Why I’m Raising my Child to be a Nerd

You know the kind of dad who registers his son for soccer almost as soon as he takes his first step?

That was me.

You know that dad who yells so much on the sideline that he leaves the game a little hoarse?

Yeah, that was me too.

You know the dad who cheers when his kid brings home an A?


Well me neither … until I became that dad a few years ago.

I used to beam with pride watching my son rack up the trophies as he bounced from soccer to hockey to tae kwon do. Over the past couple of years, track has been his focus, as he crushed several school records during citywide meets.

What can I say? My kid’s a stud.

But one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that while everyone from his coaches to other parents and even family members are quick to point out his potential to earn a college scholarship, they do so with all of the emphasis on his athletic prowess.

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  • Yup

    Replace the word “nerd” with “man” and I would agree.

  • Anonymous

    This is a pretty good article by Granderson, but once again I question his ability to raise a child while being an outspoken homosexual father. How is this NOT more important in his child raising than his choice of what to cheer for?