How the Internet Changes Our Personalities for the Worse

Back in the good old days, celebrities used to get drunk at awards ceremonies, hurl insults and occasionally punches at each other. But these days the internet is the virtual bar where they brawl.

Just recently, columnist Julie Burchill accused Lily Allen of being an ‘over-privileged cry-baby’. The pop star retaliated on Twitter by accusing Julie of being ‘an ignorant and bitter old troll’.

Piers Morgan and Rio Ferdinand traded blows for four hours on Twitter while Wayne Rooney responded to a Liverpool fan’s insults by tweeting: ‘I’ll put you to sleep in ten seconds.’

But it’s not just celebrities who are using social networking sites for public slanging matches. Cuckolded plumber Ian Puddick was cleared of harassment after he used the internet to circulate graphic details of his wife’s affair.

This might be an extreme example, but it seems online spite is a growing trend.

My friend Sarah was horrified at being described in a chatroom as ‘facially hideous’, ‘ugly’ and ‘chunky’ after her photo was used in an online article.

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  • Julene AllenDellAmor

    I have dealt with the most rudest of rude on the internet. I have been into e-marketing for over 7 years. The best way to conquer online bullying is, do not add people you do not know and set personal information to private. Try to post as little personal information as possible on the internet. If you have a business online, merge as little private info with your business as possible. Be careful with social networks like Linkedin that’s asking for business affiliation information; be wary of face book. It is asking for a life line. if it is personal, only add people you know. Assume that you are a celebrity online and that someone is always watching you. You do not have to be an interesting person to gain attraction and attention. Anonymous e-bullys and e-personas will harass anyone with their lights turned on.  Stay safe!

  • alf

    You are so right about how certain blogs can bring out the worst in uis.  For example, there was a news item about a Muslim girl being beaten after an accusation involving an  immoral act.  I wrote some things about Muslims that I am deeply ashamed of.  I did not agree with this girl being beaten, but  to attack all Muslims was a bigoted,  short-sighted thing to do.  I will not repeat what I wrote, but I will, in the future, think before I write such things.  Also, I will do the research and make sure of the facts.