Abercrombie and Fitch Allegedly Fires Muslim Woman for Her Head Dress

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Hani Khan, a 20-year-old Muslim young lady, says that she was initially told by managers that she could wear her hijab head covering when she was hired in October 2009 by a Hollister Co. owned by Abercrombie. So long as her hijabs matched the store colors — navy blue, gray, or white — she would be fine. However, Khan’s granted permission was repealed in February of 2010.

NYDailyNews.com reports Khan saying that when “a district manager visited the store, a human resources manager told her not to wear the scarf, [and] when she refused to remove it, she was suspended and then canned.” Khan said at a news conference on Monday, “Growing up in this country where the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion, I felt let down.”

Abercrombie rejects Khan’s claim. They say that they do not endorse or allow discrimination and that the diversity in their stores “far exceeds the diversity in the population of the United States.” Rocky Robbins, the store’s lawyer, told theAssociated Press, ”We are confident that when this matter is tried, a jury will find that we have fully complied with the law.”

There appears to be a fault in Abercrombie’s counterclaim, however. According to reports from NYDailyNews.com, “Khan filed the federal lawsuit after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in September that she was fired illegally.” Unless, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made an false call on Khan’s behalf, Abercrombie has already — in a sense — been proven guilty.

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  • True Believer

    Surely, she couldn’t of known about this clothing company’s history for being under fire for it’s borderline soft porn commercials and ads. I am not surprised at all with their behavior and I hope that they get hit right where hurts, in their pockets.

  • If the shoe fits, wear it !!!

    I find it interesting how it appears that the cat has got a lot of people’s tongue. Normally, there are quite a few comments from folks regarding an article….hmmmm I have to wonder if this would of been a Christian woman who covered her head and was faced with the same outrageous discrimination, then what would the comment section look like….because after all Christian women are suppose to cover too but when I look at around there seems to millions that didn’t get the memo. I won’t go into what some women choose to wear to church for worship…downright disrespectful.  It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t help those women out now would it!? Well simply blow the dust off of your Bibles and stop using them as paper weights and read Corinthians 11:5-11:6


    this is ridiculous!!! i hope she looses!!! you cant come up into someones business forcing your religion on them!! It’s not because she’s Muslim, stop hiding behind your religion and be real with yourself, you know know where you applied to!! if you didn’t like the company you should not have applied, who does she think she is tryna tell Abercrombie and Fitch how she wanna dress on there time? serious??? pleasssee… > to the shoe fits alot of people don’t want to say what needs to be said to her…go somewhere, you have no right to tell a company how you want to dress, Jamaicans have a religious basis to smoke weed you don’t see them suing people do you? People are absolutely sicking and ENTITLED TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, JUST MAKES MY STOMACH TURN. Here’s some food for thought, if you want to work for a company there dress code needs to be taken to account, you cant force an employer to pay you and show up however you wanna look, and hide behind religion… please… whats next? wall street starts suing because they want to wear jeans everyday? instead of business suits? oh please I hope she gets her ass beat royally by Abercrombie they had every right to fire her, their business, THEIR RULES!! SHE WANNA MAKE HER OWN RULES? SHE NEED TO OWN HER OWN BUSINESS