Danielle Douglas: How to do Business with a Fortune 500 Company

We can either talk about how opportunities are not being handed to us or we can discuss how to take advantage of the opportunities that are being given?


As a small business owner, I want to be part of a dialogue about how money can be made NOT about how I am being hindered from making money. What do you want to talk about?


There was an article about the discrimination by major organizations against black businesses via the “NON URBAN DICTATE” initiative. This particular initiative is geared towards black and Hispanic consumers NOT black businesses. That doesn’t make it any more palatable, it is just a point of clarification.


With that said, there ARE major organizations who want to do business with minority and women small business owners. They understand that African Americans and Hispanics will be the new majority in the 21stcentury.


Therefore, they are looking to do business with minority business owners that can help them maximize the revenue that can be generated via these communities. I have said it before and I will say it again, in a capitalistic society, the bottom line is revenue.


Did you know that Macy’s had a Workshop at Macy’s initiative that held workshops this past Spring? These workshops were specifically targeted to minority and women small business owners to prepare them to do business with Macy’s.


The hard truth we need to face about ourselves is that, more often than not, we are not prepared to do business with major organizations like a Macy’s.


Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunity when it comes?


If you want to know how to do business with Fortune 500 companies, go to the Four Steps to Getting Business With Fortune 500 Companies to read and listen to the discussion I had with Ms. Lynda Ireland, President and CEO, of the New York/New Jersey Supplier Diversity Council (The Council)


In addition, I spoke with Corey Smith, Former Director of Supplier Diversity at NBC Universal to get additional tips on what it takes to get business with a Fortune 100 company! As a corporate member of The Council, his organization looks to The Council to provide viable vendors who can do business with NBC.


Let us not perish for lack of knowledge


As consumers and small business owners, we should be focusing our attention on the companies that respect us as viable consumers and viable strategic business partners.


If you are a serious about making money and about your business, then take the time to read and listen to my discussions with Lynda Ireland and Corey Smith. Nuff’ said!


Bio: Danielle Douglas is President of Inspire Enterprise. Get more great information to learn How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur