PatriceJohnson: What is Good Hair vs. Bad?

Almost no black person wants to be nappy, but what’s wrong with that?  Also, when you were a baby and heard that your friend had “good hair,” that probably meant that her hair was either straight or curly, as if she had something other than pure African blood in her veins.  Tyra Banks goes in-depth to discuss the difference between good and bad hair, and how we as black people can change our point of view.

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  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing as “bad hair”. I was born in North Africa, and I had a lot of my childhood friends tell me I had “White boy hair” because it was straight whenever it got wet(but curly when it dried out). I always thought this was so silly that African Americans even go through this about hair.Just let it go the way it grows.I don’t understand why African American women go through all this hair straightening and “weaves” just to try to look European. I prefer my sisters just the way they are.

    • PinkTrackStar2014

      While thats easy for you to say, you dont truly understand what it means to have “harder to manage hair.” Many of us black women are uneducated on how to keep out natural hair manageable but its not our fault to begin with…it is a learned behavior. I still have yet to not be ashamed to wear my natural hair. I wear wigs, weaves, everything to keep my natural hair hidden. (1) for it to grow, (2) because im not at the point to wear my natural out (3) im using WEAVEs, WIGS for protective styles to protect my hair from damage.  

      • PinkTrackStar2014

        and this is just adding on to the argument! Im not at all upset at you or whatever, its just a stated opinion.