt for the nation and push the sex button. When you present yourself as does JLo as sex objects and NEVER have an opinion or speak-out on issues, this is what happens. We can say what disrespect to Black Women all day but WE have to hold ourselves accountable for what we put out there and then you will not get asked these type of questions. Look at it this way, she could have set him straight but she did not.Again, not speaking out. Get mad at Piers Morgan is you want but it is about time we address us as a black community and what we show the media.

    • Bahati Sobukwe


    • Goldie G

      I agree!

    • Bullywitfullys

      That does not matter, majority of black folks don’t own the music industry. Thats why cats out here on the west coast goes independent,, so the record companies don’t have a say so. Peep game, you say hold ourselves accountable when companies like interscope, geffen, virgin, and etc. is own not by people of color and they turn around and offer a black man to say the word nigga, or kill their own brotha like a dog in the streets, Its these say record companies that will offer a pretty woman of color to take some pictures but you got to show your body, give up some sex if you want a spread in that magazine, litsen to D.J. Kaysly in a video on you tube about whats happening in your industry. How come in the past, record companies and even B.E.T. won’t show a video of Dead Prez or D.J. Quick ? Look at what’s happening to the Game , that man have no choice but to act like that because of the money, he is a talented M.C. but research who owns his contract and 50 cent don’t own his contract fully, So no, that accountability is B.S. when we got to eat.

      • http://www.facebook.com/gwen.banes Gwen Banes

        I agree. But how and when do we take control and gain the power to establish our music industry. With money comes power. Black artist have the music. It’s time to pool the resources, come together and gain the control and power. I don’t know anything about the music industry, just an opinion!

        • JC

          SIMPLE! as a customer of the music industry ask yourself—do I like this artist(s) & what he/she/group represents or put out musically?? Then decide if you will buy the product (record,CD,video,etc.).  Where or with whom you spend your dollars make all the difference in the world. YOU do have the power!!!!

      • JC

        BULL!!!! We was eating before this crap and we will eat after they get bored with hip hop, hip hop pop,etc. and invest their (music industry controllers) elsewhere. WE HAVE A CHOICE to go along with nonsense/crap or not.  Many black entertainers sold out or sell out for more money—but it is still a choice. AND for the record blacks owned many radio/magazines and sold them to whites—we gave them control.  WE CAN TAKE IT BACK by being accountable for what we do and what we buy into—especially with our dollars. 

    • WizardG

      @6a268820e7470c922635c22fd8f2f63c:disqus  Yes you’re right, but a man should never ask a woman a question like that, especially not while broadcasting to millions. Most women who admire Beyonce and J.Lo don’t want to hear that, and many ‘black’ men wouldn’t dare ask. Most of us know the answer already!

      She’s a singer and dancer, but  these days they must do almost anything within reason to sell tickets and music. Even Ballerinas show some etc. She’s very rich because of her talents and beauty.., and does her job without attacking black men or women. Ok..The white man can generally get away with almost anything. Surely we should know that by now? We also know that  black artists can sign their professional death warrant by speaking out against Anglo injustice.

      • JC

        PEOPLE!!!!   Beyonce is rich enough to speak out if someone insults her.
        Even if she does not sell another record,she should be alright —she did not start her career with this interview(er) or last week.  AND Beyonce like JLO puts her ass out there with wearing one/body fitting outfits during concerts, instead of a creative costume/dress her mother can make.

    • Truth is just truth

      Well said, I agree, that is one thing from the race perspective, but to call yourself a Christian and behave in that matter, in numerous videos, I have had honest black men tell me, that when you think of Beyonce, that’s all you think of. She did not speak out and I believe it would be quite hypocritical do so. His question is following her lead as most black women in the industry have shown, in derrogatory music videos. She’s just in another level. I worked in Media as well. There are no standards anymore. Her answer is not classy, it’s passive, neither is her image. Period.

  • karen major

    I saw the interview and thought the question was totally inappropriate. However, Beyonce did not really know how to answer him. I know she was shocked and did not expect this question. However, she could of nipped it in the bud and told him he was out of line and the question was in appropriate and move on to another topic. If you let the intervewer know you will not respond disrespectful questions they will cease asking them.

    • Bahati Sobukwe

      Let face it half of the time, if not most, Beyonce is inappropriate!   She did not know what to say.  Any woman who squats with her legs open in front of millions of people everyday cannot be expected to know what to say when she has been insulted.

      • Loveislife

        She probably didn’t realize that she was being insulted. You get what you give.  That’s the one thing that I hate about her. She uses sexism to sell records vs. talent.  No one should be surprised by this.  She put herself in this position. 

    • WizardG

      You’re absolutely right Karen. Either he caught this sweet young lady completely off guard, or there is some kind of buzz going around in the entertainment industry as to who’s behind is nicer than who’s. I love everything about Beyonce. She can blow the average man’s mind from so many perspectives. She has  probably blown the interviewer’s mind ! She’s so modest too. She has at least a tenth of the male population captured, but alas so does J.Lo.,but.I wouldn’t dream of asking her, or J.Lo a question like that, and I’m black!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Simmons/100001647540508 Brian Simmons

    Piers got jungle fever, he got jungle fever, he thinks he’s in love…why is anybody surprised…

  • Anonymous

    Piers Morgan is an idiot and a very poor replacement for Larry King.

