Chris Brown, I Mean Rihanna, I mean Drake Wins BET Award during Major Mix Up

A lucky (or unlucky) BET viewer was selected to present the Viewer’s Choice Award last night, but she had no idea what was waiting for her.  A series of earth-shattering errors were made as the fan first read the winner of the award to be “Chris Brown,” but immediately changed her words to say, “I’m sorry, the winner is Rihanna.”

As if that were not enough, yet another name appeared on the teleprompter, leading the announcers to change their story again and state the winner to be Drake.

Wait, we’re not done yet.  Drake wasn’t actually the winner.  It was really Chris Brown.  So, after Drake came on stage to get his trophy, admitting that the moment was “awkward,” he was actually picking up a trophy that belonged to someone else.  So, not only was there the nearly fatal mistake of putting Chris Brown and Rihanna back on stage together, a poor girl on national TV for the first time was forced to cycle through three different names, only to find that the first one was correct all along.

Way to go BET – now that’s what we call professionalism.




  • Shiva Threatts

    What do you expect from a Black Entertainment Television production.  And to clarify there was no risk in Chris Brown and Rihanna being on stage together since she wasn’t even there.