Ask Tia Brown: No Money, but Lots of Drama

Dear Tia,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years. I really love him. We connect on emotional, intellectual and physical levels. There’s only one problem: finances. Timothy has a college education and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, it’s taking him longer than expected to get his business off the ground. I believe in him and know that eventually whatever he does will be successful, but his devotion to developing this business — and his dream of pursuing entrepreneurial ventures in general — has forced us to place everything on hold, specifically getting married. Timothy invests all of his money into his business and since it’s not profitable he’s constantly losing money. In addition, the stress is definitely taking a toll on his demeanor; for example he’s less attentive, a bit more irritable and not investing a lot of time in cultivating our relationship. He told me he’s ready to get a full-time job to help him meet his financial needs until his business is off the ground. I want to marry this man and he wants to marry me, but I am concerned. Any tips? – Three Years and Counting

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