  • Tonystarkz

    Dr. Boyce really?  All i see when I see Beyonce is sex, primarily because thats how she presented her self 85% of the time.  Lets face it, secular music is ran by the prince of this world and with that said if Beyonce wasn’t shaking her booty 24/7 and also gyrating her crotch she wouldn’t be as relevant as she is.  C’mon now!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7ONMGPITX2AX7HEXKFV56TZOU JellyBean

    Come on, now. It does not matter if Beyonce shakes her booty on the stage. Or throws her legs up in the air to show her goodies, this question is way out of bounds. Did Piers talk to Paris Hiton about her sex tape and issues with drugs? Did he hit up Demi Moore about her sexy look? Nope on both issues. So why is it ok for him to talk to Beyonce about her butt? It was way out of bounds.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see the interview, but asking about her booty is inappropriate, and she should have said so.  This would have been a perfect opportunity for Beyonce to present a more mature image while simultaneously nipping it in the bud! 

    • Mr Leedtel

      T-99, excellent point !!!

  • Berdell Fleming

    He did it because he thought he would get away with it. The arrogance that many white males have about  disrespecting black womanhood is alarming.As my mama said,” if you act like a lady you will be treated like a lady.”

  • TMichelle4

    Beyonce is no more sexual than Fergie, Christina, Madonna, and Janet to name a few. She is an entertainer…period. To say that she lacks talent is ridiculous…you can’t deny her strong vocals and ability to captivate audiences with her energetic performaces. She hasn’t always worn leotards and her shows were still selling out. Please stop the jealous rants! 

    • Mr Leedtel

      TMichelle, my understanding is that we all were and is created to glorify God, our heavenly father. The multi-trillion dollar entertainment industry thrives on the skills, talent, and body parts of individuals that are ignorant of the above factual statement . TMichelle, you know for a fact that people judge us by our lifestyle, attitude,behavior, and conversation…I`m not surprise at the question posed to Beyonce. TMichelle, we all including Mr. Piers (Jungle Lust Fever) Morgan, Mrs. Beyonce, Fergie, Christina, Madonna, and  Mrs.Janet Jackson will stand before the judgment seat of the God of all creation to answer for our life….God is a jealous God . I truely believe that this paticuliar industry will be the down fall of many a great people, simply because they left God (Jesus Christ) out of the equation . Go with the prince of this world (Satan) or go with God.

  • kevintj

    Females in the entertainment industry, regardless of race or ethnicity are objectified as sex objects. Objectification of females is a trillion dollar business (world wide).

    On another note

    How is it this crusty arse albino is brave enough to ask a married woman of color how she stacks up against another married woman of color in terms of body parts?

    My answer:
    Because he (and the indsutry as a whle) knows and understands both Jay-Z (Beyonce’s husband), and Marc Anthony (J Lo’s husband) are owned and controlled resources in the industry. In other words, as long as he (the interviewer) doesn’t touch the ass…he can talk about the ass all day long (within reason), and no one will have a problem – so as long as the money keeps flowin’.

    Damn, all I can do is teach my boy’s and my girl to do better in this life…


  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/P67ICLKT56QYGMTHGBLN7VRTGA shehiplocki

    …and you know why he pressed the question a second time, because Beyonce is too image conscious to put him in his place she wouldn’t say any thing to seem angry or confrontational…even Holly Berry would have put him in his place.

  • Bullywitfullys

    He needs to be suspended for that. That is a sexual harassment question. If I was on the job and I said so and so to a coworker of mine the way he did, I would be fired on the spot. If I was Jay Z, I would go H.A.M. on CNN for taking a jab at my wife. It was real unprofessional to say to any women. I guess he got away with it becuase he was white.



  • Theeexpectedone

    I’m not surprised by his question at all. What do you think added to the North Atlantic Slave Trade for all of the West and Israel but the Black Afikan’s “booty.” The non-Black male has an obsession with their booties that renders them helpless and selfishly ignorant.

    I’ll bet Piers Morgan never asks the white females about their Lack, there of (booty) though. Or, he’ll never ask a Blackmale about our non-mythical ability to be known the world over as the best lovers.

    It’s all a part of the lustful and pro-slavery minds of white males to continue their Envious plots to suppress and oppress Black Races–to draw desperate and greedy Black booties to them. Heck, even Israeli males have brotherls set-up with Palestinian females as their subjects of delicacy sex. White males love different sex more than they do wioth their own race. Not the case for Blackmales. Blackmales my dapper but we know the best sex is reserved for the First Females of the earth.

  • FM Talks

    Why shouldn’t he ask her?  She’s made it part of her career.  Same for J-Lo, talking about it and participating in jokes about it.  THEY are the one’s who gave the green light on it for media consumption.

  • J1118mp

    A few of you on here just do not get it but it is understandable because most of you are too busy trying to be politically correct but you’re all wrong. This man had no business asking her the question and as far as I’m concerned, she should have quit the interview right then and there. No matter what would’ve been said later. When you actually lack respect of self then this is the result of something like this.
    The most disrespected woman in the world are our Black Women, either by the men of other etnic groups or by our own bLack mEn such as the Lil Wayne’s of the raP per genre. I will say that one person on this site has a handle on the the pulse of the matter, Phinesse Demps….Right On.

  • Mr. Charlie

    zzzzzzzzzzzbeyonce is black?zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

     Check out the Kardashian episode. Piers asked them to mark up life size areas of their body’s with areas that they don’t like and asked them if whose boobs were real. I can’t remember but I’m sure Kim was asked about her a$$ets.

  • Courtney

    All of you including Dr. Boyce are way off. This illustrates another of the issues in society today. We all lie and never really answer questions truthfully. All Beyonce had to say was. Piers, Thank you for appreciating my assets. I work very hard to maintain my figure. It is very demanding to do the shows I do and one has to be in shape. God blessed me with a great figure, it is a part of my act and it along with my talent has helped me achieve what I have to date. As for J Lo, I complement her on her dedication to also maintaining her figure and can only say I an honored to be mentioned in the same sentence with her.