Dallas Cowboy Sues Woman to Get Back $75,000 Engagement Ring

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Who in the world proposes by mailing an engagement ring? Maybe a soldier overseas, but that was not the case for Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Roy Williams. According to The Washington PostThe Odessa American reported:

“Williams is suing his former girlfriend Brooke Daniels in an attempt to get back a $75,000 engagement ring which he sent to her in February. Williams apparently sent Daniels the ring, some money for dental bills, and a taped wedding proposal by mail (yes, by mail!) in an attempt to woo the former 2009 Miss Texas.”

Although the former Miss Texas rejected Williams’ proposal, she failed to send back the big buck engagement ring. After claiming that she lost it, Williams’ found out that her father has it. The Washington Post also reports that “Michael Daniels, told the newspaper that he planned on returning the ring to avoid any legal hassles saying, ‘I want to wash my hands of it. It’s just a hassle. I’ll take care of my daughter. I don’t need him.’” For that to be father Daniels’ answer, one would think that he would have given the ring back before now. Anyhow, we will see how long it takes for him to give back the ring now that a lawyer is involved.

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  • Meccanaje

    What fool proposes.through mail l…T in tacky!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

    She need to give back the ring…Anytime you proposed to someone whether by mail, in person or over the internet, if the woman breaks off the engagement, she is responsible for giving back the ring; now if he was the one to call off the engagement, then the woman gets to keep the ring…Since this woman never accepted this man’s proposal, she need to be dignified and give back to this man, his ring…Engagements means contemplation of marriage, since she was not interested in marrying this man she is behaving like a gold digger…

    • Cookie1

      Judge Judy says it all depends on what the state law says in the state of which the woman lives.  I would not give him S&^%^ ! ! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EGXZ26MK42CPGJ2FMIR3VXS4T4 flextime

    Why should anybody be surprised that a grown black man would would propose via the mail? He just wanted a trophy wife and thought this would be a cool way of doing this.  I am so sure he thought this would be so imaginative to propose through the mail.  She should give back the ring since she is smart enough not to mail this clown.  

    • Msrachel011871

      I concur…this clown is a joke, NOW I see why Kelly Rowland called off the engagement and gave the DUECES to this Bozo!

      • Kevin Adams629

        I agree, but it isn’t suprising .He’s a men ,plus migth I add 75,000 is alot money

      • Cookie1

        A bald headed Bozo at that ! !

        I hope he never gets it back…the big dummy !

      • http://personalityofmeh.blogspot.com/ kenda

        i agree that this guy is a clown, but kelly rowland was engaged to a different roy williams.

    • Cookie1

      Amen Lady !

  • Wordking Duff

    okay morons ,the story is about her giving the ring back which by laws she has to damn the story is not that long focus people 1

    • Cookie1

      Undoubtly this has been happening far too many times in America because there are laws set up regarding returning or retaining engagement rings. Most state laws says the woman who receives the rings and changes her mind,either gives it back or pay, for it. Some states leaves the decision to the man who gave the ring. He can either take the money or take the ring. 

  • The Rain

    Thank God this rejection ends up being protection.If he had maried this chick he would end up being her early retirement plan.Dude, take your time and choose a women with more to offer you than a nice azz and eggs to be fertilized.

    • Altha Cutright

      This fool is walking in Tiger Woods shoes what a joke. 

  • The Rain

    Brothers,please stop trying to purchase affection from these money worshiping,non nurturing,walking baby factories.If you are not married to a women,you should not be paying her dental bills,phone bill,car note,power bill,etc,even if you are rich.This chick can’t even afford to get her own teeth fixed,what a winner.And if you spend more than $5,000 for a ring,even if you make $10,000 an hour,you are an idiot.Take that $75,000 and purchase municipal bonds,so you won’t be pumping gas or slinging fries after your career ends.

  • The Rain

    Kelly Rowland,now that a real rocket scientists and Rhodes Scholar.My 10 year old has a larger vocabulary than this pin head and that rump shaker,Bouncey,combined.( I spelled it correct,Bouncey)

  • http://twitter.com/MsBertina Bertha

    Ok,,,Now All the SISTA…LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!  This Jack Ass has the O>J> syndrome…he got money, okay looking, idolize the snow bunnies, buy a $75,000 engagesment ring, mail it to her, she say Hell NO!…she wanna keep it…hmmm SISTAS  tell me something…lets Bash this Bunny hopper…he deserve every negative comment…but then Sistas..hmmm…look over who he is playing for,,,like theySAY so readily… “EVERYTHING GOES BIGGGGG IN TEXAS”  BUT IT SHOULD READ EVERYTHING GOES BIGGER AND STUPIDDER IN TEXAS”…Sistas, I can imagine what else this IDIOT gave her $$$ over the course of INFATUATIONS…bet this HOOCHIE use his DUMB ASS  and yes, he need to feel humiltated…THATS WHAT YOU GET…YOU WANT A TROPHY WIFE LIKE YOUR BOYS, TIGER, MONTEL, CHARLES BARKLEY, O.J., DENNIS RODMAN, ICE CUBE ETC…just to name a few…..aka BUNNY LOVERS…

  • Altha Cutright

    I live in Dallas, Texas I can’t believe you are so STUPID!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZF3NSHTCV6T3C6BNCPPLZLTKDU g

    My take as a legal layperson is that an engagement is a binding contract.  She accepted and took the ring.  Now she broke the engagement.  The ring goes back to him.  

    Kudos to Mr Williams for taking care of this missing property in correct legal fashion.

    The would-be father-in-law is obviously a liar.  When does he plan on actually giving the ring back?  If he had done it in a timely fashion there would not be a problem.  If the former fiancee had not lied about losing the ring and just gave it back, there would not be a problem.

    Mr Williams is clearly ahead not being married into this family of liars–whether or not he gets the ring back.

  • Lisa

    He will get the ring back–it’s the law.  An engagement ring is given in contemplation of marriage, so if the marriage doesn’t take place you have to give the ring back.  It’s not an unconditional gift–now that $5000, he’s not entitled to that.  

    Many he looks pretty stupid, not so much because he proposed to the mail but because this guy obviously didn’t realize he was a meal ticket to someone who didn’t really want him.  Hmmm maybe he should look in other places for his wife. 

    • Cookie1

      Sorry Lisa, the law of returning a ring depends upon which state the giver of the ring resides.  I hope he never get the ring back.  She should find some drastic way of returning it. Black men think only white women deserve their money and their rings.  I hope she keeps it or let the dog eat it in the dog food and force the giver to sit and wait for the dog to poop it out….and we know the rest without saying.

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