New York Legislature Passes Bill in Support of Same Sex Marriage

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a marriage equality bill that allows the gay community to marry in the same manner as heterosexuals.  The bill passed the Republican-controlled Senate on Friday night, making New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage.

The bill passed the legislature with a relatively close 33-29 vote.  This is the first time a Republican majority has approved a bill of this kind.  The bill allows same sex couples to marry within 30 days, and opposition groups had spent millions to try to stop it.

“We worry that both marriage and the family will be undermined by this tragic presumption of government in passing this legislation that attempts to redefine these cornerstones of civilization,” the state’s Catholic bishops said in a joint statement.

Opposition groups have promised to take retaliatory political action against any Republican who supported the measure.  There were four Republicans who supported the bill.  Governor Cuomo applauded the Republican Senators who supported the measure, stating that they were “people of courage.”

“I think it was politically more dangerous for a Republican,” Cuomo said. “The conservative party was threatening them with consequences … and they did it anyway.”



  • Im back

    Good for them!

    • Aaron

      Good for same sex marriages? This country is going to the dogs, I could care less about gays, males or females as long as they stay the F**k away from me!If you believe in the bible it says Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of these freaks. Mayor Bloomberg or whoever this “gay lover ” is says this will financially increase the coffers of the state of NY by millions of dollars.

      • Nae

        In Sodom, there were NOT loving relationships between individuals of the same sex– the story is about male on male rape. I think we can both agree that rape is a reason for god to be mad. 

        And, my friend, why post in anger on articles about gay folk if you could care less? As a gay person I extend my hand in peace & in brotherhood. God bless. 

      • perfect gentleman

        you did know that heterosexual couples make homosexual children, right?  they’ve been doing it forever.  the difference is now there’s a name and a face on it, and instead of marrying women [and destroying their lives down the road], gay men can find each other.

        also, if you’re going to quote the bible, please quote the bible.  1. give us a passage that supports your claim, and 2. don’t disrespect the bible by being both wrong and vulgar.

  • Shakka Zulu

    Why the f**k do we have a picture of a black male carrying a white male in this gay caption? I’m getting real fed-up of seeing blacks used in these types of advertisement for mainstream white deviant behaviors…We have the black women looking for love with white men, now this bullshit, making the black male the poster face for gay sex…You’ll had better wake the hell up, whitey is determined to put the black men in dresses and the black women in pants, this is the only way they feel comfortable with us, is to reverse the functions/roles of the genders…

    • perfect gentleman

      or maybe there’s just a happy gay black man who happens to be in an interracial relationship.  there are plenty gay black men who would like to see a “poster face.”

      there are plenty black women who look for love with white men.  that’s why they [consensually] marry.  and that is okay.

      in fact… i’m fairly certain this article is neither angry in tone, related to race, or factually inaccurate.  i think that might just be you.

  • Rashdog

    As a black gay man, who is making his life with a white man I can share with you the following.  Some black folk are gay.  Sometimes they will hook up with white partners. This need not be an indication that they are any less concerned about the community and even less connected to community than others.  I understand the need for an honest dialogue within the African American community about these issues but I also feel that we owe it to ourselves to have the conversation with more intellect and intellectual honesty than some comments here.  Brother Shakka, I have never worn a dress.  Being gay is a human event not a european plot.  Lets talk but no so stupidly.  To use a term homo lovers to indite people standing for gay rights, this does not sound at all like nigg… lovers for those whites who could understand the injustice we still face.  How much thought does this take?

    • Shakka Zulu

      You might as well put on a dress when you turn over the function of your anus into a vagina, instead of the waste eliminator it was made for…If you see it’s OK to be involved sexually in an asexual relationship, you are the ones who’s suffering from intellectual and biological dishonesty…I’m speaking strictly from a biological perspective and could care less about anyone’s religious preferences..The next thing you’ll will do is decide to take innocent children and exposed them to your perverted way of life, if both of your parents felt like you, you would not be here on this planet…

      • Rashdog

        See now this is the kind of silly talk that I still feel we are better than and even you.  It has been proven over and over again in animals on the farm and nature that homosexuality exist.  It exist in nature and in humans.  It exist all over the world and in every culture.  What examples other than your imagination do you see people being trained to be gay?  Do you need help or reminders on being straight?  Do you find maintaining your interest in the opposite sex too much work for you?  Probably not because that is who you are.  Not all gay people enjoy anal sex but you will not get kicked out of the club when you do.  The idea that I would take kids and expose them to gayness thus turning them gay is a pretty dumb idea.  I speak to you so that when your family member comes out to you you will have had a constructive conversation with a gay guy.   I can say this with the confidence that gayness happens we are a part of nature.

        • Shakka Zulu

          Like I have said, waste of a sperm…Try your logic on someone else whom you might need to convince…I have no fear of your kind and could care less what you do behind your doors, I care when it’s pushed in schools, textbooks, magazines and other mainstream publications, TV and movies to make this lifestyle normal, it’s not. When my children are to be educated with these books in public and private schools to accept homosexuality as normal and they want to remove ethnic studies, I have a damn problem with that…If we were all asexual we would not be on this planet…You need a male and female to reproduce human life, that has not and will not change…

      • Rashdog

         If I did do drag I would be fierce!  I would do Ya kid K in drag when she sings about one world nation,  I would also do Martha wash in her songs, god bless the road, Come, and carry on and catch the light all worth a drag  experience!  But being honest this is something I still have not gotten around to may be this weekend!

      • Rashdog

         Follow the link as I document my argument:

  • JMR

    Republicans,are trying to to be ahead of the Elections come November over 55 thousand same sex couples live toghther in NEW YORK alone; this will be a huge boost for the economy and possbly the November Vote- Strategy!